October 13, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Brian Heil


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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

Well let’s kick off the show because we have a busy one per usual. We love the segment, the recruiter/employee of the week. This week we don’t have a recruiter joining us, so I’m very excited. I know that feels like the norm, but I swear there’s people that work at Hirewell that aren’t recruiters.

So this week we have Brian joining us. So what do you say Em? Should we bring Brian in? Let’s bring him in. Awesome. Hi Brian. Welcome to the show! Hey, how are you? Good. Great. How are things going for you? Going well. Just getting adjusted to fall. Going to, have to check out all these new recipes that are going to be in this cookwell segment.

Absolutely. They look so good let me just tell you. There was like a, something about a chicken with caramelized onions that I’m like, I’m drooling right now. I know it’s early here, but I’m like, “Oh, I’ll make chicken right now.” yeah, I always stick with chili and always have a more chili than- yeah, I know.

Send us your chili recipe please. Will do. Gotta send it. Well, we’re pumped here on here. I know we said very distinctly, we have an employee of the week, not a recruiter of the week. So Brian, introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do at Hirewell? Yeah. So my name is Brian Heil, calling in from Cincinnati, Ohio, New day.

But I am the product marketing manager here. I started with Hirewell in early March. As you mentioned, I’m not a recruiter. I’m a part of a growing internal team to support the exciting growth that we’re going through. And I primarily am focused on our software platform, Sourcewell, which is a sourcing automation platform for tech recruiters. As well as reestablishing the Hirewell brand both visually and through messaging to capture kind of that, the evolution that we’ve gone through in regards to changing from a like standard or traditional recruiting firm to a more strategic talent solutions provider that includes software products now that our clients can use for themselves beyond just the recruiting services that we offer.

So it’s fun work. It’s challenging work. I get to work with some great people. Awesome. I love it. It’s great to hear from you too because sometimes I need a reminder of like all the wonderful things that we offer and it’s just so great to hear it directly from the product marketer himself of just how far, I guess you know, Ryan, you’ve been here on four and a half years.

I’ve been here four years and all of just the evolution of how much we have to offer now, so. Keep fighting that good fight Brian. Yeah, And just within like less than a year, so much has changed. Yeah. So we really completely re-identified like who we are and like what we mean to clients.

So it’s an exciting time to be a part of my role. Well, we’re going to have to have you on for a whole other segment to talk about. Think you need like a Brian segment. Just like an update on what’s going on. I feel like we’re out the loop Em. As long as it’s Brian with an i and not with a y. There you go. That’s the segment name.

Yeah. I think, actually think that’s a good segment name “Brian with an I” although, like that’s to me the correct way to spell it too, but we’ll work on it. Well, we’re excited to have you on here. Rapid fire questions game, two minutes on the clock. Answer as many questions as you can quickly, right?

It’s a rapid fire situation. The last 30 seconds will be our lightning round where you have to choose either or. There’s just no other option- either or. That’s it. Okay. Can you handle that? I think so. Yeah. Okay. We think so too. Yeah, you can have it. Yeah. I have high hopes here. All right. Time’s on the clock.

Ryan will ask your first question in 3, 2, 1, go. Brian, what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? Okay, it’s a tie between three things. So yeah. So the first one being Alex, Zalewski’s hair. James Hornick’s reluctance to be considered a teacher, . And I think Hirewell funds a really nice balance of pushing you to be better while also being incredibly supportive.

Many companies, I wouldn’t say struggle with that, but can’t find that balance as well as Hirewell does, and I super appreciate it. Very eloquent answer. Do we need to ask any more questions or should we- I love Alex’s hair too. What’s your favorite fall activity? Probably watching football, which- who’s your team?

Let’s go college football first and then NFL. College football would be University of Cincinnati. I went to University of Dayton, but they don’t really have like much of a college. Go Flyers! Yeah. Mm-hmm. But- yeah. Go Flyers. Absolutely. Basketball this year though. Yeah, okay. We can- basketball for sure. Yeah. Like one in every four years.

And of course the one year that we had a good chance of winning a national championship, the term got canceled because of Covid. So that’s just my luck with sports teams though. But the Bengals are definitely my team. Oh Brian. We’re going to have a bit of a rivalry here. I’m a Browns fan, but at least we have Ohio in common, right?

Yeah. They’re both pretty sad this year so far, so. So sad. Well, we’ll get off on the sports topic for now, but when we are thinking about music, is there like one song that will absolutely get you on a dance floor every time? I mean anything by pre lights like dance wise for sure.

But “Get outta my dreams, get into my car” by Billy Ocean, just because it’s a throwback and fun. I enjoy that as well. Yeah, that’s usually the hardest question. That was really impressive. I know. That was such a good answer. What’s your go to pleasure- your go to guilty pleasure TV show? Probably like in the last like year or two

it’s the show You on Netflix. So good. I watched the first season and it was too scary for me, so maybe- it’s scary. It’s arguably a whip off. Yeah, it’s arguably a rip off a Dexter, but for whatever reason, like I can’t stop watching it. It’s so good. New season coming soon, I’m sure. Yeah. Brian, do you have a nickname and if so, what is it?

Or nicknames I guess, too? Nicknames, yeah. A few. Red Bear, just because I have red hair and I’m like a hairy person, I guess. Ok. Mm-hmm. Yeah, so those are probably the most recent. In high school and in like soccer, I played like club soccer. It was Idaho because I was born in Idaho,

so. I like that. Good nicknames. I like them. That works. All right. Lightning round. Let’s do this. Sweet or savory. Savory. Would you rather go out or stay in? Go out. TV or movie? Movie. Coffee or tea? Coffee. Early bird or night owl? Ooh, depends on the day. More likely night owl. Yeah. Would you rather have deep dish or thin crust pizza?

Thin crust. Movies at home or in theather? Hmm. Also depends on the movie but probably at home. Cook or takeout. I’d like everyone to think it’s cook, but it’s takeout. Fries or tots? Tots. Instagram or Facebook? Oh God, This shows my age. Probably like I’m on both, but I probably spend more time on Facebook.

Yeah. Hard or soft shell tacos? Soft shell. Would you rather be the passenger or driver? Driver. And last but not least, dogs or cats? Dogs. Brian, I think just set like the new standard for the segment. You killed it. Okay. Followed directions flawlessly. We love it. And he earned his own segment, so we’ll have to- I don’t think anybody’s done that before, so congratulations.

No, that was awesome. Thank you. Honestly, definitely the record for quickest answer for song that’ll get you on the dance floor because that one really trips people up, so kudos. I may have watched this segment a few times just to give away. He prepped. I knew it. Em, we have to switch things up now. We’re going to have to redo all the questions. People are catching on.

I think Shannon’s probably in the waiting room like, “No we prepped this. Don’t redo the questions”. Yeah. Brian, thank you so much for joining. We can’t wait for your own segment, “Brian with an I” we’ll see you back here. We’ll see you next Wednesday. Sounds great. Thanks for having me. Thanks Brian.

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