May 12, 2022

90 Days In Featuring Camille Knapik Balch


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Maggie and Joel sit down with one of our new hires, Camille Knapik Balch, after her first three months on the job.

-They discuss Hirewellโ€™s interview process

-The candidate experience -Our onboarding process

-What the first few months have been like.

Check it out!

Episode Transcript

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I’m the internal recruiter here at Hirewell. My name’s Maggie and then Joel over here, is my LinkedIn famous cohost and also member of our HR team here at Hirewell. Nice to see everybody again, always good to be here with you, Maggie. Thank you, Joel. Happy to have you! And Camille is our next interviewee on 90 Days In.

My name is Camille and I’m on the OnDemand and Managed team here at Hirewell and today is actually my 90 day. I actually have my 90 day review with Jeff right after this call. Nice. So maybe we should have done this after that. It might’ve change some of your answers here. Our 90 day review with Jeff will be just as fun as this conversation. I’m sure it will! And Camille, which clients are you working with on the OnDemand team?

Yeah. So I’m currently working internally at Roku, for their content and programming business. So I think right now currently, I’m working on eight roles and we’ve gotten about six hires so far since I’ve been there since February. So that’s exciting. Awesome. Well, good job. Thank you! My first question for you, and we always ask this question and I’m just curious, how did you hear about Hirewell, initially? How did that come about? Yeah. So like everyone says the content on LinkedIn and I really thought I was like, wow, this is so cool. Everyone’s posting about the amazing culture, the opportunities, that just looked so fun to work there. And I really wanted that. I just love the content.

Now I feel like I’ve really taken a deep dive into it and it really excites me. So it’s just really cool that that’s also a part of your everyday work life, just cause it’s exciting to be doing other things other than just recruiting. I will never get over your- both of you, your little video with the, like just the, what was it like Zoomfo pause.

I was dying and I think so many people don’t realize that that kind of stuff actually does happen. All the time! We had one recently with a client where it was like I was going to send them actually the video because I think they showed up in like a sweatshirt. And I don’t know. I mean, not that there’s anything wrong with sweatshirts, but it totally wasn’t the feel of the company.

And it was just exactly what we chatted about. How many- and I always care about this because I’m a LinkedIn guy. How many views did that end up having just out of curiousity? Oh, I would have to look again, but I think when you asked me, was it like over 200,000 or something as how many views it was.

I think it was something crazy like that and it just keeps growing even though it hasn’t been posted in a while, I still get like likes and comments on it and people are like, I can’t believe this actually happens. There’s other comments where people comment like yeah, I was interviewing someone while they were getting into the shower and people were topless and the driving ones are my favorite ones.

So it’s just so funny that seeing the comments and have other people relate to it too. Exactly. Share their experiences. That’s so funny. Wow. I mean, yeah. There’s a lot. You guys could do like so many parts to that too. Definitely, yeah- might have to use some of those examples.

Awesome. And then Camille, so once you went through the interview process here at Hirewell, offer came out, how did you know, like, okay, this is the right move for me? How do you know Hirewell was the right fit? Yeah. So I think having the interview process and being able to meet with so many people, I didn’t have any lingering questions.

So right when the interview came out, I knew that it was the right move for me because it had already checked all the boxes. I already made time to like debrief after the interviews, make sure I knew what I was getting. And I know I asked you some questions too and got to speak with Jeff. So I think it was such a thorough interview process that there were no gray areas after, and I was just ready to accept because it really checked all my boxes. For sure.

Yeah. I definitely think it can be a lengthy process but it is one where it’s certainly intentional. Because I was in the exact same boat. Just so ready to make the move at that point, because I felt like I knew exactly what I was getting into and was just already so comfortable with everyone and had already built some of that trust, which is a huge part

of why I think of why everyone, we enjoy being at Hirewell so much, is because we really trust the leadership team, and know that they’re looking out for us from the very, before we even join the company. Yeah, I think the best thing that you said is the interview process is intentional.

Like you walk away from every interview with takeaways and things that you didn’t know from the past interview. So I think it’s really intentional and just well-planned out and everyone brings something else to the table, which I think is really great too. And you get to connect with so many different people and hear about their backgrounds and stories rather than just meeting with like one or two people.

So I think it’s really great in that way too. Yeah. I mean, I just- I don’t know. I think there’s always that pressure too which is to move really fast right now. But especially just being in that position where I’m recruiting a lot of recruiters, recruiters tend to want to have a lot of different options, but if you’ve got five options and everybody’s doing a two Zoom meeting and then offer,

I think it is really, really hard to like get just a feel for the company as a whole. And it’s probably the one thing that I look at where like Zoom interviews compared to in-person. Like in person you’re meeting the office receptionist, you’re meeting different people just in passing, but you’re getting a feel for like, okay, are these people happy?

Are they stressed? Like, can I feel the tension? And I think not being able to do that through Zoom, it makes it really hard then at the end of the process to differentiate companies and obviously I’m sure Maggie, you probably have seen people kind of drop out of the process at times, but ultimately if someone drops out because of that, then hey, that’s great.

Then we know okay, maybe they weren’t that interested in it. So I love that. Yeah, for sure. No, it definitely does help kind of gauge interest too from the candidates as well. That’s really good point. So Camille it’s 90 days, what has surprised you? What’s exceeded your expectations?

Because obviously you kind of come in with any initial thoughts. Has anything kind of caught you off guard or like what surprised you about your time here? I think when you’re always moving from a different position you hope that the grass is greener on the other side, but you really never know.

So I think it has just been great to get through like the 30 to 60, 90 days and know that I made the right decision. The culture is so consistent. Like leadership is so consistent. The growth opportunities are amazing. So I think just knowing that what I was hoping for and what I expected it to be, turned out to be how it was.

So I think that’s the best part is just because you really never know and it can cause a lot of anxiety not knowing what it’ll be like. But having that longer interview process, there were no red flags, like you would get in a shorter interview process. So it’s turned out to be everything I hoped it would be.

So probably no surprises, but it’s exceeded my expectations and I’m very happy. I’m going to cry. But that is really- I’m happy to hear that. And yeah, honestly, I can only say the same from my own experience. What last August is when I joined? So I still remember that interview process and everything and can only agree with what you’ve said.

And we post a lot of content too. So I think if you have somebody who’s watching this and you’re like, okay, these guys keep talking about this like, I also can see what company is going to be like, ” Hey our culture sucks” but I just think that if you actually look at individuals and like how they post. And James talks about this all the time, it’s like that freedom to be able to share how you want and talk about things that you care about, it’s a big deal. But then for me, it was a really big surprise especially from the agency world- I mean, I haven’t even had really a discussion on like KPIs, for example.

Whereas like in a lot of agencies that’s like two or three weeks in, it’s how many calls have you made? I think just allowing that time to figure out where are your strengths? Where do you even see yourself? And then as you grow in the company, I definitely have seen people like move around like different clients and work on different engagements.

And I just think that’s super cool. So I’m with you. And one other thing I wanted to mention is I feel like being in such a great culture like Hirewell has, it also kind of affects your personal life as well. You just become a more confident person because you’re just fully able to be yourself, whether that’s with content or in meetings and be funny and silly, serious, however you are, you’re just really able to be yourself.

So I feel like that has really affected my personal life too and I’ve just become a lot happier, even more than I already was. For sure. Yeah. In that way and the like- I mean, I’m a happier person not having to commute to the office every day. Truly! Even just that it was probably 45 minutes a day altogether.

But that 45 minutes has given me then that time to simply decompress and then move on and into my personal life afterwards. Definitely. Awesome. Camille, so I know you had mentioned that the title of our show 90 Days In reminded you of 90 Day Fiance. Yes! Are you a big reality TV fan?

Yes. Okay. What’s your favorite? Or like what would you like see yourself going on if you were to go on any of those shows? Ooh. I would have to- so I’ve so many different ones. I actually just finished the Ultimatum on Netflix and I’ve seen, the Love Is Blind and I know Joel loved that second season.

So that was funny. But then I also love like Siesta Key. All those MTV shows where they like, bring your ex’s on the beach and all of that. So probably not any of that stuff because I don’t like drama in my own life. Okay. I was going to say, sounds like you really love the drama. But no, you like to watch the drama. I like to watch the drama, but I also love Selling Sunset and I love California and it would be so cool to have all the fashion and that life that they have.

So that would be cool. But yeah, I don’t see myself on any crazy dating shows or anything like that. It’s more like lifestyle shows I like. I’m sure your boyfriend wouldn’t be too happy if you were to be on any of those shows either. Well the other name too, I think that this show reminds me of is 60 Days In, which is- and I’ve told you this Maggie, where they put someone in jail for 60 days.

So I’m glad you didn’t say that one because that would be the worst reality- I’m like who would even sign up for that type of show, but. Yeah, I don’t know. Not to brag, but I actually in the third grade won a Fear Factor birthday party. So I feel like that would be the one that I’d have to try in real life if they bring it- is it back?

Maybe at this upcoming company party we can get something weird for you to taste if you want. I won I think because I was the only one that would try a sardine. So it wasn’t too intense. It might, we might have to kick it up a notch now. Yeah. Things might have changed since that time. Well Joel, what about you?

Well, that’s a good one. I definitely wasn’t expecting the answer. I think- so if I wasn’t married, I would go back in time and potentially do one of these like married at first sight, or like- Oh that’s a good one! Yeah, because I just think that, like, I don’t know.

I really liked the idea of it and I like watching it, but yeah. Obviously I don’t have to think about that so. All of us don’t, thank goodness. But those shows they’re so so crazy. But what I think we should also consider is maybe like a recruiting reality TV show. You know where you bring your ex employer on the beach, or maybe it’s like you hired somebody without a resume for like character and recruiting is blind.

I mean- yeah. Might be on to something. So who knows? That’s so funny. Keep rolling with that little brainstorm maybe for the next- What about you Maggie? What show would you go on? I also, I mean, I’ve been obsessed with Survivor. That’s a good one. It’s like, I mean, I watched- I remember watching when like my parents would watch when I was in like grade school.

And then I just started kind of getting back into it and every Wednesday is like the best day because I get to watch the new Survivor. I got in the habit though of watching it on Netflix so I could binge it. So now I’m like watching in real time and it’s excruciating, but it really does make it better to not be able to see what happens next immediately. That’s funny.

Well, awesome. I think that’s all my questions. Joel, anything else sitting out there that you want to ask? No, I can’t- well, maybe I should ask, when is our next collaboration going to be? When do you think we can shoot to bring out another one of these videos? Because I think people want to see another one.

Yeah. Well I think we got to give the people what they want. I think we have to do a second one. You have to! Part two coming soon. Good. Good. All right. Well, people better be on the lookout for that. All right, well thank you so much Camille for coming on and you better get into that other meeting.

Yeah! Thanks for having me. I gotta jump into my 90 day review now. Take care Maggie. Bye!

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