September 29, 2021

Recruiter of the Week featuring Tricia McNaughton


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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

Hey Tricia Good morning. Hey ladies. How are you? We’re doing great. How are you doing? Doing awesome, actually enjoying the weather down here in Texas. What is the weather? You can do the weather segment for Texas. We’ll give you that. It’s much more fun down here. I want to say the highest, like 82.

Yeah, low 70. So maybe a little cloud cover, feeling good. I will say we’re pretty similar here. So we’re not far off, probably a little chillier in our mornings than in yours, but we’re close. At least it feels like fall they’re here. It’s still summer. It’s always summer in Texas. I love it. Well, we’re thrilled to have you on. Just in case you’re joining us for the first time, we are going to play our rapid fire questions game with Tricia. We are going to put two minutes on the clock and Tricia, you’re going to have two minutes to answer as many questions as possible. Your goal is to answer them of course, rapidly but thoughtfully. So before we start though, will you just quickly introduce yourself?

Who are you? What do you do here at Hirewell? Yeah. Yeah. So I’m, as you know, in the Texas branch, so we focus on the real estate side. So in the real estate practice, we came on in 2020. So perfect timing. When everything just shut down. So I work as a director here, so doing a lot of the backend stuff, a lot of candidate engagement, client engagement and sourcing screening, and going through the entire process from beginning to end.

So it’s been fun kind of building, but under the Hirewell umbrella you guys have been so welcoming and so supportive. So it’s been awesome for the last year. Oh, bless you! Probably I was just sneezing in agreement with you about how great the Hirewell people are. Well, we’re pumped to have you on here.

We’re going to get this party started. Are you ready Tricia? I think I’m ready, yes. You were made for this. You can do it. Ready as she”ll ever be. All right. Two minutes is going on the clock. We’re going to start. Ryan will ask your first question in three and two and go! What’s your favorite thing about working with Hirewell?

I love all of the personalities. It’s a real melting pot

and I love that everybody brings their own flare to to the culture of the company. And I think that really, it really helps in how we reach out to candidates and really connect with people. I love that. What an answer. Top tier, A plus. Amazing. If you could be on any reality show, what would it be and why? Okay, well let’s see. I’m married. So that kind of eliminates a couple because I’m obsessed with love island. But I love- I love Real Housewives. That would be like my graduation into that life. I would do real housewives I love it.

Real housewives of Texas down there. I’m sending in your resume ASAP for that. So we’ll watch you next season. If you could, let’s say go forwards or backwards in time with a time machine, which would you choose? Forwards. Why? Backwards was cool but I already know what happens. So I’d like to get a little bit more insight to what the future holds.

I love it. What is your favorite tradition or like holiday? I know a lot of holidays are coming up. We’re getting there. Yeah. So I’m Christmas crazy. I love Christmas. I love the decorations. I love the food. Christmas is my jam for sure. I love it. We’re gonna have to see some Christmas decor pictures.

Deal! Perphaps we’ll have a Hirewell update where everybody shows us their decor. This is an interesting question, but what’s your favorite scent? And it can be like any type of scent. Okay. Scent. I mean right now, just because it’s all around the pumpkin scents are very abundant. So pumpkin, fall, autumn.

I mean, I love the candles that have no real description of what they smell like, but it’s you know, the autumn spring. I don’t know what that smells like but I love Ryan’s extra questions are so good. We have one more question for you. Let’s see. If you could have dinner with one person dead or alive, who would it be?

Dead or alive? Ooh, that’s a good one. Famous, not famous, whatever I think right now, just because of familiarity and reading his book, I would say Malcolm Gladwell. Yeah. Yeah. I just read, “Oh talking with strangers” and it was amazing. And I just, I want to talk with him for as long as I can- over dinner will do.

Oh, I love that. That’s a great answer. We should do like book recommendations on here one day too. I’ll write that one down for sure. Well, Tricia you crushed- you seriously crushed it. That was so good. I think hopefully you just gave some other, some other of our Texas folks the confidence to join us on the Hirewell update because that was flawless. Yeah, I broke the seal. So it’s time to nominate them now. The bar is all the way up here now Tricia. Yeah, high bar. One more question. Not a rapid fire question, but is there any one thing you’re looking forward to the most in the next year or so? Or a few months maybe? A few months.

I would say, I’m eight months pregnant right now. So that’s something to look forward to. That’s the one that, that I can’t really ignore at the moment. So excited about that. Well we love Hirewell babies and we love you. We’re so lucky to have you. We thank you so much!

We’re going to see you again. I just know it. Yes, I’ll be back. I promise. And next time maybe you can bring the little one when you’re on the show. We wouldn’t mind having a little Hirewell baby join us on the update. People love babies. It’ll get a lot of clicks, I’m sure. It’s true. Thanks for joining.

Bye Tricia. We’ll see you next time! Bye!

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