September 29, 2022

We don’t need more stuff


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Life lesson from my pops

When I was a kid and asked my dad for…well anything, his response was always the same: “That’s stuff. You don’t need more stuff.”

Instead he made me work at his pharmacy for minimum wage. The old “if you learn the value of money you can buy whatever you want.”

I’d argue the real lesson came from buying crap I didn’t need. Spend your hard earned cash on an awful video game (looking at you, Super Mario 2), that’s time wasted. TWICE.

Which brings me to the wild world of recruitment tech. (Or any vertical.)

Do we need another job board? Referral tool? Background check system? LinkedIn Recruiter clone? ATS? 

That’s stuff. We don’t need more stuff.

At least not the same stuff that’s ever so slightly different than what we already have.

Because that’s time wasted, twice.

Innovation is hard. Shout out to anyone trying to do something actually new.

(Come to think of it, we probably do need a functioning ATS…)

Partner at Hirewell. #3 Ranked Sarcastic Commenter on LinkedIn.

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