December 1, 2022

Get more candidates & improve interview processes with one easy trick…


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Bringing back the clickbait titles.

How would you like to attract more candidates, streamline your interview process, hold the entire hiring team accountable in one step?

????Post your entire interview process on your careers site.

When you apply, here’s what happens, step-by-step.

The kids call it Recruiting Enablement. You know, like Sales Enablement, but for attracting people to work for you instead of buy from you. Stuff you can send or point them to before (or after) you even talk to them.

Job seekers just want to know what the deal is. Job descriptions and benefits sheets? The bare minimum. Not things that get people over the hump.

A FAQ is an absolute must-do. Speaking from experience. Get your recruiters to write down every question they get, combine the list, answer them all, post them on your web site. Up front, for everyone to see. Send it to people before and after interviews. Attracts more candidates, cuts down on conversations that could have been an email.

But posting your interview process is next level. It forces you to:

????Actually define your interview process.

????Make sure everyone sticks to the plan, at the risk of looking like an idiot.

????Update it and communicate it to the team as things change.

Job seekers get clarity. Everything is laid out up front. They know what to expect. That matters.

Yes, there are some significant challenges here. It’s not as easy as an FAQ:

1. You have to figure out what works first. Process creation is a learn-by-doing kinda thing.

2. Ensuring accountability and getting everyone on board will require a process of its own. Without strong recruitment operations in place, it’s counterproductive. Setting false expectations is worse than not setting them at all.

3. It’s not feasible when hiring for new areas you’re not familiar with. When “you don’t know what you don’t know” it’s ok that you…don’t know.

Have I done it? Hell no. I first heard about the concept last week from Nate Guggia. Chill and gimme a minute. This is not an easy or quick lift.

But this is something to work towards. No reason not to define your process and harden the execution to the point you feel comfortable telling the world about it.

Definitely one of those projects that falls into the “it’s December and things are a bit slow at the moment” bucket. Just a thought…

(But seriously the Candidate FAQ is an easy no brainer I can’t believe everyone doesn’t do this.)

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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