September 15, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Paige Weissenhofer


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Episode Highlights

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Episode Transcript

Should we bring on our first friend? A new recruiter of the week- a new recruiter of the week- a totally new face. Yes. Nobody has seen this face before. Well, I’m sure they have on LinkedIn at some point, but she hasn’t joined us quite yet on the Hirewell update. I’m really excited because she’s a member of my team, the HR team.

So let’s bring in Paige. Hi guys. Hello. How are you? Oh, I’m good. I’m excited to be here. Are you in a sweater too? You get the dress code today? Honestly, I’m in a sweater and I’m in my fuzzy socks, so. Perfect. I’m like just embracing the fall in Chicago. That’s the perfect outfit for this show. Fuzzy socks slippers always. All day, every day.

Why do I own real shoes anymore? Not really sure. I know, right. Yeah. Yeah. Well, we’re so excited to have you. I know Ryan just mentioned you are on our HR recruiting team, but before we get started, tell the people who you are. Please introduce yourself. My name is Paige. I’m a recruiter on the HR team. I joined, oh gosh, back in April.

So it’s been like six months. I feel like these six months have flown by. But yeah, that’s me. And where in the world are you? I’m in Chicago. Amazing. I grew up in Chicago. I’ve only lived in Illinois. I like would love to move to Florida hopefully one day, but. There you go. I mean, if not now, maybe you’ll in like 50 years when you retire. Retire in Florida.

There you go. Yeah. There you go. Well, we’re so excited to have you on here. I know Ryan loves it extra when she has her teammates on here. Yeah. Have you, are you familiar with our rapid fire questions game? I’m sure you studied a lot for this segment. I am. I’ve watched your episodes. So she’s like, it’s early.

We’re ready for this. Rapid fire questions, two minutes on the clock. We’re going to ask you as many questions as we can. Remember, it’s rapid fire. So quick answers. Okay. Make them snappy and we’ll move it on to the next one. The last 30 seconds will be our lightning round where you have to choose either one or the other- no gray area,

no in between. First thing that comes to your mind. Okay, I’m ready. We really raised the bar for this segment. Let me tell you. I know I’m kind of nervous a little. You shouldn’t be nervous. No nerves. Shake. ’em all off. Are you ready? Yep. I’m ready. Ryan’s going to ask your first question in 3, 2, 1, go. Paige

what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? Honestly, the people and how supportive everyone is. Since day one, I feel like, I mean, you guys have all been so helpful on the HR team and like, come shout my calls, come listen with me. And honestly, that’s one of the things I’ve loved and it really is refreshing. The best way to learn it. I love it.

What is your favorite fast food chain? Oh gosh. Are we talking about like drive through or like a Chipotle? Whatever makes you happy. Chipotle is a great answer. Honestly, probably Chipotle. I’m like, yeah. I’ve been on a Chipotle kick lately. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. That makes me think of another question for later.

Keep going. Keep it in your head Em. Paige, what’s your most used app on your phone? So I just got this be real app and I don’t use it all the time, but I love it. Okay. I’m going to pin you on the side. I know it’s not rapid, but I have so many questions about it. I don’t have it yet. I keep saying it. I need to know.

Okay. Yes. I love it. What’s your guilty pleasure TV show? Sex in the city. The old sex in the city. So good. The old one. Thank you for clarifying. That’s really important. Yeah, the old one, the OG one was the best hands down. The best, so good. It just like no matter my mood, it makes me feel good. Hundred percent, hundred percent.

I’m right there with you. Paige what was the most exciting thing that happened to you this year? I got married. Yay. Mazel tov. I love it, so exciting. And start and starting with Hirewell. That was great too. Oh, stop, stop. Marriage for sure. Put those two things in- your partner’s probably back there, like wait, seriously.

You’re comparing your wedding to you starting a new job? What’s one food that you could never live without? Ooh, Italian food, like pizza or pasta for sure. Pasta all the way. And tacos. That’s a hard one. Ooh, it’s a hard one. That is really hard. I agree. Those are really good choices. Should we get into the lightning round? It’s time.

I think we should. Let’s do it. Paige would you rather work in the office or be remote? Remote. Okay in terms of Chipotle, bowls or burritos? I’ve been waiting for it. Ooh, depends on my mood. Probably a bowl. Great. Perfect. Would you say you’re an introvert or an extrovert? Depends on the time of day. My gosh.

Hello, come on page. Sorry. Okay. Driving- driver or passenger seat? Passenger seat so I can be on my phone. Yeah, she’s on be real, duh. Yeah, for the two minutes each day. Speaking of being on your phone, call or text?

Oh, my gosh, this is hard. Text. This is the hard part of the game. Let us just tell you this right now. Okay. Pizza or burger? Oh, pizza. I don’t eat meat. Great. Easy. There we go. We figured that out. pool or beach? Can I say a pool next to the beach? Sure. Well, let it slide for this one, but the rest you have to do this or that.

Okay. Sorry. I’m dead. Oh my God. Basketball or football? Football. Very good. Should this be our last one Em? Yeah. Close in time. Oh, okay. Would you rather go to a concert or a sporting event? A concert. Perfect. Who’s your favorite band? That’s my follow up question or a performer or singer or? So honestly, like I love country music.

I love old dominion, but Thomas Rut is such a good live performer. I’m sure. His family is so cute. Oh my gosh. I follow em- which you knows like nothing to do, but like yeah. It’s adorable. His kids are adorable. I love them. Yeah. Oh my God, Paige. Thank you so much for coming on. Thank you guys so much. This was fun.

I’m excited to do it again. Yeah, you can come back whenever you want. Open invitation for you. What’d you say? We- open invitation she said. And we won’t, we won’t tell your significant other that you ranked starting this job on the same level as your wedding. Only our little secret. I might give him a little heads up.

There you go. Yeah, maybe just a little. Well, thanks for joining Paige. We’ll see you next time. Bye.

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