March 8, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Kathryn Bartos


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Episode Highlights

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

Let’s get the show off. I’m really excited about this week’s employee of the week. Employee of the week! There it is.

Yes. Believe it or not people work at Hirewell that do not recruit and we need them all the same. This is someone that keeps Hirewell moving and grooving, keeps all of our bills paid, does everything for us basically. She is the true catch all. We wouldn’t be able to be an organization without her. It’s true. That’s a pretty good intro.

What do you think? Heck yeah, let’s bring her in. Let’s bring her in. Hey Kat! Hey Ryan and Emily, how are you? We’re great. Not as good as you right now! My gosh. Enjoying my new home scenery. Congratulations on the move. Massive trip. I want turn my computer around and show you my pool that I’m sitting by. Don’t- you don’t need to make us sad, fellas. It’s okay.

You can save it for a later date. No worries. Yeah, it’s a little dirty so. We need to clean that. Well congratulations on the move! That’s so exciting and very big, that track from Chicago up to Arizona. That’s a long one. That’s a long one. It was a long three days with a cat. So just happy to be here. I’m happy to have the opportunity that I can work here. Yeah, absolutely.

Remote. Remote is where it’s at baby, remote’s where it’s at. Well, let’s start off. I know Ryan was saying all these wonderful things about you and mentioned you’re actually not a recruiter at Hirewell. So what do you do? Correct. So I am the payroll and operations manager with Hirewell. I do, you name it. I do it.

So all of the onboarding, scheduling new hires not only internally, but all of our contractors, payroll for everybody, finances. I mean, I even work for our partner company Holistic as well. So I do finance and onboarding for them too, so. And Kat’s a Jif queen or GIF, or however you want to say it. Reminds everyone, when it’s somebody work anniversary, birthday. You’re just the best at making people feel special and celebrated.

So we appreciate you. I’m the behind the scenes cheerleader. We love it. Well everyone needs a Kat, that’s for sure. Everyone needs a Kat. I need to get some of that Emily vibe with me. Well we’re so excited to play our rapid-fire questions game with you. We have a little addition. So the end of our rapid fire questions game is going to be a lightning round.

We’re really excited about this. We know we’ve been always looking to spice it up here on this show. So two minutes on the clock, your goal is to answer as many questions as possible. We have that lightning round at the end., Don’t forget it. Are you ready to rock and roll? Let’s do this. Let’s do it.

Ryan’s going to ask your first question in three and two, go. Kat, what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? I know this is said over and over and over again, but it is the people. And I also want to throw in the culture that Hirewell has. I’ve worked at other staffing companies and I mean, hands down, Hirewell-

I don’t think can be ever beat. It’s amazing. The people are fantastic and I’m just, I’m blessed. It’s true. What’s your favorite vacation spot? I want to say where I had my honeymoon and Antiga. It’s the clearest blue waters, beaches, can’t beat it. Love! Sounds perfect. Well, we know that you just moved to a new spot, so this is probably going to look a little bit different. But what has your typical morning routine looked like working from home?

Typically I would wake up and work out in our basement- which has changed now that I’m Arizona and I don’t have a basement yet, but that’s usually what I do. And then make myself a cup of coffee before I start work. Yeah. We need to get that routine again. Yeah, we’ll talk basements later. I didn’t know, like basements were like a thing until I moved to the Midwest, but it’s fine.

What was your favorite item that you purchased last year? Last year?

Maybe not my purchase, but my husband’s purchase of his motorcycle. Oh nice! Who do you admire the most? I would have to say it’s not one person. It’s two. It’s my parents. Definitely couldn’t be where I am without them and hope that I can be them.

I was going to say as I grow up, I mean I’m still so growing up. I’m a grownup. We’re all still growing up, right? We’re entering lightning round. Ryan and I are going to go super quick back and forth. Are you ready? Let’s do it. Let’s go. Here we go. Calling or texting? Texting. Sweet or savory? Sweet .Music or podcasts?

Music. Cake or pie? Cake. Beach or pool? Beach. Work hard or play hard? Work hard. Pizza or burger? Burger. Basketball or football? Football. Go out or stay in? Go out. Winter or summer? Summer coffee or tea? You already answered. Coffee. Deep dish or thin crust? Thin crust. Oh, that’s why she left Chicago. That’s why. She’s like, I’m sick and tired of this deep dish.

I got to her out of here. Oh, my God, that was so fun. I love the lightening round. We didn’t even get through them all, but I was like, we got to honor the time. We have to. Appreciate you guys. Kat, we love seeing you and you just look so happy and the sun shine and all of the wonderful things. Thank you so much for joining us and for all you do! Of course.

And hopefully I’ll see you guys soon, which will probably be at the summer outing. Summer outing, we’ll be there. Alright Kat, we’ll see you later. Bye bye.

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