April 20, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Christa Wesenmeyer


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Episode Highlights

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

Let’s bring in this week’s recruiter of the week. I am super excited about this one because we have a strange commonality and that’s where we live from small towns in Ohio. And Christa’s still in Ohio, but recently moved. But let’s bring her in and ask her some more questions. I love it. Hey Christa, how are you? Hi guys! How are you?

We’re great. Welcome to the show. So excited to have you! Thank you for having me. You are so calm and you already, you’re ahead of the game because you already know one of the questions we’re going may or may not ask you. Yeah. And I have an opinion for sure. I’m 90s, early 2000s kids. So MTV was my thing. Oh! Thank god.

We have so much to talk about. I also have to say too, whenever I talked to Christa, your life shelf game just like gets me every time. I know I’m talking about decor recently. Like new apartment had my plants, you know. Ryan, you were helping me with my, what to put on my shelves. I gotta- I gotta call you. It’s my favorite thing Emily.

I’m telling you. If I was not a recruiter I’d be like, you know the Home Edit Show? Yeah, that’d be my dream life to go in and like organize somebody’s house. So call me anytime we’ll walk through in video. I would love it. Come on our to LA. Now we can’t ask you that one question. What would you- we’re going to have to take that one off the list.

Anything else too exciting? Will you just introduce yourself? Yes, I’m Christa Wesenmeyer, that is how you pronounce the last name. It doesn’t make sense, but that’s how you pronounce it. I am a recruiter on the managed team. So I am with Shannon and Jeff. So kind of do a little bit of everything.

I love it. Love it. Love that. Shannon jobs now has, you know #shannonjobs. Love that. I am definitely feeling that. Yeah. I love it. Well, we’re so pumped to have you. We’re going to play our rapid fire questions game with Christa. For those of you who are joining us for the first time, we’ll put about two minutes on the clock.

You’re going to have that time Christa to answer as many questions as you can quickly, but of course thoughtfully. The final 30 seconds or so will be our lightning round. Are you ready for this? I’m ready. Ryan will ask your first question in three and two, go! Christa what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? I have great-

I have many answers then. I would say I’ve been here about six months almost, and the transition was so, so easy. Everybody was super welcoming. I did not feel like that new job stress, like hardly at all. So it was very, very easy to transition. Good transition. What’s your favorite snack- as I’m like staring at my snacks on my desk.

Oh my gosh, cheese. I literally am obsessed with cheese. I will literally snack on cheese all day. What kind? Colby Jack, very specific. Colby Jack cheese. Well, if anyone gets Christa’s secret Santa, you know what to get her? It’s just a bag of cheese. We’re taking secret Santa notes. I feel like we have this every week. Oh, funny. Christa, since you’re working at home, what is your morning routine look like?

It is getting a toddler ready and out the door. I’m very blessed to have like my parents and my in-laws watch her, so it’s not too bad. But yes, that is my morning routine, getting my toddler ready and then getting to my coffee. It takes a village. Yes. What was your favorite MTV show growing up? Oh gosh, this is so weird.

I liked Daria. Did you ever watch that? I love Daria. What was your first job? Out of school or in school? Like real job? Oh both. So in high school and college, I worked at Charlotte Rousse. If you were- yeah, you’re hitting me up fashion right there. I worked there for about five years. And then out of school, I was actually a teacher. Em! Look at that. What did you teach?

Yeah. Yeah. It works. What did you teach? I was mostly kindergarten, but I was K through three. Bless you, bless you. I mean there’s a lot of us, we should form an Alliance at Hirewell. Former teaches for recruiting, I just named it. What’s the most unique thing you’ve ever eaten. The most unique thing I’ve ever eaten?

Oh my gosh. I don’t know. I’m kind of picky. Yeah. I’m kind of like, I’m not like a super picky eater, but I don’t think I like eat anything weird. I haven’t traveled to a ton of like different countries and eat anything strange. Christa is like well, one day I ate Cheddar instead of Colby Jack. One day I’ve had Swiss cheese instead of- calm down!

I love it. All right. We’re in our lightening round. Are you ready? Let’s do it Ry. Let’s do it. Call or text? Text. Sweet or savory? Savory. Crunchy or smooth peanut butter? Crunchy- that’s so weird. Guac or salsa? Guac. Vacation, or staycation? Staycation. Spicy or mild? Mild. Plans or surprises? Plans. Coffee or tea? Coffee. Bad haircut or bad hair color? Color.

You can fix it. True. That’s a really good- such a good point! Last one. sand or snow? Oh, sand. Got it. Oh, this is genius. And Christa you did a really good job.

Krista understood the assignment 100%. I feel like we’ve asked the hair color or cut one. That was such a good point. Like you can easily fix that. Well Christa we loved having you on! Take a picture of your shelves and send it to me please! Will do for sure. Let me know any time you want help.

Thanks girls. See ya.

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