February 23, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Matt Tokarz


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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

I’m really excited about this week’s recruiter of the week because this is a repeat

recruiter of the week. It’s our first repeat. It’s our first repeat. I mean, he was on here like right when we kicked off recruiter of the week. Questions have changed obviously like quite a bit since then, too. He must’ve been like one of our first, because I feel like Matt Masucci was the first. Matt was the first.

Yeah. And then he must’ve been like one or two after that. I think so. I dunno, let’s bring him in shall we. Let’s bring him in. Hey Matt. Hi guys. How are ya? Welcome back! So tell us why you signed up for today. Well, today’s my birthday. So I figured I’d fish for some likes and some accolades anywhere I can.

Yeah for sure. Matt signed up for this show like a long time ago, because not that our viewers know this, but we have a sheet internally that we track who’s going to be joining each show and Matt signed up so long ago and put birthday show next to- next to his name. So happy birthday! Thanks for spending your birthday with us. Yeah, no, absolutely.

I’ve actually been on both sides of this because I think I took over for Emily once or twice and came up with some of the questions. What are the new questions lately? So I’m excited to see how badly I fumble it, so. Well we’re excited and happy birthday, 21 looks really good on you.

21, yeah. 21 plus a decade or so. A little bit. Yeah, whatever. Well, you already know how this works because you’ve been on here, but before we get into our rapid fire questions game will you reintroduce yourself to all of our viewers? Yeah, absolutely. So my name is Matt Tokarz . I’m one of the directors of our marketing practice here at Hirewell. Been here for just about four years now and kind of help out in a variety of different ways. Sometimes I help out with the update show. Sometimes I deliver insights. Just kind of do a little but of everything. All the things. Always willing to take one for the team. Thanks Matt. You really are. This is what you get with me, so I’m not afraid to just throw it out there.

And if you like it, great. If not, send it right on back. We love you for it. We love you for it. Okay. So Matt already knows because he’s been on our show before, but in case you’re tuning in for the first time, we’re going to play our rapid fire questions game with Matt Tokarz on his birthday. Two minutes

will go on the clock. Ryan and I will ask Matt as many questions as we can in those two minutes. Are you ready for this? No, but that’s never stopping. Perfect. Ryan will ask your first question in three and two, go! What’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell and is it still the people? It’s definitely still the people, but it’s also the direction that the organization has gone.

One of the biggest things that brought me here initially was just the fact that it’s a forward-thinking organization, more proactive than reactive in terms of the talent acquisition landscape. And that’s continued to be the case, especially as we’ve grown here the last year and a half. Amazing.

Who do you share your coworking space with? I share my coworking space with my wife who is probably looking at me right now, so. Hi Sarah! Everyone waved at- whoever’s in your coworking space, whoever it is right now, just wave “hey”. Usually for meetings like this I’d kick her out, but she’s not on the call right now.

Never kick her out. We bounce her out. We love her. Hi Sarah! What’s your favorite thing about Ohio? There’s really not a lot I like about Ohio at all. Boo! Ohio viewers are for sure going to be watching this, so pump the brakes my guy. I did enjoy the 2016 Cleveland Indian seam, but only second to the Chicago Cubs team.

I enjoy it that much more. Ouch Matt, I think your time here is up. What’s been your favorite TV show in the pandemic? That’s a good question. I don’t really, I haven’t watched a ton. I’m more focused on sports than I am streaming shows, but I’ve recently gotten into Ozark- which has been pretty great, pretty fantastic.

And then this guy right behind me too, I watched a lot- I watched all of Ted Lasso when it came out, it was fantastic. It’s one of the few shows that like makes you feel good after watching it. The happiest. It’s like the opposite of Ozark, like as carefree is Ted Lasso is as like stress is as stressful as Ozark is.

Yeah. Very different. I’m gonna have to get on that train. You need to. And watch that for sure. What’s your favorite way to celebrate your birthday? And then a second question to that- what are you doing this year to celebrate your birthday? I’m not a huge birthday guy. Usually I’ve just been spending time with family. That’s been kind of the focus over the last couple of years. This year, however, I’m going on a flight to Vegas for the first time ever, later on tonight.

Okay!! Nothing like celebrating your 21st in Vegas, am I right? You go Tokarz! You go! Going with a couple of friends. Have never been, so going to go see Billy Joel and Metallica. Two separate concerts. I was going to say is that a colab?

That’d be a wild concert. Yeah, maybe it’s good. I thought Ryan was going to ask, what is Sarah making you for your birthday? So for those of you who don’t know, because why would you? But Sarah is an incredible baker. You can follow her on Instagram. You can! It’s Buzzed

Bakery. Usually it’s something regarding caramel or toffee since those are two of my favorite flavors. So I think last year there was like a coffee or not a coffee, a toffee cookie brownie cake thing that is far too much for me to take on myself.

What’s your address again? Just so Em and I can- I can bring some leftovers to the WeWork space whenever you want.

Final question. What is the best part about working from home for you over the past couple of years? It’s arguably the best and the worst part. But it’s the amount of time I get to see my children. I’ve got two little ones, Charlotte who’s four and Olivia who’s two. It’s absolutely fantastic walking upstairs at lunchtime or just popping up and get some coffee and them being

adorable. But at the same time, it makes it that much harder to come back down here, go to work and hear them stomping around like elephants upstairs. So it’s a good thing and a bad thing. We want them on the show next time. I think they need to be on the show at this point. Well that could be arranged. They made a surprise appearance the other day, when we were down some childcare, but you know, it works out. That’s today’s theme-

we make it work. Make it work. Well Matt, we so appreciate you joining, especially on your birthday. Have the best time!

Let’s us know how Billy Joel Metallica do together cause I don’t know if that would like clash or if I think they’ll compliment each other. I hope I make it back from my first trip to Vegas. We’ll start there and then let you guys know how it went. If it’s easier just to pop over to California after to like recharge- deal. Will do. Happy birthday! We’ll see you soon. Bye.

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