August 22, 2022

Recruiter of the Week Featuring Catherine Leaym


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Episode Highlights

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Episode Transcript

We’ve got a fun show today. We’re going to start things off with our, of course, recruiter of the week segment. Love that segment. The best! Should we bring her in? I think we should. Everybody welcome Catherine.

Hi Catherine! Hi. Welcome to the show. How are you? Good. I’m good. Thank you for having me. Thanks for joining us. We’re so pumped you’re here. Big week. It’s a big week. It’s a big week. We know you had like one of your first starts this week, right? Yeah. We’re so happy. Congratulations. Many more to come. Many, many more to come.

Yeah. Well, we’re pumped to have you. Before we start, will you introduce yourself? Who are you? Where in the world are you? Because we know Hirewell is remote first. What do you do at Hirewell? So I am a recruiter for the real estate team. I am based out of Plymouth, Michigan. I have my Detroit-ish shirt on because it’s Detroit. Once you say you’re from Metro Detroit

people are like, “Oh, eight mile.” No. Yeah, I think I’m a LA-ish shirt. Right. I think you do. Yeah. So the 30 minutes from downtown Detroit. Been in this area my whole life and fell into Hirewell about, I started 90 days ago. Came from corporate recruiting background and spent a lot of time in multi-family housing.

Spent seven years in multi-family housing prior to getting into corporate recruiting and multi-family housing. And then now here I am on the agency side in real estate. So it’s really come full circle the last year, year and a half when I transitioned into corporate recruiting. And now here I am with you all. And here you are with us in this very moment, too.

So we are thrilled you’re here. I’m sure you’ve studied up for this segment of the show. Sure. We’re playing our rapid fire questions game with Catherine. We’ll put about two minutes on the clock. Catherine, remember it’s rapid fire so answer the first thing that comes to your mind, trying to keep it as succinct and quick as possible.

The last 30 seconds will be our lightning round where you have to choose either or. No in between. Okay. We got it? No explanations. I got. There’s always some loopholes that people try to pull on us, but like, we don’t want it. Is this a judgment free zone as well? Hundred percent.

Oh yeah. 100%. Beautiful. Yeah. All right, here we go. Your time will start. Ryan is asking your first question in 3, 2, 1, go. Catherine, what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? Flexibility. She’s already good at this. Who’s your hero? Hmm. My mom, for sure. Sweet. What is one song that without a doubt is going to get you on a dance floor?

It’s a catch. God, I’m like trying to think of wedding songs. I can’t think of names right now. A good method. It’s a good method. We are family. That is a good one. I got all my sisters. All right I won’t keep going. It just gets everybody moving I feel like it. Totally does. I agree. What is your favorite way to spend a day off?

Mmm. A no plans plan. Yeah. That is a good one. It’s so busy. It’s so nice to have a day like that. So what’s like the most used app on your phone? The most I’ve what? Most used app. Oh, most used app. You know, I admittedly deleted TikTok last night. So that should tell you what it is. Good for you. I love the answer.

I like this. Let’s keep going down this route. What’s your guilty pleasure TV show? Hmm. I like like a lot of murder documentaries. Ooh. I don’t have a record, don’t worry. But yeah. A lot of 2020. Okay. Judge me free zone. Remember we got you. Yeah, definitely are not judging at all. So we know recruiting is your dream job, but if you had to have another dream job, what would it be?

If money didn’t matter because it does. We have to have a roof over our head and our bills paid. I would have an animal rescue. Aww! Yeah. That’s so sweet. I would work for that animal rescue. Oh come on! If you build it we’ll come. Yeah. Big heart for all of ’em. Yeah. I love it. I love it. What’s your favorite snack?

Chips. I open a bag and I’m fully committed. They’re gone. Yeah. What kind? A good baked chip. Mm-hmm. Good baked one. All right, lightning round- let’s roll. Let’s do it. Okay. All right. Are you messy or tidy? Very tidy. Fruits or veggies? Fruits. Fries or tots? Fries. Pancakes, or waffles?

I don’t really like either, but pancakes. Okay. That’s fair. We’ll take that. Okay. Zip up or like a pullover hoodie? A zip up. Sweet or savory? Savory. So when you put your cups in the cupboard, are they right side up or upside down? Right side up. Okay. I don’t like the little water marks that get left in my cabinet.

Mm-hmm. I feel she’s tidy. We learned this. Tidy, yes we know. Pepperoni or plain cheese pizza? Pepperoni for sure. TV or book? Usually TV. Final question. Sand or snow? Oh, sand for sure. I’m in Michigan- even though she’s in Detroit. Yeah. I see snow six months of the year. I’m good on the snow. Can I ask a follow up question about the pizza?

Sure. Do you have like a specific style of pizza that you like the best? Because I know like Detroit, I know you’re outside of Detroit, but like Detroit style pizza is like very specific. Yeah, it is. And I like it, but it’s not my go to. I definitely like a thinner, like little chewier crust situation.

We ask the important questions on here. I take my food and my pizza very seriously. So I appreciate that. I love it. Well, you seriously crushed that. Honestly, like you understood the assignment. So thank you so much for joining us. Will you come back? Of course, anytime. Thank you ladies.

Thanks for joining Catherine. We’ll see you soon. All right. Have a great day. Bye. Bye bye.

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