January 5, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Louis Morici


FUll bio molongui

Episode Highlights

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

Well, let’s kick things off with the recruiter of the week. This is actually a really exciting slash funny one because he was slated for last year to join us, but had a very important dentist appointment that came up and couldn’t join us.

So this is long-awaited. We’re very excited to bring in Louis. Let’s bring him in. Hey Ryan. Hey, Emily. Happy new year! How are you guys? Great! How are you? I feel so badly. Chico is like going insane right now. So hopefully- I know actually Louie has labs too, so you get it but- I grew up with them as well so I get it.

Chico and the gardener do not do well together. They are not friendly. That’s for sure. So Louis, let’s see your teeth. Oh, perfect. Gorgeous! Looks great. Well, maybe we’ll save it for a rapid fire question and you can quickly tell that story. But we’re so excited. This is like a long awaiting,

anticipation’s just been killing us to have you on here. Yeah, I’ve seen billboards. I’ve seen Instagram ads, just wanting my presence on this show. So I’m just happy to finally be here. We gotta give the people what they want. Yeah. Thanks for fitting us into your schedule. It’s a busy world, but you’re more than welcome anytime.

Well, we’re so pumped to have you on and we’re excited to play our game with you. But before we start our game, will you introduce yourself? Who are you and what do you do here at Hirewell? Yeah, I can definitely do that. So my real name is Louis Morici. My coworkers call me Louie. You know, for friends, coworkers, all that good stuff.

I am a part of the sales practice here at Hirewell, coming up on about eight or nine months so far. I’m loving every bit of it and blessed to have Emily as a phenomenal teammate and just someone I can turn to, to learn a lot. Hashtag blessed, blessed. Well, we are blessed to have you here, sir.

We’re going to play our rapid fire questions game. If you’re joining for the first time this year, two minutes will go on the clock. We will ask Louie as many questions as we can in those two minutes. Your goal sir, is to answer as many of those questions as you can. Are you ready for this? I hope I studied enough.

Ryan is going to ask your first question in three, in two and go! Louis, what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? I know a lot of people say the people, so that first and foremost, but my favorite one to give you more of a unique answer is the transparency and the setting of expectations.

Everything that I’ve learned or was told during my interview process, which started with Shannon and Ryan. Thank you, Ryan. No problem! Has come to fruition from opportunity to advance, to compensation expectation and you know, the potential there, and just the people in general, everything has been as expected if not even better.

So can’t thank folks that hire well enough for the opportunity. That’s a good one. That’s a really good one. What is your favorite hobby? Probably the reason I had to get my teeth fixed, playing hockey. Okay. Elaborate on the teeth situation. So to my mother’s despair, I didn’t wear a full shield or cage on my helmet.

This little bit of a half Pfizer and I got hit in the mouth sure enough. And part of my tooth was missing for a good amount of time. And finally got it fixed so I could be on the show. And your whole tooth now. Congrats on that. Amazing. Love it. If you could have an unlimited supply of one thing forever, what would it be?

Such a good question. Thought provoking, thought provoking. I would say time. Oh yeah. A nonrenewable resource. We have mind blowing answers today. That was incredible! Oh my God. I’m not over that. What was your very first job? Very first job was a stock boy at an Italian grocery store called Nottoli, it’s called Norridge, Illinois. It’s in Chicago. Yum! When I die, I want someone to bury me next to the meats and cheese section in a grocery store.

So I might have to add that to the list. Favorite vacation spot that you’ve been to? What is it? Barcelona. Oh! Yeah, I’ve heard great things. It’s similar in ways to Chicago, as far as being able to navigate shopping, food. And I was there for about a week and I would probably the only place that would move outside of Chicago, to be honest with you.

Ah, you’re giving me like that travel bug. Well, speaking of like moving and things like that, final question, what’s one bucket list item that you want to check off your list.

Probably to travel to South America, that kind of stay on theme with that. That would be one for hopefully this year if COVID protocols allow it. Yeah, let’s go herd immunity. Hurry up. It’s been two years now. We’re waiting on ya! Louie that was incredible. I’m never going to live down that time. If you could have unlimited supply of one thing, time. That was like, we should have ended it there.

Like mic dropped, best answer ever. Why’d we ask anything else? I’m not surprised you crushed it, Lou. It’s great to have you on here. No, it’s been a pleasure and I really appreciate you guys working with me to get on my schedule. Thanks for fitting us in, you know, it’s a tough one. All right Lou, we will see you soon. Have a good one. Bye! Happy new year.

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