May 1, 2023

External recruiters have it too easy


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Nothing solves problems like them being inescapable

The biggest barrier for external recruiters to “level up”: they have it too easy. When times get tough, they can run away.

Search is too hard? Peace. I’m out.

Client is unreasonable? You’re fired. I’ll find another.

Insanity of the job puts you over the edge?  Make passive aggressive rants on social media about how bad hiring managers are. (No, I don’t know anything about this…)

Meanwhile, internal recruiters do the unthinkable: they work through it.

Come hell or high water, the internal talent acquisition team is responsible to get it done.

That’s not to say it’s always seamless or successful. But they’re married to the problem. It’s literally solve it or find a new job. The breaking point of walking away is a hell of a lot higher.

Done right, a lot of it is expectation setting. Making sure these things are clear *up front* so there’s no surprises. The whole org buys in.

No response on submissions in X time frame? We’ll put this on pause until you’re ready.

Requirements change? Recalibrate live before any more work is done.

No movement on pipeline candidates in Y weeks? Or it’s been open for Z months? Delist it until the hiring team comes back to the table.

It’s not hardball when it’s known and agreed to up front. Expectations and accountability.

There’s also the soft approach. “It looks like this isn’t a priority” or “The search isn’t working” followed by “What can we do together to get on the right path?” You know, talking to people in a productive manner. Because you have to if you want to get anything done.

Here’s the rub: there’s no reason why external recruiters can’t do the *exact same things.*

Further plot twist: a lot of them do!

Every bad experience a hiring company has with an external recruiter, stems from the lack of understanding in this approach. (Or a general lack of ability but that’s another topic entirely.)

Crappy agencies treat internal recruiters as obstacles.

👉True partner agencies learn from them.

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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