May 17, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Jaya Rosser


FUll bio molongui

Episode Highlights

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

We always start with our favorite segment, which is none other than the recruiter of the week. This week we have Jaya joining us. So let’s bring in Jaya. Hi Jaya!

Hi, how are you? Pretty good. Pretty good. How are you all? We’re great. So happy you’re joining us. So happy. And honestly, I’m going to use this opportunity, like I said, we’re live. So you’re literally going to see me transition into another room right now. And while I’m transitioning, Jaya will you just distract everyone with your grace and tell us who are you and what do you do here at Hirewell?

Hi everyone. So again, I am Jaya and I am more like Jeff’s right hand, but I guess an official role title would be a recruiting coordinator. So my primary responsibilities here are supporting the recruiters throughout the interview process and ensuring that the candidates have a smooth interview process.

Amazing. We’re so happy to have you, Jaya. And I know that you have been instrumental in providing support to Jeff’s team and to Jeff as well. So we’re excited to dig into some questions with you. Em, very smooth transition that was a process. I feel like it was maybe like a six out of 10 in terms of smoothness for transition, but you can’t get much, much better.

No, definitely. I know I’m a screamer on the phone, but I’m like, that’s a lot. Nobody needs that. Well, thank you Jaya, for that introduction. We’re going to play a rapid fire questions game with you now. I’m sure Jaya like studied. She’s watched, she watches the show every single week. She’s ready to go for rapid fire questions.

But just in case someone’s tuning in for the first time, we’re going to put two minutes on the clock. In those two minutes, Jaya, you are responsible for answering as many questions as you can quickly, but of course, thoughtfully. Those last 30 seconds, just a reminder, we’ll be our lightning round. Are you ready for this?

I am ready. Ready as she’ll ever be. Your time starts two minutes on the clock. Ryan will ask your first question in 3, 2, 1 go. Jaya, what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? Ooh, definitely the people. Everyone is extremely laid back and I feel like I can be myself and yeah. We love that. Yes. What is one food that you could never live without?

Steak. I am a big steak person. So when I first entered into the steak world, I was like, oh, the Filet Mignon is the best. You know how most people are. And now I am a total fan of ribeye. I need some fat in there. I need some marbling and I need some natural flavor. I mean, Jaya- I’m drooling. Yeah. Well follow up question to that,

since you are in the Chicago land area, what’s your favorite place to grab a great steak in Chicago? You all are going to have to help me with that. So I feel like I’ve only been to the basic steak houses, the chain ones. Mortin’s, McCormick and Schmick. Yeah. Not any of, I think the more boutique places, but is Mastro’s still open? Is Mastro’s still open? I think they’re still around. Literally so good.

They have one out here too. And I know we’re talking about steak, but just sign me up for like the pretzel bread alone and I’m a happy gal. Yeah. Onto the next one. What is your favorite since you are in Chicago, what is your favorite summertime Chicago activity? Ooh, definitely cruising down Lake Shore Drive at night with the windows down with the view of the city.

I was not expecting at night, but like okay. I love that. The skyline is everything. Hopefully you have a great playlist going too. This is kind of like a question we haven’t asked in a while, but what’s the best thing that’s happened to you in the past year? Ooh! In the past year. Definitely the birth of my son. Yes, so I did have my son last April, so I guess yeah, that would count ish.

Yeah, having him has been life-changing in the best way possible, so yeah. I can’t believe he’s not here. Will you bring him next time? Yes, I can definitely, yeah bring my little assistant in. Are you throwing his first birthday party?

Yes, he did have a first birthday party. What was the theme? It was Boss baby themed. He was in a suit and everything. Yes. In the comments here we’re going to need some photos. All right. Are you ready for lightning round? Yes, let’s go. Ryan, hit it off. Call or text? Oh, text. Smooth or crunchy peanut butter? Smooth. Thank God she answered it.

Vacation or staycation? Vacation. Sweet or savory? Sweet. Weekends or holidays? Weekends. Dogs or cats? Dogs. Pool or beach? Beach. Android or iPhone? iPhone. I want to add like flip phone in there. Maybe next time. Pizza or burger? Pizza. Oh, that surprised me because of the steak. Cook or take out? Take out. TV or movie? TV. Sand or snow?

Last one. Snow. You’re good at lightening round. Really good. That was actually, I think that might’ve been our best lightning round. Totally! Raising the bar. You rock, thank you so much for joining us, except the only part that like you could have done better on just like a little bit of feedback, we like babies.

A little, a little partner in crime. That would be excellent. But you did great. I will make sure to bring him next time. Thank you guys. Thank you Jaya! We’ll see you soon.

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