July 14, 2021

Recruiter of the Week featuring Caroline Hertzel


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Episode Highlights

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Episode Transcript

We’ve got a fun show today. I’m so excited! Our upcoming segment- the best! Recruiter of the week. It’s so much fun. Isn’t it? It’s obviously the highlight of this show. It’s the best. And I’m super excited this week because we have one of my close teammates from the sales team. Should we bring on Caroline? I think we should bring her in.

Let’s bring her in. Hello Caroline. Hello everyone! How are you? Welcome. Welcome. How are you doing? Such a good start to my morning with you guys. We try, we try. Thanks for having me today. Thank you so much for joining us. We want to quickly start off. Introduce yourself. Who are you? How long have you been at Hirewell, and what team do you work for? Yes. So as she said, my name is Caroline Hertzel. I am pretty new to the Hirewell team. I started early this year. I joined Emily’s team on the sales recruiting team. So it’s been great. I’ve loved it so far. So nothing- but nothing but positive things. So it’s been fun.

And we love you too, by the way. Okay. So in case you guys are joining us for the very first time, we are going to play our rapid fire questions game. I will put two minutes on the clock and Caroline, you have two minutes to answer as many questions as you can as quickly, but of course, as thoughtfully as possible.

Are you ready for this? No pressure. Oh my gosh. Tons of pressure, Ryan will ask your first question in 3, in 2, go. What’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? The people hands down. Love it. Easy done. Do you have a favorite vacation spot? I would say Northern Michigan, where we go in the summer.

Yeah. Yes. How did you join Hirewell? Everybody kind of finds their way to us a little bit differently. What’s your story? Yeah. So funny story. One of my closest friends from college, Eliza joined Hirewell, I think it was November of last year and yeah. And I told her kind of was in the same boat, looking for something new.

And she’s like, did not say anything but amazing things about Hirewell. So that’s how I found you guys. So are you guys still friends? Oh yeah. We’re roommates actually. This is your bookshelf right here behind me. Okay. Then segway question. Are you reading or watching anything great these days? Reading,

I’m taking a little pause there and it’s just not a good- something good, but. We’ll start a book club. Yeah, right, right. But you know, what I love is reality TV. So I’m catching up on the real Housewives and below deck. So that’s my go-to for now. What’s your favorite reality show at this point? I’m assuming most of it’s on Bravo. A lot of it is on Bravo.

If we’re thinking of Bravo, I would say Southern charm, if we’re narrowing it to that. Oh, wow. Just love it. If you haven’t seen it, you should. I highly recommend. All of these reality shows. I know. We haven’t asked this one in a while. What is one food you can’t live without? I love this question. Oh, chocolate.

I’m like the biggest sweet tooth. A hundred percent. Where’s your favorite chocolate from? Oh my gosh- answer thoughtfully, because this is how we ask for sponsorships. I know. Ok so speaking of Northern Michigan, you guys should all try Kilwins if you’ve ever been there. They have very good chocolate. So highly recommend. Kilwins sponsor us. Exactly.

We take care packages. Right. Exactly. We need them. Since we’re in summertime Chi currently, and it’s finally stopped raining. What’s one of your favorite Chicago summer activities? That is a good question. You know what I love and I live close to it is just the lake shore trail. Like just biking on that, or like having lunch with a friend.

I love it. And it almost feels like you’re in another city I feel like when you’re near the lake. So that I think is so nice. For sure. Agree completely. Get me to the lake. Final question. What is your favorite nickname given to you? Maybe that was- can I give my least favorite?

Yeah, give your least favorite. People call me Carol, and then people will like introduce me to someone that I have not ever met. I know, but it’s fine if it’s people that I know, but then they’re like, “Oh her name is actually Carol”. I’m like, no, you have to introduce me for the first time, it’s Caroline. It’s just silly. I call you Carol all the time.

No, but it’s fine because you’re not introducing me to someone like, I don’t know, you know? True. We call you so many things like C dog,C money. I kinda like C money. That’s a good one. And it’s so funny. I’m going to keep calling you Carol. I’m sorry. No, please. I mean, it’s so much easier, so I get it.

I love it. Well, I have to give you major kudos because Caroline before was like, “I don’t know. On camera’s not really for me” not super stoked about this. And you’re a freaking natural.

I mean, if you’re watching this live at home, clap it up for right now.

You guys are the best. Thank you again. We’ll see you later. Bye Caroline.

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