June 22, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Jordan LeValley


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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

We have a fresh face on the Hirewell update. So I feel like I say that all the time now, so many fresh faces. Although I pinged this person yesterday because like our recruiter of the week is Jordan. We’ll bring her in, but she’s been here-

she’s been here for a while. She has been here for a while. And yet, she’s never been on. She’s been sneaking by without being the recruiter of the week, but we finally got her. So let’s bring in Jordan. This has been a long awaited person to come on. Hey Jordan. Hi ladies. Hi, welcome to the show. Finally! I know. I’ve avoided you guys for a year now, so I’m here.

I know, I feel like I was going to say like you just hit your year mark. So happy Hirewell anniversary. Thank you. Yeah. We’re so fortunate to have you the past, like now it’s been like 13, 14 months, but yeah. Before we get started, will you quickly introduce yourself? Who are you and what do you do at Hirewell?

Yeah, so I am Jordan LeValley. I am a recruiter on the technology team. Yeah. And where are you? I feel like we need to ask that question these days. I know. So I am in New York City now. So I moved here from Chicago in September. So we moved to opposite coasts in the fall. Yeah, that’s fine. I’m still holding it down in the Midwest ladies.

Someone’s got to, oh my God. We’ll be there next month to see you. We’ll see. Well, we’re pumped to have you on Jordan. I’m sure you’re familiar. We’re going to play our rapid fire questions game. We’ll put two minutes on the clock. You have those two minutes to answer as many questions as you can quickly, but of course, thoughtfully. And just a reminder, our final 30 seconds will be our lightning round.

Where you must choose either, or. No- no loopholes. You must choose one or the other. Okay. Do you like how I’m like so- I’m so descriptive about these rules now, because not everyone gets them. Not everybody follows. So we gotta know the rules. That’s true, Jordan. Not everyone does. Jordan’s ready. Two minutes is on the clock.

Ryan will ask your first question in 3, 2, 1, go. Jordan, what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? So I think there’s a few things to say here. I definitely would say to start off, I think the culture here, I think it’s extremely inclusive. I think it’s kind of what you see is what you get as well.

Mm-hmm , it’s great too. I just recently joined the like the social committee, the women of Hirewell. So I think there’s so many different avenues as well to keep people connected as we’re all remote. But I also would say, I think the growth opportunities within Hirewell, I think we have so many different divisions within Hirewell. There’s so many different opportunities for people to kind of transition to different teams if they want. But I think none of that would be possible really without such great leadership. I think constantly channeling in with us and being like, you know, what can we do to be the best?

What do you guys want to see from us? And I think like during the employee surveys, they actually like take it seriously and listen, and kind of implement what we say, so. Oh yeah. Such a good answer. So I think there’s a few things there, so. What’s your like go-to activity when you finish work each day? Okay.

I think well, so soon as I finish work, if I’m going to workout, like I have to go like at like 5:05 or like I delay and then it’s like six. Yeah, no. So I usually like to go workout or I think now that I’m in New York, I really like to go to Central Park like after work. Such a fun place.

It is! It’s like a 15 minute walk. So I would definitely say I like doing some type of workout, like yoga sculpt or whatever it might be or going for like a nice long walk. I love that. Well, now that you’re in New York and you’ve obviously lived in Chicago, we’re going to have to talk pizza. So what’s better, deep dish or New York slice?

Okay. So I don’t like the New York slice. I think it’s not good. So this might controversial. This is fighting words I think. But I don’t like deep dish. I like Lou Malnatis’ thin crust. Thin, thin. I actually like Lou’s thin too. Okay. Yeah. It’s so good. We cannot find like a normal, really good Chicago style pizza in New York.

So if anybody has suggestions, we would love that. Jeff’s like up in arms right now in the waiting room. I’m dead. If you went to a karaoke night, what would your go to song be? Oh, uh, Okay. So last time I did karaoke, I was in Nashville for a friends bachelorette, and we did a Dixie chick song. Love a Dixie chick song. So that was good.

But also I feel like, I don’t know, like a spice girl song would be fun. I’m in. I know what we’re doing in Chicago next month. I know. Plans have been made already. I have a terrible voice, but I feel like one of those would be good. So fun. All right. Are you ready for this lightning round?

Yes. Let’s rock and roll. Let’s do it. Instagram or Facebook? Instagram. Concert or sporting event? Concert. Aliens, are they real or not? Yeah, I think so. I’m scared, but I think. Crunchy or smooth peanut butter? I like smooth and maybe like a little crunch in it. Not a lot. Okay. So you’re not following the rules.

That’s fine. Yeah totally . No, that’s fine. Mm-hmm mm-hmm. Movies at home or in the theater? At home. Oh gosh. Cake or pie? Cake. Call or text? Call. Pepperoni or cheese pizza? Pepperoni. Coffee or tea? Coffee. Cook or take out? Cook. City or country? Ooh.

So hard. I don’t know- country. Gotta end on a strong one. Pizza or burger? Pizza. Okay, done. There you go. I’m glad we didn’t save the like deep dish versus thin crest for lightning round because we needed to get those deep. We needed the insight. All the details have to come with the answer on that one.

I know. Well, thank you so much for joining us. I’m glad like I said, after you’ve been here more than a year, we were due to see your face on here. We loved having you on and hope you come back. Yeah. Well, thanks for having me! It’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

We’re not scary. We don’t really bite, you know? No, it was great. People get nervous. Well we loved having you Jordan, and we can’t wait to see you in July- company meeting. So we’ll see you then, but come back soon. I will. Have a good one Jordan. Bye ladies.

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