August 15, 2023

How to not suck at networking events


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You just need to master this one trick

How to not suck at networking events:

👉Talk about literally anything besides business.

In classic “what’s old is new again” fashion, in person events are the new new. Everyone’s talking about it because *shocker* people buy from people they know in a crap market.

People like happy hour more than they like spam. Who knew.

But for most of my career I hated networking events. In my experience there were two types of people who attended:

1. Thirsty salespeople pitching each other nonstop.

Spam in human form. I won’t bother elaborating. You’re nodding your head already. 

2. Importance evaluators wondering if there’s someone better they should be talking to.

Name droppers and “what kind of car do you drive?” types. The thirsty salespeople with more discernable tastes.

Last week I attended two events last week and had an A+ time. Met lots of great people. Definitely a few contacts I’ll stay in touch with.

My secret? (It’s not a secret I led this piece with it.)

👉Talk about literally anything besides business. 

Discussions at last week’s events: My undying love for Costco. Why Kurt Vonnegut is the greatest American writer. How kids travel sports are a bigger scam that crypto. Why no one seems to know what they’re hiring for (in my defense I was answering a question.) How in the hell were edible illegal for so long while booze wasn’t?

Why is this effective?

👉Because I remember the names and faces of everyone I had these conversations with and look forward to seeing them again.

But I’ve already forgotten everyone who pitched me.

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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