November 3, 2021

Recruiter of the Week featuring Brandon Johnson


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Episode Highlights

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

We’ve got of course our favorite segment today, recruiter of the week. Joining us last minute, so we have to give him a huge, huge, special thanks. Welcome to the studio, Brandon. Hey Brandon! Good morning. How are you doing? I’m doing great. How are you doing? Oh, just living the dream.

When did you get the call this morning or Gchat or whatever to join this show? It’s 9:20 right now so I think it was about a 9:07. You’re doing amazing. Thank you. I mean, this requires no prep whatsoever. If you’ve never joined or if you’re watching and you’ve never seen this, we are going to play our rapid fire questions game with Brandon.

Yeah, rapid. Yeah, you can do all the shoulder work is great Brandon. Keep it up. You’re already doing amazing. We’re going to play our rapid fire questions game, two minutes on the clock. Brandon, you have those two minutes to answer as many questions as you can as quickly, but of course, as thoughtfully as possible.

So before we start, introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do at Hirewell? Yeah, my name is Brandon Johnson. I’m a technical recruiter over at Hirewell. I joined the company just over six months ago. I’ve been recruiting for quite a while though and really enjoying my time here. Amazing. Well, so far so good.

Are you ready? I’m going to put your two minutes on the clock. And I’m going to ask your first ready or not, man. Brandon asked me earlier, he was like joined super late, like okay, how much time do I have? And I said none. You have no time. The time is now. All right. Your two minutes will start in three, in two, now.

What is your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? Pretty cliche, but the people. We love the cliche answers. Hirewell has got the best people. That’s perfect. That is definitely true. What’s your favorite vacation spot? I’m pretty simple so like a little music festival like in Bonnaroo, something like that, but yeah.

Yes. I love that. Okay. Then in spirit of that, if you could go to one concert right now, whose would it be? A Big Foo Fighters fan. Love! What’s your favorite Foo Fighter song? I’m really bad at song titles. Okay sing it. I’ve got another concession. Okay, good. I wasn’t going to leave you hanging. I promise. That was amazing. What is your most used emoji?

The laughing face. I love that one too. What is your favorite home cooked meal? Chili. Such a good time of year for that too, like a little football. Chili is- you don’t need hot sauce. It’s just the perfect heat. The best. Little like corn bread on the side too. Om my god yes! I’m making myself hungry. And a bunch of sour cream. Yes. Yes. If you were not recruiting, what would your dream job be?

This is a weird one, but my entire family refereed high school basketball. So I always wanted to be an NBA referee growing up. Okay that’s such a fun, fun fact. You can do it. There’s still time. You could be, you could be a ref for sure.

Would you be prepared to receive all the slack? People get really, really mad at referees umpires. Well, yeah it was harder to referee middle school basketball than it was high school basketball just because of the parents. Oh yeah. You got all those helicopter moms, like telling you what you’re doing wrong

to their child. What is your biggest fear? Oh, I don’t live in fear Emily. I love that. Hashtag fearless forever. Brandon, you’re crushing this. Okay last but certainly not- oh, two more questions. What did you dress up as for Halloween? I didn’t. Great. Okay. I’m glad I have one more question then. What are you currently reading or watching?

I’m actually just rewatching all the Avenger movies, like in chronological order, not really release order. Do you have a favorite? I’m a big Thor guy. All the Thor movies. That’s a good one. I’m actually like amazed by you, your time’s up. But that was easy right? You didn’t need the prep.

I mean, yeah, just got to talk, right? Just gotta talk. Well, you’re awesome Brandon. I’m glad- I know you and I haven’t had enough face time, so I’m glad we had this time to share also. Yeah. Thanks for having me on, but we winged it here. It was fun. We winged it and you did great. Thanks again for joining. We’ll see you next time

Brandon. Bye-bye.

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