January 26, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Alex Zalewski


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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

Well, we have a very exciting recruiter of the week this week. I’m really looking forward to this one because I can feel it in my bones that we’re gonna get really good answers. You know, me too. I think quick too. It’s going to be like rapid- I’m excited. I actually think it’s going to be rapid fire, so let’s feel it out. Let’s see what happens. Let’s bring in Alex for this week’s recruiter of the week. Hey Alex.

Hey everyone, how are you? Happy Birthday Em! Thank you so much. I appreciate it. We’re excited to have familiar face to the show, but first time as recruiter of the week. It’s very true. So we probably- we know who you are cause you’ve been on the show before, but quickly before we start, introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do at Hirewell? I’m Alex Zalewski. I’m a VP in our technology practice, at Hirewell. Gorgeous. So we’re going to play a rapid fire questions game. Alex asked us before the show, like, what are you going to ask me? And we were like, that is not how this works. Not going to tell you. I wanted to be prepared. Rapid-fire questions. Surprise questions. Two minutes on the clock.

You answer as many as you can quickly, but of course thoughtfully. He’s stretching. Let’s all just take a little stretch.

Ryan is going to ask your first question in three, in two, go! Alex, what’s your favorite thing about working here? Oh, I’ve always really loved the flexibility here. And as we know everything’s gone remote, I think that’s only like increased. It used to be flexibility to kind of carve out your own career path, work on whatever you wanted to, but we just keep coming up with new ways to improve that and find out more different, you know, areas to grow and to contribute to.

So that’s always been pretty much my favorite part over here. And we are very flexible. So, so true. What was your very first job? I was a cart pusher at Meijer, back in high school. Amazing. Yeah, starting, starting off strong with that first job for sure. This is maybe an interesting question, but do you happen to be affiliated with any sort of like mafia or anything like that,

that we should know about?

I am from Buffalo to New York. I’ve been doing a lot of traveling recently for some different layoff games. Still a little raspy from this past Sunday in Kansas city, but- Ugh, we’re sorry! You can say I’m a part of the bills mafia. I can’t believe you were at that game, though. What a great game. I’m sorry for the outcome, but- yeah, yeah. Very good.

No, it’s exciting. It was one of the best games I’ve ever seen and ultimately, you know, it’s a tough one but I’m excited for the next 10 years of those two kind of dueling it out against each other. So I think we have the next version of Manning and Brady out of us. I got, now it’s my question. What’s your blood type? B+. Cool. That’s okay- that’s a real, just keep that with my emergency contact info, I guess. Yeah. Yeah. We’ll just keep all of that together. Would you rather be the funniest person in the room or the smartest?

Uh, funniest. I love it. What was the very first concert you ever attended? Lollapalooza, 2007. Who was there? That was a really, really good one. So it was Pearl Jam, Amy Winehouse, Modest House, Iggy in the Stooges, My Morning Jacket, Ben Harper. Yeah, no, it was crazy. Yeah, what a lineup! Yeah, Lolla back then and three days and all the- there was a lot more you could get out of it.

Gosh, jealous. I think mine was like, not even close to as cool as one of those. So we’ll keep that for another show. Em, should this be our final question then? Final question. If you were to have 15 minutes of fame, what would it be for? And you can totally make this up. Yeah. 15 minutes of fame for anything.

It’d be amazing if it was like something like really like heroic, like there was a cat in a tree and luckily this person was able to go and scale that tree-like if that person wasn’t there like, wow, really glad Alex Zalewski was there in this time of need for all of us. For all of the cats. I agree, that was incredible. Way to think on your feet. Impressive. Impressive

for sure. We knew you were going to be good at this game. We just knew it. We so appreciate you joining! Again, sorry for your Bill’s loss this week. Fun fact, I was born on the Superbowl. That is a fun fact. It’s a fun fact and the bills were in that Superbowl. They didn’t lose for the record, but that’s my, that’s my contribution today is that maybe one day on my birthday

it will reappear. Bring it all together for you and Alex, both. Perfect. Well, thank you so much for joining us, Alex. We always love having you on here and we can’t wait to see you and we know you’ll be back as a practice lead in the next few weeks. All right. Sounds good. See ya Alex! Thanks everyone, bye!

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