September 1, 2021

Recruiter of the Week featuring Stephen O’Brien


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Episode Highlights

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

First up our favorite. Our favorite, absolute favorite recruiter of the week.

Let’s bring in Stephen. Hey! Hey Stephen. Hey guys, how are we doing this morning? Oh, we are wonderful. How are you? Doing well. Stephen, I feel like you’ve done a really good job of like avoiding us on this show for a really long time. So good job. Is it the show or is it us? Which one is it? It’s been far too long, but the time the time has come here, so I’m excited to be here.

Thanks guys. We’re really proud of you. I guess both of our guests today are like two that just usually like to avoid being on video, if at all possible. So we’re just doubly grateful that you’re here. To start off Stephen, introduce yourself. Who are you? How long have you been at Hirewell and what practice do you work for?

Yeah, so I’m Stephen O’Brien. I’m a lead recruiter on the tech team here at Hirewell. And I’ve been here five and a half, almost six years at this point. Time flies when you’re having fun. Goodness! You betcha. Well, we’re pumped that you’re here. We’re going to play our rapid fire question game with you. For those that are joining for the first time, this is how it works.

We’re going to put two minutes on the clock. Stephen, you’ll have those two minutes to answer as many questions as possible. Your goal is to answer them quickly, but of course, thoughtfully at the same time. Are you ready for this? Yeah, let’s do it. All right. Ryan’s going to ask your first question. Two minutes is on the clock in three, and two, go.

What’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? I’ve seen your show before. I’ll try to be a little bit original here.

I’ll go with the flexibility. I feel like we’re always ahead of the curve on things like working remotely and everything in that realm, but people aren’t bad either.

The people.

Thank you for saying that. I was going to say, I’m going to have to cut you out of my montage, but you made it. You made it. I love it. What’s your favorite vacation spot? Oh, let’s see here. I would have to say Hawaii. I went to Honolulu about two years ago and hope to be going to Maui. Love Maui. I just got back, we’ll chat.

Yeah. Maui’s the best. We’ll all chat offline for sure. If you could trade places with any person in the world, it doesn’t matter if they’re famous or not famous, whatever, who would it be and why? Wow. That’s a tough one. A loaded one. I guess I’ll go the famous route. We have Drake coming out with a new album this week.

He seems like a pretty cool guy. I’d love to trade places with that guy. We’ll just start calling you Aubrey okay. All right. What is your hidden talent? So I used to be a singer in a band and I can low key kind of play the piano. Okay. I’m literally shuck. I am too. Should the next question be please like sing or what?

Come on, just give us like one note. Give us a note. A note of your choosing. You can do it.

B. Coming back to that. I didn’t even think he was going to say that by the way. I was like leading him down another route, you know what I’m talking about. But I’m shook and maybe you and Richard can collab on the Hirewell Update jingle. I think we’re going to have to do like a Hirewell talent show at this point

and Stephen’s going to be the headliner. A 100%. It’s been a while. Okay, sorry. We digress. We’re like so- we’re shook over here. Continue Ryan. It was more information than I was ready to have, but regardless. If you weren’t recruiting, what would your dream job be? Ooh. That’s a tough one. So I’m really into sports, really into music. I would probably have to say just like a music or sports agent or manager or something.

So I’m thinking that realm. Okay. I see you. Last question. Do you have a favorite restaurant in Chicago? Yes, I do. And I was actually just there a couple of weeks ago for my birthday. Bavette’s. It’s on Kinzie actually right by where I live. Little lowkey, place kind of almost a speakeasy vibe, but the best steak that I’ve had in Chicago so far, and also

the best sides I’ve ever had. The sides! I was going to ask you Stephen, are you like an upstair guy or a speakeasy guy? Because they’re two totally different vibes. Yeah. The downstairs is a little too dark for me, but they’re both solid. I’m sorry, that truffle Mac and cheese is like, Oh I’m like salivating right now. That and the elotes are my favorite for sure. Wait what was the second one?

Elotes. Oh, so good. For sure. I’m a bone marrow gal. So like the app starting off there with the bone marrow is to die for, so good. This is when we ask Bavette’s to sponsor us. Thank you so much. Please sponsor us. I will come in this evening and any other night that you will have me. Yes. Well, Stephen that was amazing. I Literally learned so much about you.

I thought you were going to say like your hidden talent was like pop a shot or something. He’s one of our resident pop a shot-er. I don’t know if that’s a noun. It is now. But now that I learned you are a singer, this is going to come up more. All the time. We will be putting you on the spot to sing. I can’t wait. I sure hope so you guys. Yeah, he’s going to regret telling us that.

He absolutely is. Well, thanks for joining us Stephen. It was great to have you and obviously learn a lot about you we didn’t know. We hope to see you soon! Yeah. Thanks for having me guys. Bye Stephen.

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