August 10, 2022

Recruiter of the Week Featuring Jim McGuffin


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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

Well we’ve got a fun, a fun show. We’ve got a new face and we- I hate to say like old face, because he’s going to make a joke about it. He’s not an old face, but a veteran face, I should say. A veteran face but in a new capacity today. So we’re going to start this off with our usual first segment.

What do you say. I think we should start off with recruiter of the week. Let’s bring in Jim. Hi, Jim and Fred- and wait, who is? Old face? I take it to heart. I knew, I knew you were going say something about that. Such self deprecating humor over there. Oh yeah. I did want to begin the process here with coming clean, that I did not earn this recruiter of the week award.

It’s like when you give money to a university, they give you an honorary doctorate. I have bought this. So if anybody watching this wants to know, oh, Jim must be a great recruiter. I’m not. I’m average at best, but I bought my way into recruiter of the week. It can happen. Your numbers say otherwise about being a good recruiter.

No I’m average or best, but I am, I am proof that things can be bought in this country. That is amazing. Honor, status, and prestige have a price? I hope no one checks our Venmo accounts because they’ll see a pretty sizeable transaction from Jim. I’m not, I’m not ashamed of that. Hm, that’s amazing.

Well we are so excited. You’ve been on the show many, many times, but actually never as a recruiter of the week. You’ve always been on our talent insights segment. So really quickly will you- I’ve got a lot of questions for you before we even start the questions game. So many questions. Who are you?

Where the heck are you? Who’s your friend. And what do you do at Hirewell? I have two friends with me now. Jim McGuffin is my name, I am a member of our real estate team here and there’s six other partners I have on the real estate team. I am in the beautiful state of Texas on a rare cloudy day which is why I can be outside at four in the afternoon and not melt.

So that’s where I am, who I am, what I am. Who are your two friends out there? Oh, this is- well Sue is the brown one. She’s my favorite. Chief is the speckly one. He’s my second favorite. And my third favorite is in the house being grumpy as usual, as I’m sure my wife Janice will talk about in the comments when this was posted. Grumpy one. I’m glad you weren’t talking about your wife, because I was like where is grumpy one in the house?

So I was like that’s not good. My wife was always in a good mood, a hundred percent. I love that. I love that. We gotta have her on more often. She’ll rub off. Yes. Yes you should. Well, we are always thrilled to have you on the show and we’re doubly excited to have you on as recruiter of the week. I’m sure you’ve seen, but for those watching for the first time, we are going to play our rapid fire questions game with Jim.

I’ve got a feeling Jim’s going to be good at this. Jim reminder, it’s rapid fire. So the quicker you answer, the shorter your answers the better. The last 30 seconds will be a lightning round where you have to choose either one or the other. No loopholes whatsoever. No explanations. Okay. I’ll try not to be indecisive.

All right. Well, two minutes on the clock. Ryan is going to ask your first question in three, in two and go. Jim what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? Taco Tuesday. I like the fact that Massucci sends me tacos every Tuesday. I don’t know if you guys get it, but I get ’em. Jim’s about to start world war three.

Oh yeah. You guys didn’t know? I’m going to message Matt shortly after this. Yeah. Matt sends me tacos every week and tells me how happy is that we’re here. That’s great. That’s amazing. Outside of that, it is like everyone says it’s the people and the environment. The fact that you can be yourself here. That you can take the work seriously

like we all do, but not have to take yourself seriously. Love that. That’s my favorite part. That’s amazing. Best answer ever. Other than your dogs, what else could one expect to see around your home? Oh, besides my dogs and the subsequent mess they leave behind them on a daily basis. What can you see?

I have a football helmet collection in my office that I’m proud of. I have more TVs to watch more sports than my wife thinks is necessary. My main TV room, I have three TVs. Ooh, In abreast of each other. And then for entertainment purposes only you could do three team parlays on there for entertainment, because it gets lonely sometimes when I’m not working.

So you’ll find that. Amazing. Yeah. So good. Jim, do you have any nicknames? And if so, what are they? Oh, nothing I could say on the public forum. They’ve all been past insults from prior friends, family members and- that’s amazing. Yeah, no, no, no nicknames today. You can tell us offline.

We’ll find out later. Then we’re good. If we were to go to karaoke night tonight, what would be your go-to song? Oh, well, I don’t know what it would be, but it would be song poorly. Ditto. Yeah. I can do a lot of things very average but my singing is very sub average. Yeah, I’m the master of mediocre. Yeah, I can’t.

No singing. Copy that. Copy. Copy. One more question Ryan and then we’re going to go into lightning round. Last question here. Jim if you weren’t recruiting, which I know is your dream job, what else would you be doing? I always say, I wish I would’ve been an NFL general manager because I watch the mistakes that all these clowns make

in building teams, not that Chicago Bears fans would know about mistakes in building teams for the last 40 years, if anyone is a Bears fan watching this. But I always felt like I could do a better job building teams and making decisions than the clowns who run the majority of the NFL teams

now. That’s my dream job. So if Jerry Jones is watching, I’d only leave Hirewell for one thing- the Cowboys. I’m sure he’s watching for sure. Yeah, definitely. You just made a lovely case for yourself with that. Amazing. He’ll be calling soon. All right, lightning round. Ice cream or sorbet? Ice cream a hundred percent. In office or remote? Remote. Big groups or small gatherings?

Oh, small gatherings because I don’t have enough friends to fill a big group. Mm-hmm yeah. Movies at home or in the theater? At home. Gotta go back to the tacos- hard shell or soft shell? Both. And that’s my final answer I’m sticking to it. Both in the same meal. Concert or sporting event? Oh, sporting event.

Go Cowboys! Pizza or burger? I’m in Dallas to where there is no pizza so we have to have burgers. That’s the only part I don’t like about living here. The pizza is horrible. It’s terrible. It’s awful. Worst ever. We’ll have to ship you some down there. We’ll have thank you. Along with Matt’s tacos. Yeah. What a Tuesday you’ll be having eventually.

Thank you. Dog or cats? Ugh dogs. Duh! Summer or winter? Summer’s my answer. Summer, summer. Okay. Final question. City or country. Oh. Duh! That one was a layup. Jim you crushed it.. That’s it. Jim, we love having you on here. I’ve got yeah, couple, a couple bones to pick now with Matt Massucci. Yep. Where are my tacos?

Where are the tacos, Matt? Next time I could buy my way into some notoriety. Let me know. I do have a- I do have a price and I’ll pay it. No problem. Well, we love to hear that. We love having you. Thanks for joining. Thanks to your pups for joining. Yeah. I’m sure we’ll see you on our talent insights segment soon enough.

Thanks guys. Have a good day. Thanks Jim.

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