April 14, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Matt Mulcahy


FUll bio molongui

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

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Well, we have a newbie on the show this week for the recruiter of the week.

And I love when we have newbies on the show. It’s not really new to Hirewell anymore, but new to the show, which always gets us excited. We get like absurdly excited. We do. I feel like I always try to intimidate people too, which is not new to me. It’s not that scary if you’re watching. No, and I feel like we’ve had a lot of newbies recently just because

we have so many people new to Hirewell in the past eight months. So yeah, we’re really excited. Should we bring him in? I think we should bring him in. Let’s bring it Matt. Hey, Matt. Hey Ryan Emily. How’s it going? How are you? Good. Good. We’re excited to see you. Have you read all those books in the background? They’re just out to make me look smarter than I really am there. Good work.

I should get a bookshelf behind me. Yeah. My fiance is more of the reader than I am. It’s working. It’s definitely making you look, Uber intelligent. Totally working for you. Well, we’re so excited to have you on! Before we get started with our game, will you please introduce yourself? We should also- I’m adding something to this intro for the first time.

Okay. Who are you? What do you do at Hirewell? And how long have you been at Hirewell? That’s my addition. Some people say it anyway, but I’m adding it as a requirement. Sounds good. Well, I am Matt Mulcahy. I’m a newbie, as you said. So this is the startup of month six for me. I am a tech recruiter, but I’m on the managed team.

So yeah. Yeah. I’m with Jeff’s crew. We love our managed team. Our managed team is wonderful. Six months also isn’t like that new anymore. Time flies, huh? Yeah, especially when you’re having fun. Well Matt, are you familiar with our rapid fire questions game? Yes, I’ve done my research, my due diligence.

Watched some previous episodes. We’re not going to ask you the same questions that you’ve already seen. We’ll do our best!

For those of you who are tuning in for the first time, we are going to play our rapid fire questions game with Matt. We’ll put two minutes on the clock. Matt, you have those two minutes to answer as many questions as you can.

We’ll finish the last 30 seconds with a lightning round. We’re going to see how that goes for me. I’m more concerned for myself at this point than I am for you, Matt. But we got this. Are you ready? I’m ready. All right. Ryan’s going to ask your first question in 3, 2, 1, go. Matt, what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell?

Everyone says the people, so I’m not going to say that. I’m going to say the authenticity. I feel like I can be real at work. Everybody else is real at work. Never thought I’d have a job where I could talk about jam bands with my boss so much. I mean I don’t know a better role to talk about jam bands with your boss.

And I want to know what Jeff’s doing in the waiting room right now. Dancing. Yeah. What do you do to unwind after work? Drink a glass of bourbon. That’s a great way to unwind. Well, what’s your favorite kind of bourbon? Oh, that’s kind of a hard question to answer. We ask hard questions here, yeah. I don’t know. We need answers. Buffalo tray, so I don’t know. That’s a good one. We have some of that at our bar here at home.

You can find it everywhere for the most part. So it’s good. I hope somebody writes that down for like secret Santa or something. Yeah. Please, please, please give me whiskey for- what’s your favorite snack? Oh, favorite snack? Beef jerky. Oh! Yeah. Ricky kind of guy. Like it! Like the normal kind or like the other kind? I switch it up.

Like sometimes I’ll go with links other times, you know, like the strips that are seasoned, teriyaki pepper, you know. It’s a guilty pleasure because it’s so expensive. I’m hungry now, too. Well I guess that was my follow-up question. So Em go ahead. Okay. What is your favorite character from like a book, a movie, a TV show, anything- favorite character?

Big nerd, and love Dragon Ball Z. So, I’m going to go with Goku even though right there I’ve got a little thing of the Vagita. So yeah. Wow. Love it. I feel like you were really confident in that one. You were like, I know who it is. That one was a curve ball. I didn’t expect that question. You were ready for it though. I don’t know Dragon Ball. Just kidding.

See, I have no follow-up questions cause I know nothing about Dragon Ball Z. So carry on Ryan. Well, I guess my next question for you, cause I’m a little bit shocked at how ready you were for that is where did you grow up and where do you live now? Yeah, I grew up in the Western suburbs of Chicago, Warrenville. And then I recently moved back to the Western suburbs of Chicago in Woodridge, but yeah, yeah.

Bought a house about a year ago. But before that, spent like 10 years in the city of Chicago. So back to the Western suburbs, I didn’t think I’d ever come back, but here I am. There you are. Welcome back. He’s back. All right. Lightning round, let’s do it. You ready? I’m ready. Calling or texting? It depends on what you need, but texting. Sweet or savory? Savory. Crunchy peanut butter or smooth?

Um, I don’t really like peanut butter. Another one?! Any nut butter?

I like Reeses, but I’m not going to eat peanut butter really. You said smooth on that so it’s okay. Sauce on the side of sauce on top? Sauce on top. Dogs or cats? Cats. Passenger or driver? Driver. Early bird or night owl? Night out for sure. Plans or surprises? I’m a planner. Pizza or burger? I mean, pizza. Burgers are great. Burgers are good good.

Weekends or holidays? Weekends. That’s- that one’s hard. That’s it? You passed. You did it. It’s done. Do you feel like your research paid off? Um, no. You asked like two questions that I researched, so no, but I was ready. You were ready! I’m like seriously impressed still by that character. You were ready to go. If you were to ask me that, I think I could answer that question.

No. I don’t know if I could answer any of the questions that we ask people. So kudos to you guys for- we’ll just get away with never having to be the guest. So it’s fine. That’s true. Well Matt, thanks for joining us. It was great to have you. Hopefully, we’ll have you back soon. Sounds good! I’m happy to come back. Awesome. Maybe you’ll read one of those books next time you come back and tell us all about it. Yeah, maybe I will.

Okay, well, we’ll ask you next time. Have a good rest of your week. Bye Matt!

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