December 15, 2021

Recruiter of the Week featuring James Hornick


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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

We’ve got a fun show today. We actually are recruiters slash employee of the week. It’s a funny one. Usually like sometimes there’s some newer faces. They don’t get to see these people a lot. We see a lot of this person. Maybe too much some people would say, I don’t know. Never too much- but for others we might be bordering that line of a little too much.

But everyone should know this name and this face, if you spend any time on LinkedIn. I don’t even know if we have to do an introduction, but I guess we will. Let’s bring in James Hornick.

Oh, hi guys. Needs no intro! Don’t worry about me. I’m just drinking out of my favorite mug. How’s it going this morning? It’s going good. I wish you would have told me that you were bringing that mug because I have that mug. Oh you have one, yeah. All right. Emily, maybe Christmas is right around the corner. So, you know, keep your fingers- although I don’t know where you live anymore, your address keeps changing.

Honestly, me either. Kat’s like where do you live? Where are we sending payroll? I’m like, I don’t know. We’ll find it somewhere. Well, thanks so much for joining us, James. It’s nice to see you in this context because we see you so frequently on LinkedIn. We’re excited to have you as our employee of the week. Have you played our rapid fire questions game before?

Are you familiar? No, no. I have not played before and I was told that the questions are all gonna be different anyway, so there’s no way I can prepare for this. Ryan’s really really good at adding in new questions recently. So yeah, you’re just going to be on your toes. For those of you who are not familiar with our rapid fire questions game, we’re going to put two minutes on the clock.

In those two minutes, we are going to ask James as many questions as we can. Your job James, is to answer those questions quickly, but of course, thoughtfully. Are you ready for this? Sure. Before we start, introduce yourself. I want to break the record for most questions answered. So we should actually be counting those. Why don’t we do that?

We might have to go back and count. We’re going to go back and count every shows. Yes. So far. So before we start, though, who are you? What do you do at Hirewell? Well I’m James Hornick. I am one of the partners here at Hirewell. I’ve been here since 2005, so I have the whole history. I started as a tech recruiter.

I started our marketing recruiting practice. I started our actual, I moved more into business development role and actually launched our entire marketing operation. I do manage our strategy.

All that stuff. What do you not do? Just tell us that and then we’ll get a better understanding of it. I don’t do con conference calls in the morning typically. So this is a special so. We do feel special. Thank you. Well, two minutes on the clock, we are starting our rapid fire questions game.

Ryan will ask your first question in three, in two, and go! James, what’s your favorite thing about working here? Oh, the people!

I love the fact that I’ve been able to move into so many different roles. That’s, what’s kept it fresh and the reason why I have is cause like working with the people has been awesome. So yeah. Well, so tell us, what is it like to be LinkedIn famous? Oh, come on. Um, I’m not LinkedIn famous.

So humble. I never get recognized by anybody ever. So it’s highly overrated. I’m going to get into the two minutes really quickly, but I will say I was out to coffee with the candidate years ago and James walked into the Starbucks we were in, and the candidate I was with was like “Is that James from LinkedIn?” Don’t tell him that. It’s going to go straight to his head.

It does happen. Next question, Kim Crawford or Rosee? Kim Crawford. I figured. Quick and easy. What is your favorite place to travel? Bruge Belgium. What?! Okay. Why? Have you been there? It’s like- you haven’t seen the movie “In Bruge”? It’s like an F-ing fairy tale. I’ll add it to my list. Yeah. James is notorious for having great travel recommendation.

So if anybody’s looking to travel, hit ’em up. What’s your favorite topic to troll? People who post about posting. I thought that might- met a posting, talking about what you’re doing while you’re doing it is the dumbest thing online. Coming from Mr. Meta, who has his own face on his coffee mug. Yeah. Just saying! The irony.

Duality of man, anyway. Tell us what was your very first job? Working at my dad’s pharmacy as a kid. So I was working when I was probably, I don’t know, eight years old, something like that. So I was a clerk, a retail clerk at a pharmacy. Oh, well, how did you find your way into recruiting from that? I mean, I fell into it like everyone else. No, I worked in tech sales my first- my first job.

And again, I kind of moved into tech recruiting, so was a little bit of a progression there. I got sick of selling technology that didn’t work. So I thought I’d try something different. Might be a little more fulfilling. We’ll take it. Well, we’re happy you did find your way here. What is one bucket list item that you want to check off?

Bucket list item. Well I was supposed to travel to Austria and to go to Vienna this year in Budapest and they locked the country down. So I had to cancel. So maybe 2022 will be the year I get to visit that part of the world.

Last question Ryan. Last question. What’s your favorite part about being a part of the LinkedIn community, you’ve obviously like found your way in to kind of developing a ton of relationships there. So what’s been your favorite part? Honestly it’s, I’ve met a lot of actual friends on it and it’s also, some people we’ve actually hired have come from it.

So I think it’s, the fact that it actually does have a real benefit, I think has been pretty cool. It’s not just a complete waste of time, which I thought it might be when I started. Well, thank God it’s not because that’s what you do with most of your day. Glad we’re not wasting time here. Thank God. Exactly. Well James, honestly, do you think that was a record?

That was a lot. Was it? Okay. I had so much fun. It went by so fast. I lost track of time. That’s what we want to hear! You’re so sincere James, thanks for that. Well, thank you for joining! We’ll see you soon, probably tomorrow on LinkedIn, later today, all of the above. Thanks for having me guys, you’re the best. Bye James. We’ll see ya, bye.

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