May 12, 2021

Recruiter of the Week featuring Matt Tokarz


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Episode Highlights

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

That’s going to bring us to our favorite segment, our new favorite segment: recruiter/ employee of the week. We are so excited about the series. We’re learning something new about our colleagues each week. It’s becoming, I think a really fun thing that we’re talking about in the office and that’s spreading across LinkedIn and Facebook and YouTube too.

So without further ado, let’s bring in this week’s recruiter of the week. None other than Matt Tokarz. Good morning, Matt. Morning, how are you guys doing? How are ya? Good. Good. Great to see your face, always. A hundred percent. I was hoping you’d have the angle where there’s the princess palace in the background. Yeah. Where are those little chicks that you live with?

Princess palace and the kid’s drum set is upstairs because if it’s down here one more day, it’s not going to be in the house. Who the heck bought them a drum set? My older brother that lives in Colorado that doesn’t have to see them every day. So that was a power move on his behalf. He knew what he was doing. That’s rough, bro.

That’s rough. Yeah. Well, we’re so excited to have you on here. Do you know how our rapid fires game of questions works? I’ve seen it a couple of times, so I’m hoping I’m ready enough for what’s coming my way. Beautiful. Well, just in case somebody watching is new to the game, we are going to ask Matt questions as quickly as possible.

He has two minutes to answer all of the questions that he can. We’re going to start really quickly, not on the clock, but will you just introduce yourself? Who are you? What team do you work on at Hirewell? Yeah. So my name’s Matt Tokarz. I work as a lead on our digital marketing and experience team, here working primarily on anything from, you know, your entry-level marketing roles all the way up to CMO and anything in between.

Gorgeous. You’ve nailed that. And now you’re going to nail this game. I’ve got two minutes on the clock right here. Starting Ryan, will ask your first question. Are you ready? I’m ready.

In three, in two, one, go. Matt, how long have you been with Hirewell? Just over three years. Oh, time for that backpack. What is your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? So I don’t want to give the generic people answer, although that is definitely part of it. Please do it. But my favorite thing is probably just how innovative and open people are to trying new things here.

It was definitely one of the bigger differentiators from other firms that I had either worked at or interviewed at, where people are just open to trying new things. And if it works great, if it doesn’t honor the next, and I really like that. That’s awesome. Yeah, we love that. So this might be a hard question for you to answer given that you live with like a baker to the extreme, Sarah, your wife is incredible, but if there was any food that you couldn’t live without.

What would it be? It’s kind of a cop out answer and I’m sorry, but it’s anything that’s on a grill. Anything that’s been grilled. Meat, vegetables, anything grilled. I grill every day, not every day, but I grill every month of the season. I love that he threw the vegetables in there too. You gotta have your grilled zuchinni, your grilled portabella and all that kind of stuff too.

For sure. I’m going to get on that this weekend, Matt, if you were not recruiting, what would your dream job be? I went to school to be a teacher. So I like to think that’s probably what I would do, but not sure because after student teaching, I was pretty much like ehh I don’t have to do this. Which answers another question, right? You studied teaching.

I love this. I don’t even know if we’ve ever talked about this. Have we? Maybe in my like prime when I didn’t know what I was doing and I blacked everything out. Love it. What’s your favorite holiday? Probably- I’m a big 4th of July fan, just because of the grilling and because it’s nice out. My favorite sport lately has been day drinking.

So like, that’s another good one where, you know, you’re just out all day enjoying friends and family, grilled food and beer so. I’m going to skip the question. I was going to ask what your favorite Chicago summer activity is, but now I know it’s like grill it out, drinking with friends. So, final question. I just saw this on our list and I don’t know who added it, and it’s amazing.

Like, how did this get here? What’s your favorite Halloween costume you’ve ever worn? Did you add this? Like what? I added it. I love it. It’s hard. It’s probably a tie between. Mike Ditka in college where I shaved everything, but yet a full stash and wore like the old school, 85 bears sweater over it and had a cigar in my mouth all night.

But then also two years ago for Halloween, we did a Monsters Inc theme for me and my girls. And I was the big blue, the big blue animal Sully and I- it’s just fitting. It’s fitting of who you were meant to be. Pictures, please. Absolutely. I think all of a LinkedIn, Facebook and YouTube are going to be needing pictures.

So maybe you should just throw that on your LinkedIn feed today Matt. Why not? Just a side-by-side of college me as Ditka and a dad as Sully. I feel like that’s what people need. I love it. Perfection. Quite the juxtaposition. Absolutely. Well, Matt, thanks so much for joining us. We had a great time learning more about you. We definitely appreciate you coming on as our recruiter of the week.

So without further ado, we’ll let you go. Bye guys!

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