October 4, 2022

3 trends in marketing recruiting


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Phone a friend, marketing edition.

3 trends in marketing recruiting (per Richard Maltz).

Richard’s been with Hirewell for 6 years. He’s a VP in our Marketing Recruiting org and worked on every marketing skill set imaginable. He’s led the entire internal recruitment process for several clients, building 30+ person teams from scratch.

He knows a few things.

Last week he joined Joel Lalgee and I on our weekly audio chat event (LinkedIn’s Clubhouse knock off.) He covered 3 big trends marketing recruiting right now:

1. Demand Generation evolved. Marketing job seekers want to work for companies who evolved with it.

I’ll leave the marketing lessons to the real experts. But tldr: measuring Marketing Qualified Leads passed to Sales Accepted Leads and praying for the best isn’t how marketers want to live their lives.

Smart orgs now use pipeline and revenue to measure campaign effectiveness. Then concentrate on the activities and channels that produce the highest ROI and chance of conversion. 

But…that’s not every company.

For job seekers, it’s a barometer of how progressive a company’s marketing team is. Demand Gen candidates want to make an impact. The best way to show that is through marketing’s contribution to revenue. 

???? Demand Gen candidates are showing more interest in companies that embrace this line of thinking.

2. UI & UX hiring continues to uptick.

“Digital transformation” may be the buzzword of 2015, but it’s still very real. Lots of companies are kicking the tires for the first time. Others are looking or a reboot after their first (and second?) effort fell flat.

The challenge? UI and UX aren’t magic pixie dust.

Sprinkling a new design on top of things isn’t enough. There’s a lot of research and thought that goes into the process.

????UI & UX job seekers are wary of companies who cut corners.

3. If you’re full remote, do you have the processes to support it?

We’ve hit the next phase in what remote work means for job seekers. Yes, there’s more opportunities. Yes, there’s more work/life flexibility.

But it does cause career development and mentorship issues, IF companies haven’t been intentional about it.

The ‘get back to the office’ crowd’s criticisms aren’t without merit. After 2 years, some workers are realizing remote is still for them…just not at every company.

????Marketing job seekers (heck, all job seekers) are keying in on organization processes: onboarding programs, training, mentoring, internal relationship building, etc.

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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