June 30, 2021

Recruiter of the Week featuring Robyn Carney


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Episode Highlights

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

We’re really excited. This is by far our favorite segment of the Hirewell update, the recruiter/employee of the week. Robyn joined us during peak pandemic time. It seems like she has been fully remote. I feel like I know her, although I’ve never actually met her in person. But she is lovely.

And we’re going to bring her in to ask her some questions. I’m thinking so hard about it because I feel like I know her so well too. And I think you’re right. I’ve never met her in person. Good morning Robyn! Morning! Hi. I’m also very sad we never met in person. So someday. Shocking though! Yeah, we have definitely gotten to the point where we should have like- we’re there. Our friendships are there.

Well thank you so much for joining us. We’re thrilled to have you. Hopefully, you know how our rapid fire questions game works. We are going to put two minutes on the clock and you are going to answer as many questions as possible. In those two minutes, the goal is to answer them quickly, but of course, thoughtfully. Before we put two minutes on the clock, though, will you quickly introduce yourself?

Who are you? My voice didn’t crack. We’re going to pretend that happened. Who are you, and what do you do at Hirewell. So hi, I’m Robyn. I’m a sourcing operations person, a sourcing lead on the tech team. And I’ve been at Hirewell since October. And I kind of do the behind the scenes work, like finding candidates for recruiters, making sure all of our tools run smoothly, handling LinkedIn recruiter and all that kind of stuff.

So it’s fun, fun things behind the scenes. We’d be lost without you. That is the truth. None of us can do what you do. So we are so thankful to have you. I’m thankful to be here and also to like, be able to help at times, and also do things like the DEI committee. Well, are you ready for this? Yeah, let’s get it going.

All right. Two minutes on the clock. Ryan will ask your first question in 3, 2, 1, go! Robyn, what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? I have been thinking for months about how to say something other than people, but I can’t! Like two of my faves are right here. And like, I love everybody that I work with.

Like the other members of the DEI education committee, the tech team, anybody that I like interact with, I just love and adore. So the people, yeah. The best,! If you weren’t the Bullhorn queen at Hirewell, what would your dream job be? I would love to be a writer. I thought I’ve always wanted to do that and I like write for fun, but yeah.

What type of writing? Follow up question. It ranges from scary stories to like sci-fi fantasy. I kind of just write whatever I feel like I want to write. Yeah. I love that. Well, we need to start like a book club where we just read things that Robyn writes. I’m In! I’m in too. I mean, that’s a new Hirewell committee for sure.

Well, on the topic of writing/reading, are you currently reading anything right now that you’re enjoying? Yes. I just started “In the dream house” by Carmen Maria Machado. I’ve listened to it before on audio book. It’s like my book club book for the month. I’m very excited to read it again. It’s a very depressing book but very good.

Didn’t totally sell me on it, but I’ll think about it. It’s one of those books that like that’s out your soul and you’re just like, I feel better as a person having read that, but also so sad, so. You’ll have to ping that one to me. What is something about you that a lot of people I might not know? English is my second language.

So my first language is sign language. I didn’t really speak English very well until I started going to school. Amazing. Robyn is a person of many, many talents, many of which are not shared, but they’re pretty incredible. So cool. On the topic of things that make Robyn, Robyn, what’s your favorite- all time

favorite Marvel character? Oh my God. I was not prepared for this. That’s actually really hard. I will always buy something that has Rogan Gambit in it. They’re my weaknesses, but I have quite a few characters that I love. I have like my captain America back there, but I’ve actually never read any of his comics.

But I do love the X Men, so yeah. Yeah. I love it. Final question. Do you have any siblings? I have two siblings. I have an older sister Maxine, and then I have a twin sister, Catherine. Twins! Yeah. She We’re hiring people that have twins. It’s actually pretty incredible how many of our colleagues over the years have been twins.

Thank you so much for joining us. It was a pleasure to have you! We loved learning a little bit more about you. So thanks for coming on the show today. Say hi to your cats in the background. They have

great timing. Thanks so much. It was great talking to you. Thanks Robyn, have a great day.

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