March 10, 2021

Recruiter of the Week featuring Mark Slocum


Episode Highlights

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Episode Transcript

We started the recruiter of the week series last week. And we kicked things off with Matt Massucci our fearless leader, and he did a great job being under pressure, and answering as many questions as we can get through in two minutes.


and who is joining us this week?

drum roll. Just kidding.

My drumroll was so bad Like I say it every week it’s fun skip the drumroll this week. We have the one and only Papa Mark Slocum

Hello. Thanks for having me.

Welcome Mark. We’re so thrilled. You’re here.

Um, we,

I mean, we’re going to save the intro for basically our rapid fire questions. I guess you can give us a quick intro. Who are you, what team do you work on? And then save the rest. Say nothing else.

Sure. so I’m head of the tech practice here at Hirewell so that’s it.

And he’s Hirewell’s resident.

Cool dad. So don’t forget that title too Mark

No offense to all the other cool dads.

True. But Mark is definitely the coolest I have given him that title. So he wears it proudly.

Nice. We should change his little banner cool dad

it’s official because Ryan gave me socks.

that said cool dad So I just wear them every day.


Perfect. We won’t have special. We are going to play with you our weekly rapid fire question game. So here’s how this will work. You will have two minutes to answer as many questions as you can from our list of questions and that those are the only rules.

I’ll give you about a 30 second warning. I’ll let you know where we are in the time. are you ready to go?

I suppose Ready as you’ll ever be Your time starts, Ryan. will ask your first question right now. Mark. How long have you been with Hirewell It’ll be 15 years this summer.

And what is your favorite thing about working here? Oh, I mean, it’s, the people Easy Easy peasy.

If you weren’t recruiting, what would your dream job be? I think my answer is the same as Matt’s I’ve always been in recruiting so tough to really look outside of that bubble. Oh, come on. Live a, little I would be a professional golfer, There we go We love it Perfect answer If you could be an animal, what would you be and why? Oh man. It’s, there’s a lot of background to this, but, a dolphin has always kind of been the joke really getting interesting on the show today. Mark, who do you admire the most? Oh gosh. I mean, it’s always been, uh, Always been my, my parents, of course, that’s where it kind of starts. but if we’re being topical, I’d have to go to Massucci Right. 15 years of working together and he’s always kind of been my, mentor.

So, um, you know, that’s my sappy job for the day. Love it. That was so nice. So sweet. what’s a hidden talent that you have and by the way, we are halfway there. Gosh, I do not have hidden talents.

You know, my kids think I’m the best jungle gym around. I think I’m really good at hide and seek So, um, the rest of the world doesn’t get to see those things. I love it. That’s great. what are you looking forward to most post COVID? Just normal social interaction, not to make expensive plans for things, getting back in and doing a Hirewell event with everyone.

Definitely that. And one final question. What is one food that you cannot live without? Oh gosh. Pizza, right.

Bonus question. Favorite Chicago pizza spot. And it doesn’t happen to be Chicago Pequod’s Pequod’s is one of the best Mark. I agree with that one for sure. Hot take, Okay. I think that’s going to spark some controversy in the comments No controversy No contest huh You made it through everyone. Give Mark a round of applause. You made it through our rapid fire questions. It wasn’t so bad, right? The time flew. No, no, I’m sure I’ll be back in, if we have 55 people at Hirewell 56 weeks, I’ll see you back then We’ll see you then Mark See you next year. Well, thanks for joining us. It was great to have you on the show.

and we’ll see you soon. Thanks Mark. Thanks Mark.

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