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Discover Where Tech Talent is with the Talent Map

Make more informed tech hiring decisions using Sourcewell’s Talent Map. With the Talent Map you can:

  • Identify where tech talent is by city and state
  • Filter by gender, diversity, years of experience, education, and more
  • Get salary data, access to the top candidates, or assistance in hiring the talent you’ve targeted

Our Latest Featured Episode

Hirewell’s Jeff Smith and James Hornick dunk on problems in the recruiting and hiring space. Maybe even a solution or two. If they have time.

Looking to boost your employer brand? James Hornick (Hirewell) and Nate Guggia (Before You Apply) riff on best and worst practices in the employer content space.

Expert interviews, panel discussions, and industry insights. The Talent Insights series has covered everything from hiring to retention to DEI.

Hirewell and Zac Colip, leader in our Tech Practice, have created a video series focused on discussions with technology leaders to understand how they approach hiring and growth in this unique time. These discussions present an opportunity to learn about companies directly from a technology leadership perspective. Hope you enjoy it!

Where experts, educators, and advocates gather to discuss relevant DE&I topics.  We tackle complex issues through impactful panel discussions and informational training sessions.

Women in the Workplace

Women in the Workplace

In celebration of National Women's History Month, we hosted a webinar highlighting Women in the Workplace. Our ...

Episode 8

Not all job searches are easy. This series features interviews with real job seekers who were successful using lesser known but highly effective methods.

Our weekly show where our hosts Ryan Brown and Emily Goor discuss the company’s updates. They cover a few of the newest openings we’re working on currently across all our divisions. They also highlight “Recruiter of the Week” where we bring on one of our recruiters and they participate in a rapid-fire questions game, in hopes of allowing our audience to get to know the team better.


Our text based blog articles

Industry analysis on a variety of hiring, HR, recruiting and job seeking topics. Written by our very own Hirewell team.

Remote Vs Onsite & The Old Man Yelling At Clouds

Your Degree Is Worth Less Than It Was Yesterday

No, ChatGPT can’t screen candidates for you

Careerwell has a singular goal: to help people become better job seekers. We want to arm you with the knowledge and plan of attack necessary to excel in all areas of a job search.

Legislated Pay Transparency – Could it hurt the people it’s supposed to help?

Career Management & Job Search tips for a potential recession

Strategic projects for TA teams instead of layoffs – 11 more ideas!

Don’t lay off your internal recruiters. ???????????? ????????????????????????????????????. Part 2!! Crowdsourcing and collaboration is amazing.