October 3, 2022

2 questions I always get that I should never get


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We should all be doing at least the bare minimum…

There’s 2 common questions during intro client calls that make me worry about the recruiting industry. Both are follow ups to the questions “what’s your process?”

It plays out like this: I give a lengthy, hopefully not tldr summary on how we do things. 

Here’s the short short version:

Intake calls (for every role) do 3 primary things:

1. Collab with the client to build an Ideal Candidate Profile.

2. Nail down the interview process (and make suggestions if it’s a mess.)

3. Learn their ‘pitch’ so we use the same messaging they do. Zero disconnect.

Sourcing by and all means necessary:

Use that ICP to proactively target via Sourcewell (our home grown platform). Our database. Referrals from our network. LinkedIn and other social. Niche community & networking groups. Maybe job boards or targeted ads depending on the search. Etc. You get it.

Outreach, vetting & presentation:

1:1 convos with everyone. Verify fit & interest in the company. Get the process started. Set regular live update cadence. Adjust as needed. Fill the role.

Lots more but you get the picture.

Here’s where I can’t believe my ears. I get 1 of these on the majority of new calls:

👉1. “So you’re talking to the candidates before you send them?”

👉2. “You’re going after people and not just posting ads?”

These are not dumb questions (not at all the point of this post). But I do have to keep my face from going blank. Then answer either “yes we vet everyone” or “absolutely, I guess you could call us headhunters…”

Point being: who the hell works in recruiting and ISN’T doing these things?

This is all fundamental, Recruiting 101, not-even-pretending-to-do-your-job-if-you-skip-it stuff.

Yet I get them WAY too often for there to be only a handful of places that don’t do the bare minimum.

What are y’all doing? 🤷

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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