July 19, 2022

5 real topics the recruiting industry needs to address


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Let’s get beyond the basics

Aren’t we tired of discussing that same pointless recruiting topics over and over?

Ghosting. Should I Use A Cover Letter. Getting Past The ATS. The Green Open To Work Banner.

Tired topics that never go away. Because they’re results of bigger, more complex issues.

Here’s the 5 real recruiting issues we (the industry) should talk about:

????Recruiting and HR tech is woefully behind.

ATS systems are clunky, gloried spreadsheets. Difficult to navigate. Easy to lose candidates. The entire cause of The Resume Black Hole.

From the outside, this isn’t understood. Job seekers think it’s all driven by whiz-bang AI that’s out to get them.

In reality: saying you can’t get back the ATS is like saying you can’t get past the Excel sheet.

Sourcing tech isn’t much different. Every recruiter wastes hours every day. The search algos aren’t advanced enough.

Why? Let’s face it, it’s the least sexy industry around. Big money gets invested into sales and marketing tech. And it’s not like those guys have it sorted out either. How much LinkedIn DM spam are you getting nowadays?

Automation should enable human convos. Not replace them with low tier chatbots.

????Processes and collaboration between recruiters & hiring managers.

Stop me if you heard this one: “Where are my candidates?!?!”

If that’s happening, you’re already toast. There’s a clear disconnect between the hiring needs and the go to market recruiting plan. Or at least the expectations that were set.

Volume metrics and time to fill are things you worry about when things aren’t running smoothly. If you figure out a better way to unifying these two groups, your hiring problems go away.

????Updated agency business models.

One of the many Hills I’ll Die On™️: Contingent search is the dumbest business model in the history of business models.

Asking 5 firms to work the same search with 4 of them doing it for free is a 100% guaranteed to get everyone’s worst effort. Especially when these are people you’re trusting with your reputation.

No other industry in the world does this. For a reason.

????Improving candidate targeting and messaging. At scale.

This is THE problem for job seekers. It’s the issue that drags down the reputation of recruiter in the market. Poorly worded pitches, lacking details, sent the wrong people. Over and over.

Ever see someone give kudos to great recruiters they’ve worked with? It’s the people who put the time into this.

????Inclusivity, for all groups.

Yes, we’re talking DEI and underrepresented populations. But also career pivots. Ageism. Neurodiversity.

All sorts of folks out there who can think about solving business problems in a unique way.

Easy stuff to talk up and promote. Harder things to make a last change in the hiring culture.

So let’s talk about them. And start to solve them.

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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