March 30, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Melissa Villoch


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Episode Highlights

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

Well this week we have a very exciting recruiter of the week. I know we say that literally every single week, but each week is exciting for their own events. Em who do we have this week? Well, I’m so excited because we have one of my teammates. Last week we had one of your team- no, was that two weeks ago? Was Sarah? Two weeks. Two weeks.

I can’t even keep track, it’s so many fun guests. But this week we have one of my teammates. She’s a total rock star. She’s holding it down for us in Florida in the sunshine. Can we welcome Melissa? A hundred percent we can welcome Melissa. Let’s do it! Hi, Melissa. Hi, how are you?

Thanks for that warm introduction, Emily. So excited to have you! Melissa’s energy is just like contagious. She just feeds it to me throughout the day. So I’m excited to have you on this morning. Here’s a tip for beating the blues, just make yourself be happy and smile and that will instantly energize you. I love it. You know what I call that? B Y O E just bring your own energy. That’s right!

Well, we’re so excited to have you, I mean you got your title already on there so I feel like she needs no introduction. But quickly introduce yourself. Who are you? What do you do at Hirewell? Awesome. So my name’s Melissa Villoch. I am actually a lead recruiter and client account manager on the sales practice.

I’ve actually been on the team for a little over six months, which is crazy. It feels like way longer. And I’ve actually been in recruiting for two years and have like 20 years of sales and sales development and training behind me. So sales practice is my thing. This is what I do. So I have tons of fun when I’m recruiting for salespeople and sales leadership,

so. And we have a ton of fun with you. We’re lucky to have you. And we’re going to have a ton of fun today. We are playing our rapid fire questions game with Melissa. I’m nervous y’all. Don’t be! We don’t bite.

We’re going to put two minutes on the clock. You’re going to have two minutes to answer as many questions as you can quickly, but of course thoughtfully. The last 30 seconds of your two minutes will be our lightning round. Are you ready for this? I am ready. She’s ready. All right, Ryan’s going to ask your first question in 3, 2, 1, go! Melissa

what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? The people! I am sure everyone says that! I just made a post about this. It is not a lie. Nobody is like exaggerating. It is legit the reason why I came to Hirewell, even above other companies that were phenomenal too. But I met Emily during my interview phase, Jack Smith

during my interview phase. My practice lead Ali, who’s coming up. So it literally the people and then everyone on the team is phenomenal all the way up from the CEO all the way down. So that’s it. Totally agree. They are true things. Who’s your favorite sports team? Well, let’s preface that by saying Tom Brady is my favorite sports player and we lived in new England for a very long time.

My husband’s born and raised in Connecticut and Brady followed us when we moved to Florida down to Tampa. So now we’re season holders. And so I kind of like both- the Patriots are still my thing, but then I got to support Tom in the bucks, so. Brady all the way. He’s back for a second season after retirement. So good for you and you get another season of Tom in there. Aside from following Tom Brady and whatever sports team he is on,

what is a way that you like unwind after work? Hmm. So this one’s interesting, because Emily knows I’m a mom of four little kids all under nine. So there’s not much unwinding happening in my house. It’s usually just family time getting them ready. And then I do put them in their rooms to do whatever they want, play time, whatever.

And then me and my husband do like to binge watch. So that is kind of our thing for the last couple of hours. Okay, follow up question. What are you binge watching right now? Man! So much. So power is a good one that I’m absolutely obssessed with. They have some spinoffs of it and then, I mean, everything from American idol to

the Mandalorian. Like any really, I mean, we’re pretty wide wide verse- that is a wide range, like American idol to like the Star Wars series. You do it all. I don’t like commercials so anything that I can like watch with multiple episodes in a row is my thing. Yeah totally, totally hear you on that. What is your favorite season

or time of year and why? So I have to say spring or fall. So my favorite temperature, it’s like that 70 to 75 where it’s like still hot enough that you can wear flip flops and like maybe a light hoodie or a t-shirt like nothing crazy. But I don’t, it’s not so hot that I’m sweating. Now, I will say I will take the heat if I can be next to the beach.

So how’s that going in Florida? The not sweating piece. It can’t be that easy. You know, it’s not as bad as you think. Like you’re kind of always by the water, like we’re getting a pool put in our backyard, so it’s like- heck yes! Literally it’s either pool or beach when you’re outside. We’ll be right over. I could use some pool time. Hirewell’s next meeting is going to be at my house. I’m there. I’m there. All right. Lightning round. You ready? Yeah. Let’s rock and roll. Winter or summer? Summer. Pool or beach. Ooh. I’ll go beach. Pepperoni or plain cheese pizza? Oh, neither. Oh! I’m not a huge pizza person. Okay! So pizza or burger? Neither- sushi. Sushi! Fun.

This is not how rapid fire questions are supposed to go! I know.

Okay, basketball or football? Football. Passenger or driver? Passenger. Toilet paper over or under? Over. Good. That’s the only right answer. I had to think about that one.

Bad haircut or bad hair color? Oh, bad hair color. Oh, that’s so hard. Wow. Dogs or cats? Neither but dogs if I had to choose. Go out or stay in? 50-50 both. Okay. You’re done. Melissa’s like I can’t decide. A little bit of this, a little bit of that.

Like no, neither. I need both of those options, no thank you. She’s like I want moderate temperatures, like not too hot, but not too cold. Listen, I have to put in my own personality. I can’t just go- I love it! You’re amazing. Well, we love having you on here. Like I said, your energy is just always so wonderful. Thankful to work with you every day and appreciate you coming on here today.

Thank you for having me guys. See you soon Melissa. Bye.

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