July 20, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Joe Hanrahan


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Episode Highlights

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

We better dive into it right now. Our favorite segment, recruiter of the week.

And I’m going to be pretty biased on this one. I’m very excited for this guest. A long time friend of mine, even before Hirewell days, which is a fun fact. Let’s bring in Joe. Hey Joe. Hey Ryan. Hey Emily. How are you? I am great. Thank you. How are you? Great. However, although I’m like so excited you’re here

I like, I’m really kind of wondering how you got away with not doing this for so long. How have you never been our recruiter of the week? That’s a great question. Well, I have been, it’s been a long time. I think, a year and a half. Okay, you have been. So this is, are you like one of our first repeat people? I think we’ve only had one repeat person before Joe and a lot changes in a year.

So all of his answers and actually all of the questions are probably going to be different too. We should have watched your segment back to make sure that we ask you different questions, but. Personally, I’m glad that you didn’t. And I think due to all of our growth, I was able to hide a little bit easier for a while.

Sure. Well, now I’m less surprised. You’ve been here before. I can’t even keep track. But regardless, we’re always excited to see you. Before we start, will you just tell everybody who are you and what do you do at Hirewell? Yeah, of course. So I’m Joe Hanrahan and actually just hit the four year mark here at Hirewell.

So I saw that on social media today. Congrats! Yeah. Thank you. So I focus on IT recruiting and like infrastructure positions. Work a lot on DevOps roles. So any of you looking for anything, let me know. Like network engineers, all that good stuff. And yeah. Currently a lead engineer on the team.

And like I said, been four years and that’s a little bit about what I do. Yeah. I love it. And congrats on the recent promotions to Joe to lead recruiter. That is awesome. Well deserved. Yeah. Thank you very much. Very well deserved. Well, you’ve played this game with us before, but to fill those in who are watching for the first time, we’re going to play our rapid fire questions game with Joe. Two minutes on the.

Your job, Joe is to answer as many questions as you can. Make sure it’s like quick, like quick answers. Like, you know, if we want to elaborate on things, we will later. Yeah. And then the last 30 seconds will be a lightning round, which you did not have when you were here last time. Definitely not.

So you’ll pick one option. The first answer that comes to your mind, can you handle it? I think I got it. Yeah. All right. Are you ready for this everyone? Ryan will ask your first question in three, two, one go. Joe, what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? I would say the growth, both personally

and as a company- as you guys were talking to before I hopped on, another acquisition. Right. And I think I was probably the 14th or 12th, something like that person on the IT team. We’re close to 30 now. So yeah, I would say that the culture, the team, and then just like the opportunity to grow.

Amazing. What’s your favorite fast food chain? Ooh. I would go with Culvers. I went to Marquette University, Wisconsin. So, you know, always loved stopping at Culvers. I’m here for that ice cream. Yeah. Yeah. So, so good. What is like your go to guilty pleasure TV show? Hmm. Probably twin acres, barbecue. I live like around the corner from there and go once a week.

Yum. So delish. I miss twin acres so much. So bring me back to Chicago. If we were doing karaoke night tonight, what would you sing tonight? Tonight? Probably Mr Brightside so that people would sing along and I wouldn’t have to hear myself too much. Oh yeah. We piano bared last week together and Mr.

Brightside, I think Liz requested it like multiple times. So that happened. Yeah, it was so good. Always a hit. Yeah, always for sure. So long before you got into recruiting, which is obviously everyone’s dream job, what was your very first job? Ooh, my very first- like even in high school? Anything like your first ever job ever.

Okay. First ever job, I worked at a little boutique grocery store called food stuffs and I worked behind like the deli and the salad bar. So yeah. Amazing. I love it. That’s so good. So then follow up on the deli question. Where’s your favorite sandwich in Chicago? Ooh. Favorite sandwich, maybe Tony’s Sub. It’s up in Edison park.

So just a little bit north of the city, but I guess some would still call that the city. I still have like a Chicago food list, even though I don’t live there anymore. All right Ryan, lightning round, go. All right, let’s do it. Ice cream or sorbet?

Ice cream. In office or remote? Remote. Food delivery, or like go and sit in a restaurant? Go and sit in the restaurant. Fly or drive? Drive. Oh! Fries or tater tots? Tater tots. Walk or run? Walk. Glass half empty or glass half full? Half full. Foresee the future or change the past? Foresee the future. Ooh, good one. Concert or sports event? Sports event. Last one, fruits or veggies? Fruits. Excellent! Crushed it, Joe.

Seriously crushed it. That’s how lightning round works people. You pick an answer, you move on. I asked the walking or running becuase when Shannon and I used to like walk around old town, I feel like we would run into you multiple times. Or like when I used to teach classes in the park, you’d always be like, “Hey” walking around.

Yeah. I miss running into you two. Gotta get your steps in, man. You already knew my answer was walking. I knew it. I knew it. You two make this easy, so thank you. I love it. Maybe you’ll come back for your third time soon. Oh, you bet. Yeah. I’ll try to make it shorter in between time. No. Perfect. Yes, exactly. We want to see you monthly for sure.

Well thank you for joining us again. Thanks Joe. Bye.


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