September 8, 2022

Employee of the Week featuring Estefania Gonzalez


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Episode Highlights

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

Well this week’s employee of the week is so exciting for both of us. I mean, this is someone that has made essentially all of Hirewell’s content work for what is it? The past three, four years. It’s been quite some time since she’s been here. Primarily behind the scenes. Yeah. Four years,

right? I think. We’ll confirm. We’ll ask her. Four years like last week, I think. Yeah. Yeah, I think so. But this is someone that primarily is behind the scenes, but literally makes the Hirewell content machine work. So I’m thrilled that she is this week’s employee of the week. Do you think we should bring her in Em?

What do you think? Let’s bring her in? Let’s bring in Nia. Hey, Nia. Hi ladies, how are you guys? We’re so excited that you are this week’s employee of the week. This feels like a long time coming. Yeah. Well, actually I confirmed this because I saw Nia’s name, I’m sending out the invites, you know, to film. And I was like, Nia, you’ve definitely been the employee of the week before. Uhhuh and she said, “Yeah, no, I have.” But she’s in it back in the day, way back in the day.

Yes. Had to come on again, because it’s been a while and she deserves to be the employee of the week every, every week, every single week. I literally, I think I pinged Ryan last week. I was like, Nia’s the hardest working person at Hirewell, isn’t she? I’m so sorry to any other Hirewellian watching this but- none of us compare. Nia is the hardest working person at Hirewell.

It’s that simple. Thank you guys. Thank you guys. You guys are so sweet. Yeah, no, I’m super excited to be on here. I think the first time I was super nervous. And after like editing everyone’s video, I’m like, okay, it’s not so bad. But I feel like you guys are going to throw some curve balls in there. So I’m just like expecting the unexpected,

so. You are the most prepared because like you said, you edit every single person’s video to post like their little clip. So you’ve seen these all. Like you just- yes. I don’t even know. I don’t even think we’re prepared enough to throw enough curveballs at you. You just know it all.

We’ll see. Yeah. We’ll before we start, just because we are very careful to say this week, it’s not recruiter of the week- employee of the week. So Nia, will you remind our fabulous viewers what the most, the hardest working person at Hirewell does. What do you do? Yeah, so I’m Nia. I’ve been here for four years now. So I just hit my, yeah

my four year mark. Yay. Like a week ago. Well my title is digital marketing specialist, so I do like internal marketing. So I work really closely with Brian, James, and then everyone who kind of creates content on the team. Yep. So everyone. So literally every person- she works with everyone at Hirewell.

I love it. Well, we’re really thrilled to have you back here. For those that are tuning in for the first time, we know that Nia knows what’s about to happen. But we’re going to play our rapid fire questions game with Nia. Two minutes on the clock. Those two minutes, we will ask Nia as many questions as we can. Nia, your job is to answer them quickly

but of course, thoughtfully. Last time you were here we didn’t have the lightning round. So at least that will be new. Yeah. Last 30 seconds will be the lightning round- either one or the other, no gray area. Are you ready? Yep. I’m ready. All right, Ryan will ask your first question in 3, 2, 1 go.

Nia you’ve answered this before, but what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? I think the first time I answered the people and although the people are great, I think now has been like the flexibility- not just in your day to day, but like in the work that you do. I’ve gotten to kind of explore different kinds of projects, work with different people on different levels.

So I think the flexibility to be able to like grow and try new things in my role, I think has been definitely my favorite thing. So I’m going to go with that. I love. What’s your favorite fast food chain and Starbucks doesn’t count. Starbucks does not count, but sponsor us. Yeah, I really like- I’m trying to think.

Portillos is pretty good sometimes like if you’re getting like a late night snack. Sometimes. Yeah. Like it’s like a hit or miss, but I like Portillos a lot. Yeah, I’m just going to go with that one. I love it. Perfect. I’ll take a chili cheese dog from them any day of the week. Don’t they have like- sorry, I’m so sorry.

I’m like digressing here, but the shake number one, number two, like weirdly like their salad is really good. Chop salad is top tier. Okay one next question. Extra noodles- anyway. Sponsor us Portillos. Okay. Sponsor us please. Nia, when you have a day off like what’s your favorite way to spend it? I have to start off with Starbucks.

That’s the first thing I have to do. Gotta get my Starbucks run. I love going to Target, like in a target run and pampering myself. So if it’s either getting my nails done or if it’s just like going in a shopping spree for myself, like I just like even if I don’t need anything. I’ll just go and Target will tell me what I need.

Like I’ll get there and Target tell me what I need. And target will tell you everything you don’t need, but you’re going to buy anyway. But you’re still going to get it. Love that. Target gods will speak to you. Yeah. Oh my God, Target’s so dangerous. Something super fun, just super chill. Just, you know- I love that.

So yeah. So good. So fun. We know like you’re our Starbucks gal. I probably asked you this last time. I didn’t prepare and re-watch your first show, but what’s your current go to Starbucks drink order? Ooh. So I used to get the pink drink all the time. I know. I was in that mood for like a year in- very long time.

Yes. I switched to like a different one. The current one that I do now, it’s a chai tea latte with yeah, yeah made out of oat milk and then you just do the vanilla sweet cold foam on top and it’s like the most delicious drink. It’s like really good. Nia, have you tried it with the matcha? I have not. Everyone is telling me. Same order but instead of chai, matcha, and you’ll love it.

You guys are blowing my mind. Can you guys ping me this order so I can do it right next time. Yeah, right after this? We will. Yeah. Thank you so much. All right, lightning round. Are you ready? Yep, let’s do it. All right, go ahead Ry. Okay. Would you rather have ice cream or sorbet? Ice cream. What about French fries or tater tots?

Oh, I love a good French fry. Me too. Hard or soft shell tacos? I’m going to say soft. Big groups or small gatherings? I prefer like small gatherings. I’m very- I get very nervous around like big groups of people. So small gatherings. Well you would never know that, but I feel you on it. Sweet or savory? Sweet. Hot or cold?

Oh, I love hot, hot drinks. Guac or salsa? I think a good salsa. Me too. Okay then that leads me to a follow up question- spicy or mild? Has to be spicy. I’m Mexican. It has to be super spicy. Like the spiciest you can get. I’m right there with you. Spicy all the way. Would you rather work, like start work late or leave early?

Start work late. I am not a morning person. I knew she was going to say that. I remember in the office. Okay. Final question- cook or takeout? Takeout. I love it. Crushed it. You made me think, and I keep saying this, but we should really play like the hot takes game. That should be our new content because I would be out. You do the hot wings, like in order of hotness and Nia

would be like the champion. Oh yeah. Nia would stay- and I’d be out on like the very first. I’d probably go half way but I’d try. I’d stay committed to like going towards the end. I’ll stay committed. Probably won’t get there, but committed. But like on a mission. Yeah. That’s amazing. Nia, we love having you on here.

If you want to come back and be our like recruiter of the week again, or employee of the week, we will have you. Next week works for us if it works for you. Anytime you ladies can have me, happy to be here. Well, thank you for coming on and thank you again, just for all the editing that you do of this show and all the other shows. You make the world go around.

A pleasure, thank you ladies. Thanks Nia. Take care.

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