May 26, 2021

Recruiter of the Week featuring Joe Hanrahan


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Episode Transcript

We’re going to kick it off or over to one of our favorite segments, the recruiter of the week. We’re bringing in Joe, who is actually a long time friend of mine. Joe and I worked together at our previous company too. So we have some good history. Joe is coming to us from none other than new Orleans this week as well.

Hey, Joey.

Hi Emily, hi Ryan. How you doing? Doing good. We’re so excited to have you here today. Yeah. I’m happy to be here. Is it beautiful down there? Yeah, it’s been great. It’s not been humid at all like some of the complaints are, but it’s been nice hanging out at the pool and getting some good seafood. So.

Nice! Enjoy. We’re so excited to have you on here, Joe. Hopefully, you know how our rapid fire questions games work. In case you do not, we are gonna put two minutes on the clock. We are going to ask you as many questions as we can, and your job is just to answer them as quickly, but thoughtfully as possible.

So before your time starts, quickly introduce yourself. Who are you? Who are you to Hirewell? And then we’ll get things started. Absolutely. And that sounds good. Yeah, so, I’m Joe Hanrahan. Been recruiting for about five years as Ryan mentioned, we worked together previously for a little bit. So, actually moved to Arizona for a little bit, where I kind of started my technology recruiting and then found my way back to Chicago and Hirewell.

And within Hirewell I focus in infrastructure and IT positions. So working a lot with dev ops engineers and system engineers, network engineers, the whole gamut, and been here for almost three years now. Coming up on three years and yeah, it’s fun. Almost ready for that book bag. Let’s get this guy a backpack, shall we? Let’s get him one.

Let’s do this. That was a beautiful introduction. You now have two minutes on the clock. Starting, Ryan will ask your first question in three, in two, let’s go. Joe, what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? This one everybody has to say, but yeah, I would say the people for sure. We have a great team and then, you know, we have a very supportive team above us

who’s always trying to help us out and, you know, get us better every day. So people first, management as well. Love it. So, so good. If you were not recruiting, what would your dream job be? Good question. Well, if I was good enough at it, I’d be a baseball player. What position? Center field. Oh, of course. I love it. Well, Hey Joe, it’s never too late to get that career started, you know. We’d definitely come and watch all of your games.

I’d be in the stands, eating hot dogs while you were out there for sure. But I sent my application to the Cubs. So waiting to hear back. Well, what are you currently watching right now? A show called Red Oaks on Amazon prime, actually. Based on- would you recommend it? I would recommend it. I think it’s a good show, yeah. It’s been fun. I’m three seasons in, but yeah, based on the eighties about kids looking to get into film school, and then there’s a lot of other storylines, but yeah it’s a fun show.

I love it. We’ll do that on another show. We’ll just review the whole show. What is the number one Chicago summer activity that you are looking forward to this summer? Ohh good question. I would say going back and hanging out at the beach. And I missed last year, cause I live pretty close to lake Michigan.

So being able to walk over there and hang out for a bit and I’m excited for that. I love it. Same here. I can’t wait to get back to the beach. What’s your favorite food? Or maybe like one food that you can’t live without? Ooh, good question. I’d probably say pizza. Really big Italian food fan and pizza is definitely out there.

It always hits the spot. Well, bonus question. Where’s the best place to order pizza from in Chicago? You knew that was going to be my bonus question Ryan. That’s a tough question. I’m a big fan of Pequods pizza. So good. The burnt cross does something special. Oh so good! Okay, Pequods sponsor us too! Final question.

We are ending on a positive. Last year was tough. We know it, but what was one highlight of last year for you? One highlight of last year. That is a good question. I would say, adjusting to working from remote and being able to have that flexibility because I was able to travel a little bit more like I’m doing right now, visiting my sister in new Orleans and work remote for a couple of weeks.

So the ability to kind of still see friends and family throughout the pandemic, doing it safely, of course.Completely. That is the best answer. I mean, I agree, right? Like I’m sitting down with my parents in California, you know, just being able to see more family, right because you can work from everywhere.

I think that’s awesome. Well Joe, you nailed it. It wasn’t so scary, right? No it was that bad. Well thank you Joe for joining us.

Put on your SPF today. Enjoy New Orleans. We’ll see you soon Joe! Thank you both for having me. Bye!

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