April 11, 2023

Log off LinkedIn


Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

If you want to know what real people think about work

If you want to know what issues ‘normal’ people face at work: log off LinkedIn.

And Twitter. And TikTok. Ditch the social echo chamber.

I’m still in close contact with a few dozen friends from college. Daily chats. We stay connected on a series of Signal threads. (If you’re not familiar, Signal is like Whatsapp except it’s not a Facebook-owned app for normies.)

One such thread is brilliantly titled “Work.” (None of my college friends went into creative fields.)

What I love about these conversations: it’s not the same rehash topics we see on social media, over and over.

No recruiters talking about difficult hiring managers or ATS systems. No sale-bros posting hustle porn. No career coaches giving questionable job seeking tips. No one posting thirst trap selfies or fake stories.

Just real people working real jobs with real questions for each other.

That’s not to say it’s mind-blowing conversations either. Last week, one of my friends (CFO type) had someone leave his team. Which is no big deal, except they left with no notice right in the middle of tax season.

This led to a further discussion about when people leave, do you consider re-hiring them in the future? If so, in what circumstances?

The discussions also become roasts. e.g. with that last question, everyone said “of course we do.” Except for 2 people who said “hell no.” They were targets of “ok boomer” jabs for the rest of the weekend.

(Everybody leaves eventually. If it keeps you up at night, fire the entire staff and become a solopreneur.)

Let’s be honest. Work conversations aren’t the most exciting. No matter who it’s with. There’s a reason why the world looks down on Linkedin as the dorkiest social platform in existence.

But if you want more insights – for hiring, career help, management, operations, sales – talk to people *not* pulling every idea in their head off social media.

People who deal with common, everyday issues. Without their view tarnished by the Current Social Narrative.

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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