February 17, 2022

Recruiter of the Week featuring Zach Hilbun


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Episode Highlights

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FUll bio molongui

Episode Transcript

You guys we have a wonderful, wonderful recruiter of the week this week.

And he’s like ready to roll. He’s prepared, but as everybody knows, you can’t prepare for this. No. We’re going to ask all new questions. We have to switch things up and keep people on their toes. So the folks that are watching that try to come prepared for this, don’t even try because it’s just going to happen. Let’s bring in Zach and see if he somehow guessed all of the questions

we’re going to ask him today and is readily prepared. Are you ready to go? Let’s roll. Let’s bring in Zach. Is it time? It’s time! Put the notebook down. No more preparing.

Wait, let’s see your notes. Hold up your notes for everyone. Extensive research. What did you do? Watch like all the old episodes? I may or may not have had them on in the background in the workday, yes. God, Zach’s now our new like highest viewer. Oh my God. Incredible. Well, we will tell you and tell all of the viewers watching- Ryan just added like 20 new questions to the sheet.

So we’re going to keep you on your toes today.

Before we start- he’s ready. Look at the shoulder movement. He’s so ready! Before we start though. Who are you? Introduce yourself. Yeah, so my name is Zach. I sit on the tech team. I do a little bit of support for everything. You could call me there sourcer, whatever you like. Sourcerer. We call it sourcerer, yeah.

You know, just one extra syllable. It’s a lot cooler. Well, we’re so excited to have you on. I’m sure you’re plenty prepared. We’re going to play our rapid fire questions game. Two minutes on the clock. Zach’s job is to answer as many questions as he can in the two minutes. You’re going to answer them quickly, but of course, thoughtfully. Are you ready to go?

Absolutely. Okay. Oh, I’m ready. He’s ready, all right. Ryan’s going to ask your first question in three, in two, and go! Zach, what’s your favorite thing about working at Hirewell? So everyone says the people and it’s absolutely true, but I heard a lot of answers today. I was trying to think and the one thing that has really stood out for me personally, is the mentorship.

I feel like no matter what my question is, there’s always someone at Hirewell who’s willing to sit down and teach me what I don’t know. I love that. That is such a good answer! That was a really good answer. Wow, he really didn’t think this out. Okay. What is your favorite character? Can be from like a book, a movie, a TV show, video game.

Favorite character- Indiana Jones. All day long. Oh, that’s a good one. Professor, archeologist, adventurer extraornidare- he’s the best. The best for sure. Let’s say it’s a Friday night- are you staying in or are you going out? Definitely staying in. I have a two year old golden doodle, so we are most likely on the couch together. What’s it’s name?

Rupert Pumpkin. You’re like my new favorite human. This is so so good. I mean, I guess we can skip the cats or dogs question because I feel like that one was just answered. What’s your favorite winter Olympic sport? I guess I don’t have one. Maybe the luge, cause it’s fun to pronounce.

Great answer. I love that that’s how you came to that conclusion. Perfect. What is your favorite type of sandwich? I enjoy a good like chicken Parmesan. Chef’s kiss! Do you have a favorite place to order from?

I’m still kinda new to Chicago, so I’m still figuring that out. I just like trying a new place every time. I mean, that’s a bummer that would have been a good opportunity to ask for sponsorships. Speaking of food, what’s your favorite super bowl food?

Oh, queso all day long. I could just sit all day and eat it with a spoon. Chips? Like what’s your avenue? I prefer the chips. You get a little scoops, but like, this is pretty good on everything. The scoops, the scoops are so epic. Like the scoop chips. Yeah. I feel like this is a food heavy show today, but let’s keep it rolling. What’s the most unique thing you’ve ever eaten?

That’s a great question. I went to Disney World two years ago. I don’t know, right before the pandemic. But I had a Ronto Roaster- though it’s pretty much just chicken wrap. Okay. Final question. What’s your favorite Disney ride? Oh my goodness.

I love a space mountain, but Buzz Lightyear- -The shooter game. I forget what exactly it’s called, but like, I can ride that over and over and never get tired. Let’s go!

Oh my God, you crushed this. You’re like my new favorite Hirewell human. No offense everyone else. That was just like so entertaining. It’s only because I didn’t know you before and now I’m like, I really, I want, I really want to be friends. Of course. I know. I apologize. I’m so siloed in tech, I never get to branch out to everyone.

This has been great! Come hang out with us. Any time! I’ll take more notes. I’m ready. Yeah, just watch every show, come prepared. Maybe we’ll start having you on every week and we’ll just do a Zach special. I like that. Yeah fun! That sounds great. Thanks for joining us Zach! It was great to have you. Absolutely. Thank you so much, guys. Bye!

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