January 12, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Katie Cavanaugh


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Episode Highlights

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Episode Transcript

Well, let’s get things started with the recruiter of the week. I’m excited about this one. Back last year, when I was doing our internal hiring, I found Katie, brought her into her organization.

So it feels very full circle that she is joining us for recruiter of the week this week. Well, let’s bring her in. Let’s do it. Hi, Katie. Hi, how are you guys doing? We’re great!

Welcome to the show. Well, let’s get things started. Em you want to walk Katie through the rapid fire questions game? Katie, we’re so excited to have you. Hopefully you know how this game works. We’re going to play our rapid fire questions game with Katie. We’re going to put two minutes on the clock.

In those two minutes, you are going to answer as many questions as you can quickly, but of course, thoughtfully. Before we start though, Katie, who are you? What do you do here at Hirewell? Yeah, my name is Katie Cavanaugh. I’m on IT. We have a bunch of things, but the team I’m currently on right now. And Ryan actually found me.

So I’m happy to be at Hirewell. Yay! And we’re happy that you’re here. So with that in mind, since I’m recording on my phone, don’t worry. I’ve got my- got my trusty watch here to play the two minutes on the clock. Ryan will ask your first question in three, in two, go! Katie, what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? Definitely the people.

And then I do like all the account managers, my team just, I know it’s a very big team, but it just great, everyone collaborates, everyone’s super nice, and the energy is good. So I love it. I love that. Good vibes, good energy. Good energy. Good vibes. What was your very first job Katie? Oh gosh. I worked at a bakery.


Tell us more. What bakery? Well my mom actually worked out a bakery when she was little too, like we started working at 16. They hired me right away. It’s a Mexican and Italian bakery and they bake wedding cakes. The first thing I did was actually make a book, an apple book with all these like wedding, birthday- like I took pictures of all their cakes and organized them into a book.

Yeah. For them to like market for like people. Do you still bake? I don’t bake. I just like watched them do it and I would put the things out, but I did drop a bunch of donuts before in my life. I mean, we’ve all been known to drop some donuts at some point. It happens, totally happens. Well to kinda go off of like the bakery theme right now,

what was your favorite item that the bakery made that you enjoy? They made a thing called an almond croissant. It was really good. Yeah. Love me a good croissant. Sign me up. Where’s your favorite vacation spot? We went to Oak Island, South Carolina when I was really young for a week. And I just remember like surfing out there and being on the- it’s just like a really nice family spot.

I think I might get married there. Like warm vibes. Give it to us. We need it. Well Emily doesn’t, cause she’s on the West Coast but Katie and I need it. Freezing in Chicago right now. We need it for sure. What was your favorite item that you purchased in this past year?

I think from like Miranda fry, there’s this jewelry, it’s like all gold and I bought like two pieces and I really loved it. I kept buying more. So I just been kind of like growing my collection of her stuff throughout the year. Amazing. Give me the gold for sure. Yeah. Love it. Final question! This is where we ask to be sponsored.

So, Miranda Fry sponsor us.

Final question. What is your favorite cold day activity? It’s a good one! This is going to shock you guys. I used to play hockey cause I have three brothers,. So I love pond hockey. Like I’m like- oh my gosh, like hockey game. Okay. I’m actually not surprised. That was actually an incredible answer too cause I was not expecting like, “Oh, I like to just go play hockey.”

I’d be like, I like to stay at home and I like to drink hot cocoa, but Katie comes out with I love to play hockey. I love it. You and Louie have to connect on all things hockey. Yes. Amazing. Well, you crushed it. We’re so appreciative of you taking the time to come on here and chat with us Katie. Of course. Thank you guys for having me. It wasn’t that bad. It was pretty easy. I was nervous. We make it fun, but don’t get nervous. You did so great. Thanks for joining Katie. We’ll see you again another time.

Okay. Bye!

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