April 7, 2021

Recruiter of the Week featuring Rob Pabalan


FUll bio molongui

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

We do have a recruiter of the week.

Yes. We want to bring in, we’re super excited about this guest. So we’re going to welcome in Rob. Hey Rob. Good morning.

Well, thanks for joining us, Rob. We’re so excited to have you on the Hirewell update. I think this is your first time being live. Am I right? Absolutely I have kind of been avoiding it. We Won’t take that personally. Okay. We won’t at all I’m also just like figuring out ways every week to make the entrance just like more and more awkward, so really nailed that one, but we are excited to have you on here.

Are you geared for our rapid fire questions? Absolutely Okay. So before we get there, just like quickly tell everyone who you are. What practice at Hirewell you work for, and then we’re going to get after it. Awesome. So I’m Rob, I work on the tech team. awesome. So easy, so easy. Okay. Here’s how the rapid fire question works.

If you’ve never joined us and you’re joining us for the first time, like Rob is, we can have two minutes on the clock. We are going to ask you as many questions as possible. and that’s really all the rules. So answer them as quickly as possible. Are you ready, Absolutely Ryan? Are you ready? You’re going to ask the first question.

I’m ready. You got two minutes on the clock Em starting in three, two. Go. Rob. How long have you been with Hirewell I’ve been here over a year? Probably like a year and five months now I thought he was going to say five days, like a year and five days and 24 minutes. And what is your favorite thing about working at Hirewell?

Definitely the people even though I’ve been remote for like a year now, everybody’s been super helpful and I really miss everybody. I want to see everybody in person at some point, but yeah,

we miss you too Rob, and everyone else for sure. Rob, we asked this to everybody cause we know your dream job is recruiting, but if you had to have another dream job, what would it be?

Probably some sort of nonprofit job kind of like giving back to the community, trying to impact lesser, like impact different communities. I love that best answer. okay. what are you currently watching or reading right now? what am I currently? I’ve been really, I got really into, like wilderness reality TV shows during the pandemic.

So. I’ve been Ripping through this, like national geographic, life below zero show. It’s like these people that live super far North in Alaska. it’s fascinating. because I’m honestly never going to live in Alaska. That’s a good one I did like a breaking bad rewatch recently, too. Love it bear Grylls is like one that I’ve been, sorry, side note, keep going on the questions, but we’ll talk about that later now.

So last year was super tough, Rob, but I’m sure you had a highlight to your year. So what was the highlight of this past year for you? Yeah so I got married, over the summer. Yay Yeah. So, we had to move in a few times. definitely a little stressful, but yeah, super glad. I was able to get married. We’ve been dating for a long time and it was like a big goal of ours to get married in 2020.

Oh, congrats I love it. Shout out to all of our COVID couples. Y’all are amazing. okay. Let’s see. What is one food that you can not live without? This is my favorite question. I think tacos. Okay. So good We’re out of Time, but bonus question. Where is your favorite taco spot in the city of Chicago, because I’m always looking for good tacos.

I really like big star. there’s a really like taco bar. There’s like a taco burrito shop down the street from me. It’s always the hole in the wall, places that I always try to go to. They’re open late too. They’re always the best Shout out to coyotes in Pilsen That’s my go-to I order every Saturday.

So if you’re looking for a good taco spot, there you go. we should just make like a food update in addition to the Hirewell update. because I am all about, um, you crushed that. I think, you know, I know we miss everyone too. I think we should all grab some tacos at big stone. I think so too hot back summer. Am I pushing that too much I’m going to ruin it a little bit. Rob. Thank you so much for joining us. You did amazing. We are so glad to have you on the show and more importantly, as a colleague. So we can’t wait to see you back in the office some time soon. Congrats again, on the wedding. we were chatting before and it was just really nice shout out to Rob’s significant other.

He was like, you know, we just wanted to be married. And I thought that was so sweet. How lovely Well we will talk to you guys sending our love.

Thanks Rob.

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