December 2, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Jessica Egizii


FUll bio molongui

Episode Highlights

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

Let’s kick things off with Jessica for Recruiter of the week. Let’s bring her in. Hey Jessica. Hey guys.

How’s it going? It’s going. How are you? We’re great. We’re happy to have you. How are things going on? Where are you? Tell us. I am in Pittsburgh. Good Ol’ Pittsburgh. Amazing. Are you our only employee in Pittsburgh? Right now, yes. Dan lived here prior to moving to Ohio. And then I think Holly was as well.

And everyone left you. And now it’s just you. Well, we’re pumped you’re here. So quickly introduce yourself. What do you do at Hirewell? Tell the people who you are. Sure. I am a lead recruiter on our manufacturing and supply chain team.

Incredible. We have joked in the past about Shannon Jobs #ShannonJobs and we love that there’s a fully dedicated team for Shannon Jobs now. It’s incredible. Right. It took me a second. I was like, wait, what team is she on? Yeah. What is that? Oh yeah, #ShannonJobs, that’s what it is.

Her. I’ve heard of it. Yeah. We’re pumped to have you on here as our recruiter of the week. We are going to play our rapid fire questions game, two minutes on the clock. You have those two minutes to answer as many questions as you can. As quickly as you can. The final 30 seconds will be a lightning round.

That’s like the really scary part, you know? Everything else is pretty easy. But you have to choose either one or the other. There’s no gray area. So if you’re leaning one way, just go with your guts. Can you handle it? Got it. Ready. Jessica, don’t be nervous. I’ve got your back. Nothing bad’s going to happen. Okay? Ryan is going to ask your first question in three, two, one. Go. Jessica, what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? There’s a lot of things. But I have to say the biggest thing for me is just how supportive everyone is. I really feel like everyone genuinely wants me to succeed, so I love that.

It’s true. I totally do. It’s true. It’s very true. What’s the very first thing that you do when you finish with work? Make dinner. What’s for dinner tonight? Yeah.

It’s like like an artichoke, spinach stuffed chicken breast with green beans. You can send us that recipe. Absolutely. It’s not something I do on my own.

I follow the directions. I was going to say, I was just going to like grill up some plain chicken tonight, but that sounds a lot better. A little lame on my end, but we’ll keep things moving. Okay. This is an interesting question. And not one I think we’ve asked people as of late, but would you rather ride a bike, ride a horse or drive a car?

Drive a car. Great answer. Did you make any Black Friday or Cyber Monday purchases? All my Christmas shopping is done. Oh, we love that. And I bought myself one as well. Okay. What was your favorite thing that you bought yourself? Yeah. I got myself a new tablet. So that was exciting. And a lot of- I got some perfume. All of those goodies to kind of stock up when everything’s on sale, so. Oh my gosh.

I feel like I really like missed the opportunity to get some good stuff. I was going to say, that’s so smart to stock up like that. I should in the future do that. Remind us next year, Jessica. Will do. We’ll have you on before, so that I remember. Absolutely. When you have a day off, like what’s your favorite way to spend the day?

This is so lame. I love to clean. Just because on the weekends, like things get hectic. So if I have a day off, like during the week, I do love to catch up on cleaning. I might go tanning. Just run errands. So. I hear you. It feels good to get it done when you don’t have to.

I don’t. So if you wanna come over and help out at my house. Yeah. Like, fly to California. Help me clean. Wait, this is such a funny question. I don’t think we’ve ever asked this one either. What is your favorite scent? But now you’ve mentioned perfumes. I feel like maybe it’s relevant. So do you want like perfume or just anything?

So, Turquatic by Mac is my favorite. I think I know what this is. It smells so good. It’s in like the little blue bottle. Mm-hmm. Delish. Well, are you going to be in Chicago? For our office party coming up? Are you implying we’re going to smell her? I’m going to throw it out there that Emily and I would like to smell you so please wear that scent.

I’ll bring it with me. I have a little baby, like I got a little travel one. That’s amazing. All right. Lightning round. Are you ready? I’m ready. Go ahead Ryan. Would you rather go out or stay in? Go out. Fries or tots? Tots. Winter or summer?

Summer. Sweet or savory? Savory. Coffee or tea? Tea. Ice cream or fro-yo? Ice cream. Nice. Cook or take out? Cook. Blue Apron all day, sponsor us. Start work late or leave work early. Leave work early. Mm-hmm. Yeah. That’s a good one for sure. Would you rather have plans made or be surprised? Have plans made. Final question.

Basketball or football or soccer? Can I say none of the above? She’s like, no sports. I grew up in Canada, so I love hockey. Fair. But I would say if I had to choose one, football. And I think that’s fair. I think that’s totally fair. That you called the hockey audible.

We’ll respect that completely. Totally. We need to make those questions a bit more inclusive of all sports. So we’ll be changing that in the future. All sports. Well, Jessica, that wasn’t that scary, was it? No. No. Not at all. You guys made it painless for sure. We tried. We can’t wait to smell you. We are anxious awaiting it.

I’m not crazy. I’ll bring it. I’ll bring it. Yeah, bring it. Yes. And thank you so much. Enjoy dinner tonight. Thank you. Might be knocking on your door, but- If we show up, don’t be alarmed. We’re just here. Surprise!. Yeah, I always make extra. So come on in. Perfect.

Well thanks so much Jessica. Thanks guys. Have a good one. Bye. Bye.

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