January 19, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Gavin Freeman


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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

Very excited for this week’s recruiter of the week. We asked him a question before he joined and we were like, “Hey, have you ever seen the Hirewell update?” And he was like, yes, I’ve been here for over a year. I’ve definitely seen the show before. So he’s a fan of the show.

I’m sure he’s thrilled to be this week’s recruiter of the week and joining us. So what do you say Em, should we bring him in? Let’s bring in Gavin. Hi Gavin. Hello! How are you? Well, I was just hearing about you all. It’s like COVID related. I ended up getting COVID right before Christmas and was- my fiance and I, we were done.

We were done for it. I mean, it was a good six or seven days and yeah. Over Christmas, we were just like waving at our families, like walking by and like, “Hey! It’s great. Like we’re okay.” But yeah, no, it was rough. Yeah. It was rough. We can relate. We had it rough. Yeah. It’s not a joke. Like it’s not a joke. Not a joke.

COVID brain is real. I was trying to work with it and I was like, I can’t. I agree. I was sending emails that didn’t make a ton of sense. So to my clients, if you’re watching this, I know I already told you. That’s why you received some strange emails. Sorry about that! But we’re back on track. We’re back on track.

Yeah, I’m glad we can- this is the COVID show. We’ve all had it like, and I’m sure a lot of viewers can relate. But I’m glad you guys are doing better too Gavin. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. Survivors. Well, really excited to have you on. Really quickly. Will you introduce yourself and then I’ll explain the rules to our game.

Sure. So my name is Gavin Freeman. I am part of the marketing team here at Hirewell. I’m a lead recruiter and I help with everything that you can think of when it comes to marketing, creative, digital design, all of the staffing that is incorporated within that spectrum, so. Gorgeous. Well, we are going to play our rapid fire questions game with Gavin.

We’ll put two minutes on the clock. Your job Gavin is to answer as many questions as you can as quickly, but of course, as thoughtfully as possible. Are you ready for this? Let’s do it. Gorgeous! Two minutes is on the clock. Ryan will ask your first question in three, in two, go. What’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell?

I love this culture. Like it has made everything so incredible since I had come over, you know, about a year ago or a little under a year ago. And yeah, it’s just, everyone is so welcoming and everyone has really become that like that family that you need when you come to a new organization. That was a really good answer. So sweet!

One of my new favorite questions, if you could have an unlimited supply of one thing, what would it be? Honestly, probably treats. My dog is huge. So she’ll just go through it. Not even human treats – dog treats. Either or. Yeah, she’ll take anything if you give it to her. We spend a lot of money on her. So if we did a- at first I was like, I wonder if this is like a selfless like thing, but now that I’m hearing how much money you spend, I’m sure it’s a little bit of both.

A little bit of both. Yeah. I’m kind of sad you didn’t bring your dog, but now you know for next time. Oh, she’s been scratching at the door. Don’t worry. Oh perfect. Let her in! We’ll bring her in for sure. Well follow up question. So now that we know that you have a dog, what kind, what is your dog’s name? She is a German shepherd Belgian Malinois mix.

So she, yeah- she’s almost three. We got her from the humane society.

Adopt! But we’ll chat. I think I’m adopting a dog hopefully soon. So we’ll chat. What was your first job ever? My first -I was a substitute teacher. We have so much in common. Em, teachers! Where, where. Did you sub anything?

I started as a gym substitute teacher, but I went to school actually for just 7th, like secondary education, history, like social studies, like a lot of people do. We love teachers. Yeah. We do love teachers. We need to take a poll and see how many Hirewellians had some sort of teaching background because at this point it was getting pretty ridiculous. A lot of us. Well on the marketing team there’s at least three. That’s true!

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. We’ll make a list. Yeah, we’ll get back to that. Have you ever checked anything off of your bucket list? And if so, what? My bucket list… I don’t know if I have. I know that the one thing that I really want to do is sky diving, which my fiance and I are thinking about doing when go on our honeymoon, so. Love that.

Well then final question. Where’s your honeymoon? Northern Italy, Switzerland. Can I go? Do you need cohosts for your honeymoon, because if so! I’ll just carry your bags if you need like the Sherpa, like I got you. It’s fine. Yeah. The more the merrier.

I guess final, final question. When is the wedding first? I guess before the honeymoon. We are still planning that out. COVID has caused a little bit of a interruption with stuff. So we are trying to figure out what’s going to be the best for us and her family, my family and everything. Yeah. Common, common theme I’m hearing about these days.

So I’m happy for y’all regardless. It’ll be a great day. Well, thank you so, so much for joining us. We’ll want to hear updates on all the things. We want dog pictures, we’ll get wedding updates, honeymoon updates, let us know when we need to purchase our tickets and like all that, just so that you know -we’re included – we like to plan.

But thank you so much for joining Gavin. Thank you all. We’ll see you soon. We’ll see you next time.

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