July 25, 2022

2 years experience + all onsite = Lol.


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It’s math.

“We’re all onsite and need someone with 2 years of experience.”

I promise this is not another remote vs onsite diatribe. (That whole topic is played).

But it’s a very real challenge we’ve seen. Companies going full onsite and hiring at the junior level only to find out…

????There is no market for junior candidates with 2 years of onsite experience.

That’s not to imply having worked onsite is a company side requirement. (Haven’t seen it.)

It’s just the reality of the 2 challenges they deal with:

  1. People who never worked all onsite before don’t understand why they should. They’ve got plenty of other hybrid and remote options.
  2. There’s a strange learning curve for people who know their craft but are learning Office Etiquette 101.

Anyone who’s spent a minute in recruiting is familiar with the “we want what we want because we want it” hiring mindset. When those determining the ideal candidate profile are disconnected from the realities of the market.

(This honestly falls on recruiters for not informing them but that’s another rant for another day.)

Or perhaps they read gabrage takes like the one from Business Insider “Gen Z actually hates working from home.” (To which I simply respond: lol.)

The goal, as always, should be attaining your business objectives. Not hiring what you want because you want it.

So a head’s up: this is a really, really hard one to pull off at any kind of scale. Set your expectations accordingly.

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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