May 5, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Tully Dunn


FUll bio molongui

Episode Highlights

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

I’m super excited about this week’s guest too because she is on my team. I chatted with Tully when she was first joining Hirewell. So let’s bring Tully in and ask her some questions.

Yay. Hey, Tull! Welcome to the show. We are so thrilled to have you. Thank you. So happy to have you. We both chatted with you right when you were interviewing at Hirewell. I feel like I’m like the token ex teacher, so like any ex teachers- I mean, maybe you’re watching and your and ex teacher and we’ve talked too and you know it. But I love it.

What do you always say? How successful? Not just in recruiting but like BTC? Is that what you say? How teachers can be successful BTC? Beyond the classroom. Beyond the classroom. Isn’t that cute. Cute. And very true. Very true too. Very, very true. Well, we’re thrilled to have you Tully. Before we start, will you introduce yourself?

Who are you and what do you do at Hirewell? Sure. So I am Tully. Less than a year of recruiting altogether, started at Hirewell in August. I am on the best of the best team here and my opinion, which is HR. So we get to talk to all of the other people who love to talk all day. I was a teacher for several years prior to this.

Yes. Teaching squad. I’m from Alabama but now I live in Chicago. And we miss you here Emily. I miss y’all too. Yeah, and I just got engaged so I’m about to get married. I was going to save that for the end but you might as well show us the ring now. I guess I should. There she is! She sparkles. She sparkles.

Well, we are so excited to have you. Are you ready for our rapid fire questions game? I’m as ready as I can be, I think. Two minutes will go on the clock. Tully will answer as many questions as she can quickly, but of course, thoughtfully. Tully just a heads up, those last 30 seconds will be our lightning round.

You’re going to love it. Ryan is going to ask your first question in three in two, go! Tully what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? Obviously the people, and if I said anything else, it would be SAC religious. It’s so true. What is your guilty pleasure TV show? Right now it is Bosh on Amazon prime because I love anything that’s crime related or FBI, anything of that nature. Adding that to my list for sure.

What’s your favorite way to unwind after work aside from watching all of this crime television? Hmm. If you had asked me six weeks ago, it would be going to the gym. And ask me next week and hopefully I’ll say going to the gym again. Just got to get back into that routine. Hirewellness coming at you don’t worry. Yes please.

It’ll be there. If you were going to work out, what type of workout would you be doing? I go through phases between treadmill, a hundred percent only treadmill, and then a hundred percent only hits. I’m not really a rotated around. I just do the one same thing until I’m totally sick of it. And then I do nothing until I’m totally sick of it and start over.

That’s an interesting technique. It’s an all or nothing kind of thing. It’s like binge watching one show until you hate it or listening to the same song until you hate it. That’s amazing. You’re all in for sure. If you could trade places with any person, it could be somebody you know, somebody famous, whatever.

Who would it be and why? A thousand percent Blake Lively, just because I just want to live one day as Blake Lively. That would be amazing. And post MET gala I’m like that just affirmed that. For sure. If you could have any meal as your last meal, what would it be? Probably Longhorn Steakhouse. It is my favorite place on earth and a total Alabama staple.

And I don’t care if I live in the Chicago city. I mean the steaks city of the world, I will live and die by Longhorns. Oh, my god. Longhorn sponsor us. Sponsor us for sure. Well, I know what I’m getting Tully for Christmas now, a Longhorn giftcard. One more question before we do the rapid fire, Em? Do it, to it. Awesome. What was your favorite activity during quarantine?

Like the days you couldn’t leave the house and you were just stuck inside? Well, I’d never really did the whole stuck inside thing only because I walked and walked and walked around every street that Chicago has. There’s probably a trail from where I’ve walked 70 streets over and over.

So that I really learned how much I love walking and I’d never do that with something I enjoyed before COVID. So now I’m ready for summer, just walking again. Oh, I love it. Walking’s a great activity. All right. Are you ready for this? Ready or not. All right, here we go. Basketball or football?

I don’t sport. Neither. I was going to say neither for Tully. Sweet or savory? Oh, uh, savory. Deep dish or thin crust? Thin crust forever. Call or text? Call. Yup. My thought too. Crunchy or smooth peanut butter? Smooth. Which really neither because it kinda grosses me out, but smooth. Oh my God, not another person not on the peanut butter train. This is terrible.

This is terrible. City or country? City. That was hard for her. Cats or dogs? Cats. But I want a dog, but I had a cat. I dunno. Cool. Who knows. Plans or surprises? Oh, plans all day. Hate surprises. I even figured out almost when I was getting engaged. It’s true. Okay. Final question. Coffee or tea?

Coffee. Okay. I had to ask that one because Claire was controversial last week with her like lack of, she was like either also. So y’all aren’t- you guys are just like trying to keep us on our toes here with this rapid fire. So Ryan, we’re going to have to think of something here. I want to switch everything up again.

Who knows what’s going on. Yeah, new questions. Well Tully, we love it. Thank you so much for joining us Tully. We love having you on here.

We’re we’re going to have to have you back on soon. Yes, this was fun. Thanks y’all. Thanks Tully. Bye.

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