October 20, 2022

Employee of the Week


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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

Well, I’m excited to hear what the rest of our colleagues are up to for the fall. Yeah. We’re going to check in actually a fellow West Coaster, so. Mm-hmm. I’m feeling she’s not doing a ton of apple picking either. Probably not. We’re going to find out what she is doing in order to celebrate fall. Should we bring in our employee- employee. Employee of the week.

Not recruiter, but employee. But I think we should. Let’s bring in Liz. Hey, Liz. Hey ladies. How are you? Great. Welcome to the show. I’m so happy to be here. It’s my first time. I know. First time, hopefully not the last, even though I know it’s early for us, so we appreciate you jumping in last minute. Good morning to you.

Good morning. We’re early risers over here on the West coast. You are. Thanks for being flexible in joining me so early. Well, we’re really excited you’re here and I know we really like had to put emphasis on employee of the week because once again, for the second week in a row, we don’t have a recruiter of the week.

So, Liz, will you tell the people, they want to know. Introduce yourself, who are you and what do you do at Hirewell? Oh, well, I’m Liz Koppa. I am our Director of Talent Development. So I basically own the employee experience at Hirewell. So from day one through the entire employee life cycle, just making sure that we have that amazing Hirewell culture and standard of excellence across the board and we find the right people and keep the right people and keep that amazing culture going. I’m super excited that Liz is on the show too, because I was part of Liz’s initial hiring process, right? So I was like one of the first people at Hirewell to talk to Liz. So the fact that like she joined us is so exciting to me and now she is our employee of the week.

Look at that. Yeah, I’ve talked to Ryan from a pool in Mexico on my vacation while I was being recruited. Very grateful you took a call from me Liz while you were on PTO. That’s amazing. It was an amazing experience. That’s so good. Well, we’re so fortunate to have you now. We know you wear a lot of hats and

we appreciate you. And we’re excited to learn a little bit more about you. We’ve spent some time together, all three of us, but we’re excited. So we’re going to play our rapid fire questions game. Ryan will be coming in and out. She’ll be ready to ask questions. Rapid fire questions, two minutes on the clock. Your job Liz, is to answer as many questions as you can. Remember it is rapid. So first thing that comes to your mind, and then we’ll move on to the next, the final 30 seconds.

We’re going to challenge you with a lightning round where you have to choose one or the other. There’s really no gray area allowed here. You can do it, Liz. Okay. I always require when I’m talking about the rules but it’s like I wouldn’t do well with. But I’m sure you’re going to do great. Standards are high for everyone else but us.

Yeah. Mm-hmm. Are you ready to rock and roll? I’m ready. I’m ready. All right. Ryan’s going to ask your first question in 3, 2, 1, go. Liz, what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? The same as everybody else. It’s the people. It’s the best people on the planet. I’m so lucky to have such great coworkers.

Thanks. We like you too. We like you too a lot. Have you done any fun fall activities on the West Coast recently? I mean, I have not been apple picking but I did- I don’t know. I went to Monterey last weekend. I went to the aquarium. It’s not really fall but it’s California, so. Good activities nonetheless. We’ll count it for sure.

We’ll count for sure. Liz, I think you may take the cake for like the most interesting home in all of Hirewell. Can you fill people in on like what that includes? I mean, we only have two minutes, but I do live in the middle of nowhere on 40 acres in a tiny like log cabin style manufactured home that is adjacent to a life size western town.

That’s not like a true historical ghost town, but the original owners just built it. So I have a saloon and a cantina and a saddle shop and it’s a good time. Come on out to the town sometime. Oh my God. We’re coming. I heard that’s actually where the incentive trip is this year, so that’s nice.

Yeah. It’s a little bit lower budget than what people are used to, but- you won’t even know we’re there with all of those acres. Yeah. I mean, we can still sling some margaritas from the saloon. It’ll be just like Mexico. It’s fine. Sign us up. What is your guilty pleasure TV show right now?

Oh. I recently discovered like reality dating shows that you can stream. I’ve never watched any of like the bachelors or anything. But I watched Love Is Blind on Netflix and it’s horrible. But it does make you feel really good about your relationships, which I appreciate. And yeah. That’s, I think my guilty pleasure right now.

It’s like so bad but it’s like a train wreck. You can’t like not watch it. Oh, you can’t stop. It’s so cringy and horrible. People are horrible on television. All of us do it. Highly suggest you add Love Island to that rotation and you’ll thank me later for sure. Love UK I hear is like- UK is the best limited for sure.

My last question then we’re going to go into lightning round. Okay, last question. How do you unwind after work? Well, I go hang out on 40 acres and sit on my back porch or enjoy my very high end inflatable jacuzzi. Yeah. That I got from Costco. And yeah, I mean, sometimes I drive all the way into town and enjoy a fancy dinner in the square.

But yeah. I mean, I can hike trails right out my back porch. It’s pretty great. I think we need like an MTV cribs of your house very, very soon. Mm-hmm. Yeah. I think that we can do that. We’re going follow up. You’re just going to have to come up and film it. You have to host it live.

Twist my arm, Liz. Twist my arm. All right, let’s do this. TV or movie? Tv. Well, I guess this doesn’t totally apply to you, but winter or summer? It’s California. Winter. Fair. Fly or drive? Drive. Would you rather cook or take out? Cook. Aliens, real or not? Real. Yeah. Okay. Real for sure. In some capacity.

Something’s out there, right? Fries or tots? It’s tough. I love all potatoes. All forms. Fries. Pancakes or waffles? Waffles always. Would you rather go to like a concert or a sporting event? Never sports. Concert always. Silliest question ever, city or country? Country. Surprise! Last question.

Take it Ry. Sweet or savory. Yes. Yes? Both. All foods, everyone. Ok, we’ll accept that for the last one. We will. I was going to ask you staycation or vacation, but for our viewers out there, Liz’s just spent like, how long was it? Three weeks in Australia. Three weeks in Australia. I know the answer is vacation, right?

Big time. I mean please take me in your carry on please. Both of us preferably. I think I saw a photo, you held a koala, right? I did hold a koala. They only let you hold it for like a second, but it was very soft. You got a photo? Yeah. Yeah. Perfect. Well, Liz thanks so much for joining us.

It was so nice to have you. I mean, very lucky to have two people from the West Coast on the show let alone one, but we loved learning more about you. Please come back and visit us soon and we’ll look forward to when you do. Yeah. I’m always happy to join y’all and come hang out in my town anytime.

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