September 27, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Nicole Merics


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Episode Highlights

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

What do you say we kick things off with our recruiter of the week. I think we should do it. Let’s bring in Nicole. Hi Nicole. Hey everyone. How are you? Great. How are you? Oh, I am doing just fabulous. I wish I was getting fall weather, but I am sweating right now with the door open.

Where are you? I’m in Charlotte, North Carolina, so. Gorgeous. Bit of the south and it is definitely Southern heat down here. Our Charlotte people need to meet up, you and Kelsey. Yes. I said that when we all met up in Chicago, I didn’t even know she was in Charlotte. I feel like we need to get a little Southern hub meeting.

We need a little map so we know where everyone is. Yes, where everyone is. Maybe we’ll like add it to our email signatures or something. I like it. Our little pinpoint. Well thanks so much for joining us, Nicole. You already told us where you are, but we’d love to know about who you are. So can you just quickly introduce yourself?

Who are you? What do you do at Hirewell? How long have you been here? All the goods. Of course. Yeah. So I’m Nicole. I am a technical recruiter on the IT team, so I specialize in IT. I’ve been with Hirewell I think we’re coming up on six months in a few days. So, I mean, it’s been an absolute blast for the past six months.

I feel like I’ve become a new person almost. But yeah, down here in Charlotte, but on the Atlanta team. Eventually we’ll be relocating to Atlanta somewhere down the line. Oh, I love it. Very fun. We’ll come visit you down south. Please, please. Well we’re thrill to have you. We’re going to play our rapid fire questions game.

I know you said you were nervous yesterday, but there is nothing to be nervous about. Yeah, we’re going to ask you questions. Your job is to answer them as quickly as you can, of course, thoughtfully. We’ll get in as many as we can in two minutes, and we will wrap that up. Our final 30 seconds will be our lightning round, where you must choose either one or the other.

No gray area- has to go. Okay. That’s definitely the hardest part- like I live in the gray area. So let’s- me too. Let’s take you out of your comfort zone then. I mean, I always explain the directions the whole time I’m like I totally couldn’t do that, but they need to. But you have to do it. You have to. Alright, Ryan is going to ask you first question.

I’ve got two minutes on the clock. It’s three, it’s two, one, go. Nicole what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? I think my favorite thing is honestly the authenticity. I mean like you very rarely go somewhere where everyone says they’re exactly like exactly what you’re going to get. Especially when it’s all really good things.

So like, I have just been so honored to like be proven right about everything I thought Hirewell was. So that’s definitely my favorite part. That was the new answer. I like that a lot. Yeah. What is the first thing that you do when you’re done with work? I think I have like a 20 minute long cuddle session with my cat every single day after work

because he’s so deprived of my attention. And I’m like, okay, come here. It’s time now. What’s your cat’s name? His name is Quavo. He’s a cutie. I got him- I love that. You’ll see him pop into meetings and stuff because he hears the voices and is like, I need to come show myself. Well bring him next time please. I will.

I will. Interview him next time. We will. For sure. We’ll do a whole segment on Hirewell pets coming up shortly. Always very good. What are some of your favorite hobbies and how did you get into them? So I grew up dancing like my whole life. I would say that kind of helped me enjoy hot yoga and activities like that

and like for exercise purposes. But I mean, I don’t know if this counts as a hobby, but like shopping is basically what I fill my free time with. And I hate to be the person that says that, but like, I’m adventurous about it. I go to new stores, I travel. So I think it counts as a hobby. Oh, the adventures of shopping.

I love it. Speaking of your dancing, what song will always get you on the dance floor? Oh no. Oh my gosh. I, that is a tough one. I think it’s the hardest question we ask people. Is it? That’s so mean of me. I’m like trying to think, like I will always get up to do like the Cupid shuffle and the cotton I Joe

and like all that, like those kinds of dances- like line dances. Yes. But those are not my like songs of choice- but they’ll get you out there regardless. They’ll get me out there. I feel like- that counts. When I like throw back to college closer was like all the rage that song with the chain, like Chainsmokers “Oh baby

pull me closer”. Yeah. Yes. And every time I hear it, I’m like freshman year, I’m ready to party. So that’s the one. Oh, that’s a good one. Really good choice. For sure. And Nicole, do you have any nicknames? And if so, what are they? I actually do. My necklace says it. I don’t think anyone can see it, but it’s Nico. There just

happens to be another Nico on the tech team. Yes. So he stole my nickname so I can’t go by it. So rude. No, I like it. We’ll call you that. All right, lightning round. Are you ready? I am so ready. In office or remote? Remote. Go out or stay in? Go out. Winter or summer. Summer times a million and a half. Coffee or tea? Coffee, even though it makes me feel like I’m going to explode.

Perfect. Deep dish or thin crust? I’m so sorry Chicago thin crust for me. It’s okay. Chicago’s weirdly like also kind of known for their thin crust, just like- oh, okay. We do more than deep dish here. Don’t worry about it. Good to know. Don’t put us in a box. Would you rather cook or order takeout? Is it after work or on the weekend?

It’s this or that, so there’s no context. Right now. Right now I’m not cooking. I’m ordering takeout. Love it. Amazing. Early bird or night owl? I think I’m a night owl. Amazing. Last question, Ry. Hit her hard. Fries or tots. Oh, fries. Not even a question. Fries all the way. That’s really good choice. Okay. So then follow up question, just like regarding your fries.

This is the last question. Are we like skinny fries, steak fries, waffle fries, curly fries, sweet potato fries? Oh, I literally never met a French fry that I did not enjoy, but I will say sweet potato waffle fries are my weakness. Please bring them my way. That’s a really good choice. Really good choice. Okay.

Well, thank you for joining. That wasn’t that scary, right? No, this was like more fun than scary. I’ll have to come back. Please come back. Please bring Quavo. I will, next time.

Alright, we’ll see you all. Alright, bye. Thanks everyone. Bye!

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