July 7, 2021

Recruiter of the Week featuring Dawn Maragos


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Episode Highlights

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

First, it’s our absolutely favorite segment: recruiter of the week. This has been something we’ve been doing since the start of the year and it has been so much fun getting to know our colleagues a little bit more and sharing them with LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube as well.

So we’re going to bring in Dawn who will be joining us in just a moment and we will be medium firing some questions at her. Without further ado, let’s bring in Dawn. Good morning Dawn! Hello ladies! Medium fire for Dawn who’s maybe not the biggest fan of rapid-fire. I thought that we agreed on slow fire, but we’ll go with medium.

Let’s like- let’s meet in the middle. We’ll meet in the middle. Whatever between medium and slow is, we’ll do that. Well, thank you so much for joining. First and foremost, please introduce yourself. Who are you? Who are you at Hirewell? All that jazz. Okay. I am Dawn Maragos. I have been with Hirewell for 10 years now and I lead our digital experience and marketing practice.

Okay. Question. What do you get at 10 years? Because you get like a three-year backpack, which is like pretty cool. What’s the ten year? I get to use the same backpack for seven years. Love that! Good math also. I was like, see you are great on the fly. I got to talk to Matt. What do I get for 10 years? I don’t know. We need to talk. Well, we’ll go back to that.

We’ll brainstorm. We’ll get back to you on that. But, we are going to play our medium to rapid fire question game with Dawn. For those of you who have never joined before, we are going to put two minutes on the clock. We’ll ask Dawn as many questions as possible. Dawn, your job is to answer them as quickly but of course, thoughtfully as possible. Are you ready? Let’s do it. Ready. Two minutes on the clock, Ryan will ask your first question in three, in two, go.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell?

The people, my team, my lovely team.

Shoutout to the out digital marketing. If you were not recruiting, what would your dream job be? I was supposed to prepare for this one. I don’t know. This is really hard. I feel like there’s like real estate.

It’s not a dream job. It feels like there’s a lot of like transferable skills. So there was a point where I really wanted to be a wedding planner, but then I had a wedding and decided I definitely did not want to be a wedding planner. So I don’t know. Let’s go with one of those. We’ll give you a time to decide what you want to be when you grow up still. I love it.

This is also maybe a little bit of a difficult one, but do you have any hidden talents aside from wedding planning? I mean, just planning in general. I’m really good at that but no, I’m not real- I don’t. I wish I was interesting. Come on guys. Miss organized. If we had high school superelatives, Dawn would be like most organized for sure.

A hundred percent. Personally, not so much. What was the highlight of your year? Last year? Well, that’s easy guys come on. And it was really easy cause it was highlight of my year. Last January pre pandemic, before the rural shut down I had a little girl, Ellie. Cutest baby ever.

She’s adorable. Can’t disagree. Well on the topic of Ellie, because this kind of goes with her. What’s your favorite pizza toping? Oh, yeah I’m pretty like, I feel like I’m one of those people that I always get the same pizza because how do you evaluate them against each other if you don’t? So it’s always like sausage mushroom union. So good.

Those are some of my favorite topings as well. Ellie too. Do you have a favorite Chicago pizza place?

I guess probably Pequods. Feels like an easy answer, but yeah. It is that good though. It could be a favorite. It’s really good. It’s so, so good. Okay. We have time for one more question. Ryan, give it to her. Last question. What is your favorite Chicago summer activity? Oh God. I think just like being on patios, right?

Like, no matter what whether it’s like eating or drinking or hangs, it’s just like patios are a thing. Yeah. It’s the best ever. Well let’s plan on all getting together on a patio sometime soon. Take advantage. Tell me when and where! One final follow up question though. Do you have a favorite Chicago patio and then we’ll hit that place up?

I don’t know. Oh, that’s Emily really putting me on the spot here.

Like what’s a patio? Anything. Anything can be a patio- or a rooftop- or rooftop. Yep. I’m going to go old school and to say big star, but again, that feels like a cop-out, but like cannot go wrong. No. Oh, gee, big star. Like I don’t even drink margaritas. I don’t like margaritas and I’ll drink a big star

margarita. Yeah. Let’s all go meet at the big star patio and have some margs- should we just end the show here. Yeah, that’s it. Big star sponsor us. This is when we asked for sponsorships. So you absolutely crushed that. That wasn’t that scary, right? No, but you did slow it down for me. So thank you. We did slow it down a little bit and we’re going to need to see some pictures.

Everyone’s- we’re talking about the pizza and like how your now one year old loves pizza, but everyone has to see like the way Dawn tracked her baby’s age was like- you know, people do like the Q1 month sign, two months sign with like pizza slices growing and it was the absolute cutest thing.

I kind of miss it. She’s 17 months now. And it’s like, should we do two pizzas every month? Please keep adding the pizzas. I will continue to like those photos.

You really did great! Thanks guys. Thanks Dawn. Bye!


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