June 6, 2023

Stop talking features. Start talking benefits.


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Sales 101

When it comes to recruiting, the term “selling” gets a bad rap. It’s misunderstood and conflated being cheesy used car salesman tactics.

Modern job seekers are like modern buyers. No one falls for hard sell, bait and switch garbage anymore. No one buys a car or TV without knowing exactly what they want before they even walk into the store.

Hell, most of us don’t even go to a store. Open your Amazon app. Look at your last 10 purchases. You looked at sellers ratings of a half a dozen alternatives didn’t you? Maybe even read some reviews?

User ratings. Spec sheets. Social proof. Friend’s recommendation. It’s second nature to us.

It’s the same for job seekers. Except it’s a far more complicated and often gated ‘buying’ process.

Whatever details they can find on their own, they will. Whatever they can’t, they want to hear from you.

That last part is key. It’s an opportunity to get back to the basics of selling. Telling job seekers what’s in it for them instead of what’s so great about you.

Features vs benefits. 

Feature: “We raised $50 million in funding.” No one cares.

Benefit: “We have 3 years of runway to develop our product.” That’s reassuring.

Feature: “Here’s a data sheet of our amazing health benefits.” What does half of this even mean?

Benefit: “It’ll cost you $100/month for whole family benefits, we’ll pick up the rest.” This is all anyone really cares about.

Feature: “We’re rated #1 company to work for 2022 by XYZ Publication.” Who isn’t?

Benefit: “We have marketing dollars to spend to buy fake awards.” I’m kidding. Probably.

Job seekers just want to know the details. It’s your choice whether or not you explain what’s in it for them.

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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