February 2, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Janis McGuffin


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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

Well, let’s kick things over to the recruiter of the week. I’m really excited about this one because we have someone that’s like never really done a live show before. So the stakes are high.

I’m just kidding. She’s going to smash it and do great. We’re really excited to learn more this week’s recruiter of the week, who is out of our Dallas office. And let’s be honest, she did not sign up for this. She was what I like to say, she was voluntold. Definitely voluntold. This was not something she willingly agreed to. But she’s going to do great anyway.

Should we bring her in? I think we should bring her in. Let’s welcome Janis. Hi, Janis. Hi. How are you? We’re doing great. How about you? How are things in Texas? It’s very nice. I can’t- I don’t want to brag about the weather or anything, but- go ahead. No we do that.

I do that now too, you know, Cali girl over here now apparently. We love to brag about the weather. I mean, it doesn’t hurt that I went outside in a short sleeve shirt today so, you know. Well we’re so excited you’re here. Will you start just by introducing yourself? Who are you? What do you do here at Hirewell and who voluntold you? Oh yeah, I think I have,- oh, so my name’s Janis McGuffin and I’ve been with Hirewell about two years now.

We are a part of the real estate team that works out of the Dallas office as you introduced earlier. And we’re really, as that implies, we’re real estate focused. And so we’ve been doing this all together for about seven years prior to coming to Hirewell. So I’ve really been more in a support role, until I got here at which point the growth has been so phenomenal in this market and the markets that we’re serving right now.

And obviously with recruiting across the board, that I had to kind of step up my function and actually handle more searches than I’d ever single-handedly done before. So there’s been a behind the scenes role and now I’m kind of like moving out in front, being more client and candidate facing than I had been in the past.

We love it. And you guys are crushing it down there. Like it’s insane. Yeah. It’s been a lot of fun and I love that our team has grown so organically. I see you guys just doing an awesome job with recruiting for Hirewell, not just for the clients that you’re representing, but to bring on more recruiters.

And that’s been a real struggle, especially for all of us, but especially down here when like companies are offering such great incentives to join them. And I’m like, can you join us? And we were kind of like it’s- you really, really, really have to work on your sales pitch because it’s what makes this better than all the other opportunities that are out there for people.

And then you want to find the right people. And I think we’ve done that. We’ve taken a chance on recruiters who don’t necessarily have a strong recruiting background, but maybe they have real estate or just a great work ethic and personality. So a lot of our energy has gone into training them

and I think that it’s paying off. Yes! We love that. We have like a talent insights about that, right? Like hiring entry-level or career change people- like it’s a great way to go. Well, we’re so thrilled you’re here. Not sure if you’re familiar, but we are going to play our rapid fire questions game with you. I can’t wait!

She can’t wait. She’s so excited. We’re going to put two minutes on the clock. You have two minutes to answer as many questions as we throw at you. Answer them quickly, but of course, thoughtfully. Are you ready for this? Sure. Okay. Ryan is going to ask your first question in three, in two, go! Janis,

what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? I love the people and all the energy that you bring. You’re a big part of that too! Oh, thanks! If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing, what would it be? Dogs. How many dogs do you have? Three. You have a couple, right? Is it only dogs, any other animals at home? Yeah, I have other animals too.

What are they? That’s the follow up question. What kind of animals are at home? Fish, birds, dogs, and a cat and a rabbit. Oh, and a rabbit. Yeah. Okay. Name them all. Go! Oreo, Stevie, Chicks, Ophelia, Winnie, the other one, the outside ones are harder because they’re not really- I’m taking care of my kids. Finn is my cat, and then I’ve got Sue, Chief and Dakota.

Those are the dogs. Oh my God. I’m so impressed. Yeah. I mean like every morning before we start actual recruiting work, I’m out in like Wellington boots, like feeding and- you’re amazing. I think we’re going to need a video made of that. I know Jim is always making videos. I think you should do a day in the life of Janis, for sure. I like it. I’m following that.

I’m following that. There’s a lot of cleaning and feeding things that aren’t me so. Someone’s got to do it. What was your very first job? I was in the air force, so I was an officer. Yeah. Well thank you. Oh, you’re welcome. Thank you. What is your favorite vacation spot? Maui. It’s amazing. Yeah.

I mean, take us all there now. Let’s just, let’s do the show from there next time, okay? What is one item that you’re itching to scratch off of your bucket list? Oh, I think it’s to do like an adventure race somewhere where, you know, I’m like going across the grand canyon or something like really really epic.

That sounds epic. Do you run? Yes. Have you done a marathon before? Yeah, I’m a coach actually. So that’s what I do in my part, like side hustle is coaching. In all your spare time when you’re not recruiting. Yeah, that makes sense. When you’re not feeding the animals and taking care of them and recruiting, you’re also running marathons and being a coach.

Got it. So apparently we need to step things up on our end because- I’m inspired by Emily’s fitness plan. She’s out there. I mean, were doing all the things, all of the things. Life’s not boring, that’s for sure. I love it. Well, Ryan has one more question for you. What is it? So we know what your outfit looks like now in the morning, before you start recruiting and you’re going out there, you’re taking care of the animals.

What is your typical work from home outfit consist of? I usually look like I just stepped out of REI, so that’s like pretty much my closet most days. So it’s not necessarily jeans, although that’s a staple. I like to be able to answer the door without embarrassment too so.

That’s a good rule of thumb. Yeah. I don’t know if I’m following that rule, but I might need to start. Me and my Hirewell shirt and yeah. We have- we had some- look at me, I’m like backwards on your camera. We had a made up too, so. I love it. Love the Hirewell swag. You seriously crushed that. I don’t say this every week. I really, really don’t. We always say like, oh, we love that segment.

It’s so fun. That was amazing! You answered those questions so quickly. And I just learned so much about you within those like two minutes and whatever seconds. There you go. Well, thank you so much. Thank you for coming. Thank you for bringing your energy. We have a lot more fitness things to talk about, but we’ll talk about that later. Yeah, no I’m sure I’d actually have to go tonight to go coach.

So, you know, it’s tempo Tuesday, so. Tempo Tuesday! Oh my God. I’m writing that down and steal it for content. Yeah, Jim doesn’t believe me when I say there’s these things. He’s like, yeah, you’re making that up. I’m like, no, not making it up. It’s a real thing. Tempo Tuesday. Love that. Well, thank you so much, Janis. We hope to see you back soon.

Thank you! You too.. Tell the animals, tell Jim we say hi, tell the whole crew. Thank you Janis, see you later.

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