August 25, 2022

The 2 most effective forms of hiring content


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(and the 2 most underutilized)

Here’s the 2 most effective (and most underutilized) pieces of content for hiring. Ready? ????

1. A straightforward Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

I hate to break it to you but every damn company thinks they’re special. And yours might be. No shade here.

But everyone also uses the same played selling points. We get it, your jobs are “hot” and “exciting.” Yawn.

????Job seekers just want the facts.

You know, the stuff that they end up asking in interviews because it isn’t anywhere on your site. LEAD WITH THAT.

What real questions did real interviewees ask in the past? Write them down. Answer them. Like a human. No dweeby corporate-speak.

Post on your website. Link to it in your job ads. Post it on LinkedIn. Have your team do the same. 

2. Videos with the hiring manager. Get the actual leader talking about the job. In their own words.

I hate the idea of the “video job description.” Because I hate job descriptions. They’re boring and lifeless. No one ever got excited by a JD.

(And let’s be honest, y’all are just copying the damn things from each other anyway).

So I certainly don’t need someone reading one to me via video. But…

????Conversational videos build trust.

Think about your favorite talk show, podcast or YouTube account. You feel like you know them after a while. Two people talking freeform about anything is engaging.

What does every job seeker want to know? Who the hell is this person I’ll report to.

Recruiters: think about every intake call you do with a hiring manager. What do you ultimately uncover?

Everything not in the job description. Everything job seekers actually want to know.

The hiring manager’s vibe and personality. What the highest priorities are. What they’re like to work with. Their expectations. What success looks like. What the future holds.

Best part? All you have to do is click record on the intake call. Use Descript to clean it up in post.

FAQs sell the company. Leader videos sell the job.

????And you should already be doing most of this. It’s 1 more step to make it public.

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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