August 31, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Jill Dreisilker


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Episode Highlights

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

We have a very new guest today as our recruiter of the week. So without further ado, let’s start this segment off with Jill. Hello! Welcome. How are you? Thanks. I’m great. I’m very excited. Very excited for this.

Hopefully you’re not disappointed that it’s just me. But we’re going to be just fine. No, we’ll be just fine. We’ll be just fine. Well, we are really excited- we, I still say we, because I’m a creature of habit. Ryan, and I are genuinely very excited to have you on this morning. But before we begin, will you please introduce yourself?

Who are you and what do you do at Hirewell? Yes. So I’m Jill. I’m a junior recruiter at Hirewell. I just started actually last November and it’s been great. It’s been a whirlwind. Holy cow, pivoting careers at my age has been like hugely amazing and crazy and awesome. And thank goodness for working with Hirewellians because y’all made that transition very seamless and a lot of fun. Yes. Well, air high five for career pivoters. That’s us. We got this. And then I always love to know just because we are a remote first company, where in the world are you? I’m in Chicago, Illinois. Yes. Hirewell Chicago,

that makes sense. It fits. Right. Well, so excited to have you on today. We’re going to play our rapid fire questions game with Jill. Two minutes on the clock. You have those two minutes, remember it’s rapid fire. So the first thing that comes to your mind, right? Answer it as quick as possible and then we’ll move on to the next question.

The final 30 seconds will be a lightning round where you must choose either or. Okay. No gray area. No gray. Go with your gut. No grey, no grey. Great. Okay, do you feel ready? Are you like stretched out? I was just like, I was just stretching. I’ve got my- I’ve got Kevin, my golden retriever just laying on me right now.

Oh my gosh, we need to see Kevin. I’m sorry. Before we start. Yeah, yeah, go for it. Did you watch- Jack a couple weeks ago brought Bogie on. We highly encourage dogs, babies. Kevin’s sleeping now. I don’t know if you could see him. Oh my god Kevin. Hi Kevin. Oh my God Kevin can come on the show whenever he wants.

Alright Kevin and Jill, are you ready? Very ready. Very ready. Two minutes on the clock. First question in 3, 2, 1, go. What is your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? Ooh, well, of course the people, that goes without saying. Honestly I would say management. I have never worked for such supportive

management and leadership. And I have my little like wins folder and it’s like all Jeff and Shannon, which that’s never happened before, so. Amazing. Definitely. Shout out, shout out Jeff and Shannon. We love you. They raised me too. They raised me too. So as a fellow career pivoter, always love to know, what did you do before you were a recruiter?

Ooh, gosh. Okay. So before Hirewell I worked for a coaching startup. I’m certified health coach. So I did health coaching, life coaching, career coaching, wore lots of hats at that startup. And then in my previous life, pre personal development and all of the things, I was in sales for a long time too.

Ugh. Amazing. We all, we need all the goodness, wellness and coaching in our lives. It’s coming in handy. I’m sure. I’m sure. If you were to go to karaoke tonight, what would your go to song be? Oh, man. I would have to say- I would have to say Peg by Steely Dan. Can we get like a little bit of a preview view or is that a lot? Nevermind.

That’s a lot to ask. You can’t do that to me. I’m like, come on. I’m already sweating. I’m kidding. Okay. What is your go-to guilty pleasure TV show? Ooh, Ooh. Real Housewives of- which one? Ooh. I was just going to say Beverly Hills. But I also love I got into Dubai this year too. Oh, okay. But Beverly Hills OGs. OGs for days, always.

I didn’t even know there was one in Dubai, so I’m learning a lot here. What’s one food that you cannot live without? Oh my gosh. Oh, I love food so much. I would honestly say goldfish because that I eat it all day. No matter what, I’m in the mood for. Giant carton, like the really large like Costco size. Do you know like favor blasted or just like? So on occasion. On occasion

is favorite blast, but usually the go to. I can eat it in breakfast, lunch, dinner. I know that’s super lame for living in a foodie city like Chicago. No, no, no, no. That was a perfect answer. I loved it a lot. Lightning round. Are you ready? Yes. All right, let’s do it. TV or books? Ooh, TV. Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert. Glass half full or half empty? Full.

Duh. That was like the easy one. Hard or soft shell tacos. Oh man. Ooh, this is a tricky one. This is like sparking some, some controversy. You got this. It’s really controversial. That’s what we strive for here on the Hirewell Update is controversy. Stirring it up all the time. Y’all are all about controversy. All about it.

Soft tacos. Okay, amazing. Thin crust or deep dish? I was what to say thick crust, but that’s okay. Actually thin crust. Again, I feel like I’m a terrible- I’ve been out of Chicago for too long. I’m like, I don’t even know what it’s called anymore. Dogs or cats? Duh. Dogs. Duh! Kevin for life. City or country?

Ooh. Ooh, city. Okay. Music or podcasts? Music. Cake or pie? Ooh. Oh, pie. Pool or beach? Beach. Sand or snow? Oh, goodness. These are hard. I know. Sand. You crushed it. I’m like sweating, are you sure? No yeah. No, you totally did. I like, I’m glad you’re sweating. I was just telling you, like, I hope the viewers don’t notice that my lips are blue because I’m cold in my apartment. I’m like fine.

I’m so fine, everyone. I’m going to get like a wellness check like, “Hey, we good over there?” Everything’s fine. We’re all fine. Everything’s fine. Can we see Kevin one more time before we say goodbye to you? Kev, you want to come say hi? Oh my gosh. He’s like squirrel Kevin, squirrel, treat. Oh my gosh.

I need a dog. I need a dog. Yeah. Oh my gosh. Well, will you bring Kevin back on the show next time you come on? Of course. Hopefully it’ll be, this is his nap time clearly. So hopefully we can- mine too so what are we doing here? No, just kidding. Well, thank you so much for joining Jill. I’m glad I got to see your face multiple times today.

I will see you again soon. Thanks Em.

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