July 6, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Camille KB


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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

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Well without further ado, let’s bring in this week’s recruiter of the week, Camille.

Hi Camille! Hi everybody. How are you? We’re great. How are you? Good. Thank you for having me. Well thanks for joining. We’re so happy to have you. And I gotta say just like quick shout out to Camille. You can share how long you’ve been at Hirewell, but it hasn’t been like a crazy, crazy long time

and you’re just always willing to like jump into things, volunteer for things. Like I said, you’re the first person to get Hirewellness summer blackout bingo. Like not just five in a row, not just the border, all the squares finished. So tell us a little bit, how did it like feel afterward? It felt amazing. I feel like everyone just needs like an accountability partner like that push.

Yeah. And I feel like it just gives you that excitement to just mark it off the checklist and just really excited to just create healthier practices. So I really enjoyed it and hopefully continue it for the rest of the summer and then the rest of the year too. Ooh. Maybe I can do like a quarterly one, not to put that on your plat Em, but.

I mean, you know I’m in for all the things. Quick few questions- hardest bingo square to finish, to fill and like favorite bingo square that you filled? You can answer in either order. Probably the hardest one is the 10,000 steps, five days a week because it doesn’t sound that hard, but it really is to get those steps in every single day.

Yeah. And then I would say the easiest one is cooking from home and like the water consumption because that’s something that I had already been doing a lot. I drink a lot of water. Same. Agree on the steps, because since we’ve been in a remote setting, mm-hmm like I used to get 10,000 steps easily. Like commuting to work, walking to the bus, walking to the train, you know, whatever- walking everywhere.

Now the 10,000 steps is- it’s rough. But like teach me your ways on the water because you guys know, like I’ve got my water bottle like next to me at all times. And yet I just- I’m so bad. It’s just not, it’s not my strength. So we’ll have to get your tips. Yeah. Yay. For sure. Well, we appreciate your participation there and yes, we’ll keep the bingos coming

maybe quarterly, maybe biannually, whatever it is. But let’s get to it. Just introduce yourself. We’re so happy to have you on as recruiter of the week. Who are you? How long have you been at Hirewell and where are you working from? Yeah! Well my name is Camille. We have another Camille at Hirewell, so I go by Camille KB. And I’m on the OnDemand team and I’m located in Chicago. I was actually in the suburbs and just moved to Chicago in Lincoln park on Thursday. So new to the area, but excited to explore and enjoy the summer. Congrats on the move. Thank you. Yeah. Good timing on that move. It’s a great time to be in the city.

Well, we’re pumped to have you. Like I said, we’re going to play our rapid fire questions game with Camille KB. Two minutes on the clock. Just a reminder for you Camille, answer those questions as quickly and like succinctly, but thoughtfully, of course, as you can. The last 30 seconds will be our lightning round- either,

or. You must pick either or. It’s going to be so hard. It might like tear your soul apart for some of them, but we know you’ve got this. Are you ready for this? I’m ready. All right. Two minutes on the clock, Ryan will ask your first question in three, two and go. Camille what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell?

Probably the people and the opportunities. Oh, love that. Amazing. And she’s getting this succinct thing down. You’re amazing. You’re already killing it. What is your favorite fast food chain? Chick-fil-A or Panda express. Oh my God. Panda express. I ordered Panda express over the weekend and I’m not ashamed to admit it. Moving on.

Do you collect anything? And if so, what? Sometimes jewelry. Ooh, that’s a good collection. Ooh. Yeah. Sign me up for that collection. What would you sing on a karaoke night? Just like brainstorming for next week. Probably something Hillary Duff, like early two thousands. Amazing. Let the rain fall down. Okay. Now moving on, rapid fire.

We’re good. This has become Emily’s show, which is for singing. I think. So we already know one of your nicknames, but do you have any other ones and what are they? Used to go by Cammi or Milly. Cool, cute. What’s your guilty pleasure TV show? Probably anything on MTV, Teen Mom, Siesta Key, Floribama shore, all of those. Amazing.

All of the above for sure. What’s one bucket list item that you really want to check off. Probably going to some type of island where they have those little huts on the water. I would love to stay in one of them. Beautiful. Such a good call. I’ll come with you a hundred percent. We’ll get a show from there.

Absolutely. What is the most unique thing that you’ve ever eaten?

This is a hard one. It’s a really hard one. I don’t think I’ve eaten anything really unique. So I would say like those bad tasting jelly beans probably or the jelly pollys. Is that what they’re called? Yeah, like the Harry Potter ones. Mm-hmm I love that. And love the transparency too. Love the honesty on that for sure. All right.

Let’s rapid fire it Ryan. Let’s rapid fire. Are you ready? Remember this or that. Ice cream or sorbet? Sorbet. In office or remote? Remote. Food delivery or go sit down at a restaurant? Sit down, restaurant. Fly or drive? Fly? Fries or tots? Fries. Hard or soft shell tacos? Soft shell. Glass half empty or half full? Half full.

Movies at home or in theater? In the theater. Pause time or rewind it?

Rewind. Good one. TVs or books? TV. Call or text? Oh, call. Last but not least pancakes or waffles? Waffles. Crushed it. Crushed it. You were ready for this. Round of applause. Camille KB in the house. Well, we so appreciate you joining us again, like appreciate you jumping in. You’re just, you know, involvement in Hirewell.

Although it’s been like a shortish amount of time. We appreciate you and we love it. Thank you. Well, you guys are awesome. Thanks for having me. Thanks for joining. We’ll see you soon. Yeah. So you are person next week. Yay.

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