July 5, 2022

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Setting goals is important to success and helps build confidence. Do you set weekly work goals? If so, comment some of yours below!

Episode Transcript

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Hi, everyone. Welcome to another episode of Business over Breakfast. I’m your host Camille and I am your co-host Jaya. Cool. So today we want to talk about time management. I’m sure that we all have ran into a situation where we were asked “what are some of the things that you do to keep on track with your projects on a day to day workday?” So Jaya, have you been asked that before? So yes. So I’ve definitely been asked this question before, usually in interviews to I guess, figure out how organized I am and how I manage my day. And the one skill that I’ve developed that has helped me stay on track personally has been reminders.

Specifically calendar reminders. I used to be an old school post-it notes person and write everything on sticky notes and have them on my desk and that worked. But it wasn’t as beneficial as having a notification pop up on my screen in which I could either snooze, dismiss, et cetera. But yeah, it takes a lot to stay on task and figure out what works for you.

So I’d love to hear if you have any tips or suggestions about how to stay disciplined when it comes to work in projects that happen and such.

Yeah, that’s a really tough question when you’re asked that and like your mind does go back to note taking, a planner. Like you said with the post-it notes, the problem with that is like when it gets lost or thrown away with your lunch or something. I do appreciate the Microsoft to do. It has the calendar, you’re able to write out when it’s your

work study time, socializing time. Outside of that there’s KPIs, which are key performance indicators. So maybe a lot of sales folks are familiar with that, but it could be used with any work or any career field of study.

I guess that’s something that could be implemented for anyone that feels as though they struggle with procrastination or just time management in general, by setting specific goals that- I don’t know if this is the proper way to phrase it, but setting specific goals that would attack those time management issues, maybe.

So I guess a more specific example would be if you know you struggle with note taking after a phone screen or during a phone screen, perhaps a good goal to set for the week or maybe a KPI to set for the week would be to write all your notes. If you’re the type of person to write your notes after you do a phone screen, because you don’t like taking notes, try and write them down during a phone screen, or try to do it immediately after so that you’re not procrastinating or pushing something out.

I think that would be an example of a KPI. Camille, maybe you can chime in a little bit more. Yeah. First of all, it’s the discipline. Like getting yourself in a place to where you’re going do right by organizing your day to day. As far as the KPI, it’s almost a specific type of goal.

Okay. So I don’t know if your goal is to speak with someone that’s new on the team. Actually setting it aside on your calendar, like make a specific time on your calendar to plan it and add it to that particular coworkers calendar. And then, you know, maybe the time to chat with them is like realistically, I guess, setting that specific goal.

Yeah, I love that. I love that. And I think that’s something that I’m definitely going to start doing just to make sure that as I’m working throughout the week, I’m not just doing what is asked, but I’m going above and beyond in terms of the goals that I’m setting to work on specific areas that I know I need improvement in.

So this was super helpful. Thank you for sharing that. And for those that are watching, we’d love to know what goals or KPIs you think that you could set for this week or the next week, moving forward. Comment below and let us know. Thanks.

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